Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 29, 1964

"They Went About Preaching The Word"

Roy S. Fudge

In Acts 8:4 we find the disciples went about preaching the Word. This is what Jesus told his apostles in Acts 1:8 that they were to do. As they went about preaching many were converted. This is the purpose of preaching, for the gospel is God's power unto salvation. I do not find in the account of the early church where a large scale begging program was conducted. Neither do I find the early disciples trying to make a big impression on the world. They went about preaching the Word and left the increase to God. (I Cor. 3:6). Are we following this example? Just who are we trying to please?

In the Christian Chronicle, Sept. 18, 1964, there were two articles I would like to notice. One appeared on the front page in bold letters entitled, "30,000 Contacts Made at World's Fair". Statistics were given showing what had been done in this great undertaking. From letters in my file I find $355,000 pledged up to June 2 end $100,000 needed by June 15. Then in this article it is stated that $33,000 more is needed for this year. A large staff has been employed to carry on this work. With $485,300 and a large staff of workers, there have been nine converted. This is doing things on a big scale, with the biggest thing about it being big scale begging and spending the Lord's money to make a big impression on the world. What does the Lord think of this kind of thing? Read Mt. 6: 1-4 and see what Jesus says about doing your righteousness to be seen of men.

There was another report in the same issue of the Christian Chronicle on page 5. This is just a small report about a man working in Madras, India. Bro. J. C. Bailey has been there about a year. There has been no begging campaign or advertising campaign costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Bro. Bailey has preached the gospel as the Lord commanded and 282 have been baptized with 13 churches begun. With the half million dollars spent at the World's Fair, 100 men could have been supported in the field working as J. C. Bailey has been doing. If each had converted just half as many as has been in India that would be 14,100 with a possible 650 churches established. What is the real purpose behind this great undertaking at the World's Fair? Let us follow the Lord's plan and leave the results to Him.

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