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October 8, 1964

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

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New Creatures

On August 19th, one was baptized at Par Ave., Orlando Florida, where Marshall Patton is the preacher.

During an August meeting at the Berrydale congregation, Garden Grove, Calif ., one was baptized. Floyd Thompson is the local preacher. Yater Tant conducted the meeting.

Robert Jackson, preacher for the Riverside Drive church, Nashville, Term., reports a baptism for Sunday, August 23rd.

On Sunday, August 23rd, six people from the Methodist church were baptized into Christ at the Snap-finger Road church, Decatur, Ga., where David Tant preaches.

One was recently baptized at Brownfield, Texas, in a meeting conducted by H. R. Stevens.

One was baptized during a meeting at Fowlkes, Tenn., with John Iverson doing the preaching.

Two were recently baptized into Christ at Norwalk, Calf., following a series of cottage meetings. W. W. Cassio is the preacher.

In a recent meeting at Greenwood, Arkansas two were baptized. Jimmy Tuten did the preaching.

Leon Odom, preacher for the West Ave., church, San Antonio, Texas, reports a baptism the third Sunday in August. During the year he has been there, there have been 15 baptisms.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,:... The Tenth and Francis church will be engaged in a series of meetings, Sept. 27 - Oct. 4th. Floyd Thompson will do the preaching. James Adams is the local evangelist.

Ownesboro, Kentucky... Sept. 28th - Oct. 4th are the dates for a meeting in Owensboro, according to Bob Witherington, the local preacher. James Needham is the visiting evangelist.

Plainfield, Ind. ...Roy Cogdill will be with the church in Plainfield, Sept. 28 - Oct. 4.

Sheffield, Ala.:... Eugene Crawley will be with the Jackson Highway church, Sept. 14-20.

Preachers To New Locations

After about two years with the church in Cincinnati, Ohio, Warren Cheatham has moved to California. His new address is: 4576 North Maple Street, Fresno, Calif. He will be working with the Clovis, California church which meets 210 E. Barstow Street.

News Briefs

Ernest A. Finley, 1101 Dyson Road, West Columbia, Texas: "June 1st, I terminated seven years work in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the last four years being with the East-Central congregation there. I am now enjoying a very pleasant and pro f it able association with the church at West Columbia, Texas. A recent meeting here conducted by brother W. L Wharton resulted in six baptisms with high interest throughout. His lessons were excellent. Before the meetings, five were restored. My next scheduled meeting is with the church at Damon, Texas, October 5-11, where brother James Moore labors. Brother Owen McGee of West Columbia is now preaching regularly for the church at Brazoria, Texas, following brother T, E. Webb who did a good work there."

Thomas G. O'Neal, 7004 Eaker Drive, Orlando, Florida, 32807. "I have the following and would be glad for some preacher t o have them for his files: several copies of the Gospel Guardian, 1954-1961; Truth Magazine, Vol. 1-6 (A complete set of Vol. 1, and with the exception of one or two copies, a complete set of the others); Torch Vol. 1, Numbers 7 and 9. I would like to trade these two issues of Torch for, or buy, numbers 4, 5, and 6 of Torch; also I need numbers 2, 7, and 35, of the 1932 Gospel Advocate. If anyone has any copies of the Advocate before 1943 for sale. I would appreciate hearing from them."