Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 29, 1964

Roy Cogdill Writes A Letter

Dear Brethren:

For many years now the Gospel Guardian has been the medium through which the fight against modern digression and apostasy has been waged. Fifty issues per year — every week except two in the year — this sixteen page paper has gone into all parts of the world "contending for the faith, once delivered to the saints" and against every form of departure therefrom. The cause of truth has well been served by its pages and the good done through the articles it has carried from those writers who have steadfastly stood for the religion of Christ as it is revealed in New Testament scriptures and against all kinds of opposition both within and without the church will be revealed only in eternity.

This service to the cause of truth and righteousness has been made possible through the Gospel Guardian as a weekly paper because a few men realized the great need for such a teaching medium and were willing to make extended sacrifices in order to provide it. It has cost a good many of us a lot of hard work and a good deal of money. This burden has perhaps fallen on brother Yater Tant more than any other man. He has now purchased the paper and the related book business and literature business and is sole owner of it as well as editor of the paper. He has served in this latter capacity from the beginning of the paper as a weekly.

In order to increase the good the paper has done and is doing it is absolutely essential to increase its circulation substantially. This has not been done and will not be done by promoting the paper through the services of a church or a solicitation of individual subscriptions by the church. But it can be accomplished even more effectively through another method. We give you an example of this method.

For a number of years now the Wininetka Ave. Church in Canoga Park, Calif., has paid for the paper to be mailed to every member of this congregation as well as quite a substantial additional list of others who are not members of this congregation who need the teaching done in the paper. This has been very rewarding in a number of ways It has insured every member of this congregation being taught and staying taught concerning the departures from the faith that are taking place all over the country. It has been an effective medium through which to confirm in the faith of the gospel. Those who come to us from other parts of the country without necessitating a lot of repetitional preaching on these problems from the pulpit though enough of this is done to insure their knowing the truth. It has been a means of getting the truth to brethren among liberal institutional churches who have shut out the truth from their pulpits and Bible classes. It is considered by the elders of this church to have been a very fruitful method of teaching the truth that needs to be taught, and is being continued.

From time to time the list is revised and those names dropped are replaced with other names so that the greatest possible effectiveness may be felt from this teaching program. Perhaps no other like amount of money spent by this congregation has produced more fruit and righteousness than this. We would like to commend it to you and the congregation where you worship and hope that you will give it careful consideration. Bro. Tant is giving special rates for such lists that certainly removes it from a money making campaign. It will pay great dividends in the accomplishment of good for the cause of Christ. We suggest a year's trial of this plan, at least, and believe that you will find it so rewarding that you will want to continue.

I am in the interest of truth and righteousness.

Sincerely yours, Roy E. Cogdill