Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 24, 1964

Walking With God - No. 2

Jesse M. Kelley

Text. Eph. 5:15.

Introduction: 'Walking with God" takes in the whole of a man's conduct. Applies to speech, means of acquisition, hearing, and seeing. Let us look at some of the characteristics of persons who "Walk with God."

Meaning of "circumspectly" in text: "Exactly, carefully R.V.. "look carefully how you walk." It is a careful and exact walk. (Rev. 16:15.)

Two classes of people mentioned in the text: Wise and foolish. Same two pointed out in Matt. 7:24-27.

What are some characteristics necessary to walking with God? In this lesson we'll study briefly the lives of three men of God, of whom it is said, they "walked with God". I Cor. 10-11.

1. Enoch, Gen. 5:24.

A. Speak of the kind of sinful world Enoch in. What characteristic would be necessary? He possessed the characteristic of courage so necessary to maintain his relationship with God in the midst of overwhelming adverse influences.

B. Other examples of such courage in men.

1. Elijah at Mount Carmel. (1 Kings 18.) Here is exemplified the courage to proclaim God's Truth. (Cf. 2 Tim. 4:1-4.)

2. Peter and John before council. (Acts 4:18-20.) Cf. Paul quoting David as recorded in Psa. 11610. (2 Cor. 4:13.)

3. Moses, (Heb. 11:24-28.) Here is exemplified courage to refuse. The Christian must possess this courage. (I Tim. 4:7.)

II. Noah, Gen. 6:9.

A. God's command to him. Great task. No modern tools of carpentry. Here is detected a characteristic apparently overlooked by multitudes.

1. Noah was willing to work. This willingness is lacking in too many members of the church. Too many content themselves to "go to church on Sunday". (John 9:4.)

2. Many of the parables of our Lord teach the necessity of work, activity in the Kingdom of God.

a. Other passages: (Jt.s. 2:24; Matt. 7:21-23;

I Cor. 15:58; Jas. 1:25; Eph. 2:10.)

III. Abraham

Abraham is called the "father of our faith". In him is exemplified great faith in God. But there is another characteristic of Abraham we want to notice. His "going out", etc., and finally, the offering of his son.

1. He was willing to sacrifice the dearest to his heart to "walk with God." The attitude of many today: "How much will it cost me?" "How much trouble and inconvenience to me?"

2. Paul's attitude: (2 Cor. 12:15; Phil. 3:7,8.)

a. With Paul, the religion of Jesus Christ was tremendously more than just "going to church on Sunday."

3. Christians are to present their bodies a living (continual) sacrifice. (Rom. 12:1.)

4. Christ's sacrifice. God's love.

Conclusion: This is the "walk with God." No person shall see God who does not strive daily to make these great virtues a part of his very being, his whole life. Exhort Christians to attain unto them. Warn sinners walking with satan.

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