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New Creatures

Herschel Patton reports one baptism the third week in September at Downtown in Lawrenceburg, Tenn.

One was baptized recently in Steele, Mo., where Mason Harris preaches.

During September two were baptized at Imhoff, Port Arthur, Texas, according to John Iverson.

One was baptized the first of September at South Houston, Texas, according to Roy Foutz.

Robert Goodman reports six baptisms recently at Southside in Pasadena, Texas.

Four have been baptized at Sulphur Springs, Texas, since Jan. 1st, according to word from Malcolm King.

During the first week in September there were two baptisms at Par Ave., Orlando, Fla, where Marshall Patton preaches.


John Iverson will preach in a meeting, Oct. 7-14, at Kirkland, Ill.

J. T. Smith, local preacher at Wauchula, Florida, will conduct a meeting there, Oct. 18-25.

Vestal Chaffin of Dickson, Tenn., will be in a meeting at Plano, Ill., Oct. 12-18. John L. Norris is the local preacher.

Robert L. Craig will preach in the fall meeting at the Floral Heights church, Wichita Falls, Texas, according to Joe D. Scarborough.

The meeting in Hazelwood, Mo., will be Oct. 18-25, with Jimmy Tuten doing the preaching, according to word from Irvin Himmel.

Richard Weaver will be with the East Albertville church, Albertville, Ala., Oct. 19-25 where Carrol Sutton preaches.

Floyd Thompson will preach in a meeting at El Centro, Calif., Oct. 21-28.

New Churches

Through the effort of Joe Watson and B. K. (Doc) Holloday, who have recently moved to Lawton, Oklahoma, a church according to the New Testament is now meeting in this city. On Sept. 13th there were 13 people present with a contribution of $25. It is known as the Brockland church of Christ and is located at 68th and Birch, just off Casche Road, in western Lawton. They conducted a meeting the middle of September with Jack Holt of Richardson, Texas doing the preaching.

Brother John Young writes to tell us that a new church is now meeting in Oak Ridge, Tenn. Because of the transgression in the other churches it was necessary for seven families to establish a congregation after the divine pattern. They are meeting in Room 14 of the Jackson Square building. For further information concerning this work contact either: John L. Young, Jr., 132 W. Gettysburg Ave., Oak Ridge, Tenn., Tel. 483-5584 or Henry W. Horton, RFD No. 17, Knoxville, Tenn., Tel. 538-6663.

News Briefs

Brother John W. Pittman, preacher for the church in St. Jo., Mo., is still in need of at least $100 per month for support. The church there is helping some with his support, and taking care of all bills pertaining to building, etc. The church only has 26 members. If you could help this preacher send your support to: John W. Pittman, Box 1605, W. P. Station, St. Joseph, Mo. 64501. When in St. Joseph worship with these brethren. They meet at 10th and Lincoln Streets.

Three have been restored the week of Sept. 17th at Rantoul, Ill. If you know of any members of the church at Chanute Air Force Base, write to Gene Warman, Rantoul, Ill.