Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 7, 1964
NUMBER 1, PAGE 3,11b

Facing The Facts

Lee Hamby

Much has been said about the problems confronting the young generation of Christians (or children of Christians) in the public schools. Many recognize the problems but very few if any are doing anything to better the situations. Certainly there are many temptations, trials and mis-guidings facing the youngsters in the public schools and community activities. However, the problems are not theirs to face alone. It should be the concern of every Christian.

Brethren, face some facts with me:

Public Prayer Much ado has been made recently concerning prayer and Bible reading in the public schools. Many people (some Christians) have expressed their regret that public prayer and Bible reading have been abandoned in some places by an act of the Supreme Court. Outwardly this seems to be an incredible situation, but I ask, Are you aware of the situation as it really exists?

Make a visit to your school with me for a morning devotion: As the tardy bell rings the classes are called to order and the morning devotion is under way. It is likely that those conducting this service are NOT Christians. Worse still, the entire student body and faculty are often subjected to the puny voice of a teenage female as she softly utters the morning prayer, via the P.A. system.

Bible reading and prayer are good, but they may be in vain, and often are in the public school devotion.

Our children are being taught denominational practices!

Spiritual Songs And The Piano

Last year as I sat in my classroom I could hear the music class sing spiritual songs accompanied by a piano. At the close of the period I watched my children march from the music room (auditorium). After school I learned that they were participants and immediately, action had to be taken to halt this practice.

Applied to your school and your children there may be a replica, at least in part.

Denominational music is being taught to our children!

Dancing And Mixed Bathing

Why has dancing crept into the school parties and picnics? Why is there dancing after the Junior-Senior Banquet? Why is there dancing after the football games? Why is there dancing in physical education classes? Why is there a senior prom: Why does the school sponsor a "sock-hop"?

Brethren, the answer is obviously public demand. Are you a part of the public? Do you demand such? If you can answer no to the latter question, then what are you doing to try to stop dancing in the public schools?

Physical education teachers try to justify dancing on the basis that it teaches coordination. It stands condemned because of its immorality!

Mixed bathing has not created a grave problem as yet. Just give it time. Last year a health teacher took a high school class swimming (mixed bathing) to teach artificial respiration. I never did understand why, for the only way this could have been of any practical value was for one of the party to very nearly have drowned. Our students don't cooperate that well in any class.

The public schools are teaching our children immorality!

Church Sponsored Picnics

The denominational churches have to show their respect to the graduating seniors (even the churches of Christ are now stooping to such a low ebb) by honoring them at a picnic or banquet given in the name of religion. Boy, they've got to have some of that Christian fellowship!


Baccalaureate services are conducted in some places on Sunday morning, some on Sunday afternoon and others on Sunday night. Those on Sunday afternoon do not interfere with worship services of the church and in my opinion is the best time for such if it is necessary at all.

Brethren, I refuse to miss regular worship services for a baccalaureate either Sunday morning or evening. Yet in many communities the regular Sunday morning service is altered in order for all church groups to assemble at the school auditorium in a religious service in honor of the graduating seniors. Others alter the Sunday evening worship for the same purpose.

Just one faithful Christian who has a graduating senior can offer enough opposition to change this arrangement.

Religious Holidays

Each year as Dec. 25 draws nigh, the "Christmas Program" or "Christmas Party" (depending upon the tradition of the community) begins to be planned. These activities are looked upon with great anxiety.

The Christmas program usually consists of scenes portraying the baby Jesus in a manger. While at the Christmas party there is an exchange of gifts, music and dancing (in many instances strong drink).

As Lent season nears its end the grade school children color their eggs and buy an Easter basket in preparation for the Easter egg hunt.

Then on Thursday or Friday afternoon before Easter Sunday these state supported institutions waste several dollars worth of tax supported services in paying their respects to the Roman Catholic Church.

Just how strong a hold does this church have on our schools? These six items I have mentioned violate the teachings of Christ and a Christian cannot participate.

Neither can a parent who is a Christian allow his or her children to be participants in these activities.

Let all the denominations take their denominational dogmas back to their respective places of worship and rid the school of this evil, (i.e., girls leading public prayer, spiritual songs with the piano in music classes, etc.)

If there must be a baccalaureate service let it not conflict with the worship of the church. If a congregation can be persuaded to dismiss services for just one Sunday a year would it not be possible to persuade dismissal for a second, a third, etc., and eventually quit serving God? Does this sound absurd? Where do we draw the line, on one such interference or on all? Remember, apostasy starts with a seemingly small, insignificant, innovation.

There is enough ungodliness and immorality in the world without the schools promoting such through dancing, etc. If parents want their children to dance let them supply the facilities. Take the dancing back to the house of prostitution from whence it came! Be careful parents that you don't send your daughters there by this means.

I once had a high school principal who did not allow dancing at school activities (bless his heart. How long can he last). However, the Catholic Church supplied the facilities each Friday night after home football games and the Baptist, Methodist, Catholic and church of Christ supplied the dancers. Now isn't that just grand!

There are more school activities now than the children have time to attend and maintain their scholastics, so why will any church interfere with school activities and give a party for any group? It is not the business of any church to supply recreation, and especially the church of our Lord. Neither is it the business of the school to supply religious activities.

Brethren, your tax dollar pays for the facilities used for a school dance; it pays the salary of the teacher who teaches your child to sing spiritual songs accompanied by a mechanical instrument; it pays for the instrument; it pays for the immoral and indecent training your child receives. Don't you think it is time to halt these practices? (I hasten to add that the establishment of private institutions is not the solution. In my opinion this is the coward's way out.)

Meet with your school administration and school boards in protest to these things. Public pressure put such innovations into practice and the opposing pressure can put a stop to them. I know it will be a hard task but we have a God given responsibility.

Will you do your part in ridding our public schools of such corruption?

— Box 205, Kopperl, Texas