Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 29, 1964

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

Meetings Stanley Lovett, preacher from the Central church in Beaumont, Texas, will preach in a gospel meeting with the Seventh Avenue church in Miami, Florida, October 25-30. Henry Gilbert is the local preacher.

James W. Rury of Dallas, Oregon, will be with the church in San Bernardino, Calif., Nov. 1-8. Arthur Atkinson is the local preacher.

Robert Burns of Grand Prairie, Texas, will be with the church in Port Towson, Okla., Oct. 19-25.

From Oct. 19-25, Hoyt Houchen will be with the Rockwell Ave. church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where Bill McMurry is the local evangelist.

The Southside church in Greenville, Texas, will be engaged in a gospel effort, Nov. 2-8, with Hoyt Houchen doing the preaching. Herman Sargent preaches for this church.

Doyle Banta of Athens, Ala., will be with the 12th St. church in Bowling Green, Ky., Oct. 12-25. B. G. Hope is the local preacher.

Jesse Kelley, preacher for the church in Newborn, Tenn., announces a meeting, Nov. 1-8, with James P. Needham doing the preaching.

Fred Liggin will preach in a meeting at South End, Louisville, Ky., Nov.1-8, according to Donald Townsley, the local preacher.

Arvid McGuire of Huntsville, Ala., will be with the church in Owen Sound, Ontario, Nov. 1-8. John S. Whitfield is the preacher for this church.

Ronald Mosley will be with the church in Newark, Ohio, Nov. 2-11.

New Creatures

One was recently baptized in Steele, Mo.

Two were baptized at Huntington, Texas, during September.

One was baptized during the meeting at Crestwood, Ill.

On Sept. 10th one was baptized at West Bend, Wis. During a meeting in Lebanon, Ky., one wall baptized. On September 20, two were baptized at Gardena, California.

Two were recently baptized at Ellettsville, Ind. Recently one was baptized at Irving, Texas.

During a recent meeting at Mt. Olive, Ala., three were baptized.

One was baptized Sept. 20, at Riverside Drive, Nashville, Tenn.

On Sept. 8, one was baptized at Southern Oaks, Lake Jackson, Texas.

During a recent meeting at Mt. Pleasant, Texas, one was baptized.

New Churches

A new church has begun in Tuscaloosa, Ala. At the present it is meeting in the YMCA, downtown. Brother Lynn D. Headrick, a Gospel preacher and school teacher will be assisting this new work. For information contact: Lynn D. Headrick, Apt. 10-A, Thomas Field, Telephone 752-0193, Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Preachers To New Locations

After three years with the Sunrise Acres church, El Paso, Texas, Glen Barnhart has moved to Flagstaff, Ariz. His new address is 207 W. Birch, Flagstaff, Ariz.

John M. Wilson has moved from Frederick, Oklahoma, to work with the church in Savanna, Oklahoma.

George Patterson has recently moved from Dallas, Texas, to work with the church in Bridge City, Texas.

News Briefs

"The Lord willing, Brother A. C. Grider of Meridian, Mississippi, will be in a meeting November 1-8 with the church meeting at Sixth and Meredith, Dumas, Texas. Services will be at 10:50 AM and 6:00 PM Sundays, and 7:30 PM weeknights.

Brother Grider is widely known by reputation (Brother Woods and Totty know him well!) and thinking there are many in this area who would like to meet and hear him personally, we invite preachers and all who are interested to come to Dumas for as much of the meeting as possible.

In order for preachers to have the opportunity to be with other preachers, we suggest that everyone plan to be here November 6 (Friday). Anyone desiring motel or hotel reservations for that date, or more, may contact the local preacher, Derrel Shaw 101 Cedar, Dumas, Phone 935-2802 or 935-5941.