Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 20, 1964

More Signs Of Our Times

Lewis Willis

The "bread and butter" of the news media is the human interest story. There is a very interesting story unfolding itself now that once again tears at our degrading moral standard. Almost every newscast makes some reference to it.

It seems that some moral degenerate got out of bed one morning and left his thinking faculties asleep and went on a "designing" spree. He came up with a topless bathing suit. Its purpose is said to be: (I) to do away with the terrible white strip that is left by bikini straps after a sunbath; and (2) to give the nature-lover more "freedom" for swimming and playing.

At first, there was a terrible cry of horror at even the thought of this happening but time has quickly changed the tune. These suits (?) are now on sale and the cry is "Watch out, you're stepping on my foot. Besides, I was here first." Stores are not able to keep them in stock they are selling so fast and someone stands to make a fortune because of the indecency of modern society.

The publicity has been tremendous. Someone has said that if you want to have a demonstration, just tell the press about it and you can have a great one. Now, if you want to sell some off-color something, just tell the press and thousands of people will swarm to the merchants to get the item. (Here in St. Louis, car dealers have even used "Playboy Bunnies" to advertize new cars.) Whatever the product, there is usually some opposition. To the bathing suit mentioned above, a group of Texas Baptists objected and demonstrated in front of a Dallas store that sells them. This note was neatly tucked away at the end of news reports on the progress of this scandalous mess. Anyone who would object must certainly be from the "ole fogey set" who try to suppress free thinking and practice, so their objection is given small notice.

Just as this news was breaking, everyone wanted to know when and where someone would wear a topless bathing suit. The creator said in private pools. But behold, in Chicago, just one day after I first heard the designer tell us where it would be worn, some lady (oh. pardon me, some woman) wore one to the beach. She reported, after being arrested, that she was very self-conscious for the "first 10 seconds" but then it didn't bother her. Isn't it amazing that someone should be self-conscious for 10 whole seconds while running around naked in public? She had to be arrested to stop her indecency. But, I suppose someone cursed the police for interfering in the right of a person to do as he or she pleases.

In England, some fellow designed and sold some topless evening gowns The first store to sell them sold their entire stock in one-half hour. A woman recently wore one to a fashionable restaurant and was told to leave. It is a shame that someone has to tell people of their brazen ignorance in such matters.

In the past, as someone designed short-shorts, long shorts, bikinis, regular bathing suits and short dresses, some good sisters argued their freedom to wear them because they are considered by our society to be modest and are "in style". In fact, anything that is fashionable is all right with some people. After all, don't people notice things that are "out of style" more than those that are in? If the mass production of the topless "whatever" is any indication, these damnable things will be fashionable ere long. Do you suppose some sister will argue her right to wear a topless bathing suit? I predict that someone in the church will as soon as they are "in fashion", that is, if past action is any commentary on future actions.

"In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with braided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; But which becometh women professing godliness with good works." (I Timothy 2:9-10)

There is no shame among worldly thinking people. You cannot follow the masses and please God. Especially, not in the topless bathing suit fad. Do not allow such to lead you into that which will damn your souls.

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