Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 24, 1964
NUMBER 20, PAGE 6,13b

Clippings, Comments, News

Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas


Conway, Arkansas — Billy Moore, preacher for the church in Butler, Mo., will preach in a meeting at the Northside church in Conway, where Harold Sharp is the preacher, Sept. 20-27.

Greens Bayou, Texas — Ardie Brown, preacher for the Greens Bayou church, announces a meeting for Sept. 20-27, with Roy Foutz of South Houston doing the preaching.

Jasper, Ala. — James E. Cooper will preach in a meeting at the McArthur Heights church, Sept. 2027.

Lebanon, Kentucky — Donald Townsley will preach in a meeting at Lebanon, Sept. 21-27.

Borger, Texas — Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas, will be with the Franklin and Juniper church in a meeting Sept. 20-27. E. Paul Price is the local evangelist.

Sheffield, Ala — Eugene Crawley will preach in a meet. ing at the Jackson Ave. Highway church, Sept. 14-20, according to Guy McDaniel the local preacher.

New Creatures

During a recent meeting at the White Park church, Leesville, La., there were three baptisms. Huey Hartsell did the preaching. J. W. Hicks is now working with the congregation, having recently moved there from central Texas.

W. R, Jones, preacher for the Southern Oaks church, Lake Jackson, Texas, reports a baptism the first Sunday in August, One was recently baptized at the Greggton church, Longview, Texas, where Bill Cavender is the local evangelist.

On Sunday Aug. 16 one was baptized at the Spring and Blaine church, St. Louis, Mo., according to word from Jimmy Tuten, the local evangelist.

During an August meeting at the Westside church, Torrance, California, one was baptized. James Adams did the preaching.


There will be a debate in Columbia, Tenn. on Sept. 21, 22, 24, 25. This debate will be between Jimmy Thomas, Christian, and P. D. Ballard, Baptist. The following propositions will be discussed:

1. The scriptures teach that the penitent believer is saved at faith in Jesus Christ, before water baptism.

2. The scriptures teach that baptism in water to the penitent believer (in order to obtain) remission of sins.

3. The scriptures teach that a child of God can so live as to be eternally lost in Hell.

4. The scriptures teach that child of God, one redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, cannot so sin as to be finally lost in hell.

4. Brother Thomas will affirm the second and third. propositions and Mr. Ballard will affirm the first and fourth.

New Churches

The Tunnel Hill Church of Christ had its beginning recently when faithful brethren in Dalton, Georgia, saw that the only hope for a sound work there was to pull out of churches sinking deeper into liberalism and start a congregation standing squarely for the will of God.

The church is meeting in a rented building about seven miles out of Dalton on the Chattanooga highway. Faithful brethren passing through will have no trouble locating the building since it is located on the highway.

Brethren moving into the area can contact Rex Hadley for further information. His address is Box 2129 King Road, Dalton, Ga., His phone is 278-9776.

Preacher Wanted

The church in Vanduser, Missouri, is in need of a preacher. Vanduser is a small town in a good farming section in southeast Missouri. This church can support a man $85 a week, and will have a new house for a preacher completed by Sept. 15. If interested contact O. W. Boley, Route 1, Bell City, Mo.

Support Needed

Mack Kercheville, Box 3487, El Paso, Texas 79923: "I know two good sound preachers in Mexico who need some additional support. One man needs $50 per month, and the other needs $20-$50 per month. Congregations or individuals interested in helping these men could send their support direct to the men and would receive regular monthly reports from the men. I will be happy to furnish more information upon request."

Preachers To New Locations

James E. Cooper will move from Leitchfield, Kentucky, Nov. 1st to work with the church in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Calvin D. Allen has moved from San Mateo, Florida, to Beaumont, Texas, to work with the Southside church. His address is; 1726 Park, Beaumont, Texas.

After 21/4 years with the church in Cullman, Ala., Richard Weaver has moved to Birmingham, Ala., to work with the Pinson congregation.

Owen J. Calvert has moved from Bedford, Ohio, to work with the Pleasant Grove church, a suburb of Birmingham, Ala.

News Briefs

Twin City church of Christ, 203 South Parker, Bryan, Texas: This letter is to let you know that there is a conservative church meeting in the Bryan-College Station area. We would appreciate it very much if you would tell anyone coming in our direction and advise any boys who wish to come to school at Texas A&M University.

The church meets at 203 S. Parker, directly behind the Central Hardware Store downtown in Bryan. The name is the Twin City church of Christ. Our minister is Mike Coward. Our services are as follows:

Sunday: Bible Study 9:30 AM Worship 10:30 AM

Evening Worship 6:00 PM Wednesday: Bible Study 7:30 PM

For anyone needing any further instructions or a way to come, please contact one of the following brethren: L. S. Woods, 405 Olive, College Station, VI 6-5488; J. B. Goolsby, 737 S. Rosemary, College Station, VI 6-4103; W. J. Balmer, Jr., 710 Churchill, Br y a n, Texas, TA 2-8871.

Guthrie Dean, Box 69, Bald Knob, Arkansas: "I have just concluded an enjoyable meeting with the Merriwood church in Waco, Texas. This effort was conducted August 9-14. We feel that the church was strenghtened by the meeting. The congregation is still small but has great possibilities. The church has purchased a dwelling house in a very desirable location and has converted it into an adequate meeting house. In addition to a number of ladies who are members the men of this congregation are Wilson Smith, A Jack Tippit, and James T. Mullins. This congregation is sound on faith, and is standing squarely for the truth in spite of the great opposition of the liberals in the area. I would like to urge sound brethren in the area to identify themselves with the Merriwood church and to contact prospects about this congregation. For full details feel free to write to J. T. Mullins, Route 5, Box 140, Waco, Texas."