Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 20, 1964
NUMBER 15, PAGE 6,13

Clippings, Comments, News

Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

New Creatures The Olsen Park church, Amarillo, Texas, has recently completed a fine gospel meeting. Eight were baptized. The church was strengthened. Robert McDonald of Tyler did the preaching. J. M. Gilpatrick is the local preacher.

One was baptized at Pine Hills, Orlando, Florida, where Connie Adams preaches, during July.

During a July meeting at Keota, Oklahoma, there were ten baptisms. Roger Hendricks of San Antonio, Texas, did the preaching. Jack Huff is the local preacher.

During a recent meeting at Thomas Blvd., Port Arthur, Texas, one was baptized, according to J. W. Evans, the local preacher. Homer Hailey did the preaching.

Derrell Shaw, preacher for the church in Dumas, Texas, reports one baptism recently.

During a meeting in Newburn, Tenn., with James Miller doing the preaching, there were four baptisms. Jesse Kelley is the local preacher.

Robert Crawley, preacher for the University Heights church, Lexington, Ky., reports three baptisms recently.

During a July meeting with the New Haven church, Lexington, Tenn., there was one baptism. L. E. Sloan did the preaching.

Bob West, preacher for the Northside "Church, Las Vegas, Nev., reports one baptism during July.


Mt. Pleasant, Texas — Elmer Moore, Jr., preacher for the church in Highlands, Texas, will be with the South-side church, August 23-30. Carl Allen preaches for the Southside church.

Clarksville, Ark — Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas, will preach in a gospel effort in Clarksville, August 24 - Sept. 2.

Sulphur Springs, Texas — A. O. Rainey of Saratoga, Ark. will be with the church in Sulphur Springs, August 17-23.

Franklin, Tenn. — Reavis Petty of Morehead City, N. C., will be with the church in Franklin, Tenn., August 16-23. Martin Lemon, is the preacher for the West End church in Franklin, where the meeting will be conducted.

Kansas City, Mo. — The church meeting on 2026 Vivion Road, will be engaged in a series of meetings, August 16-23, with Bill Haynes, local preacher, doing the preaching.


On August 24-25, 27-28, in the meeting house of the church in Beaver Dam, Kentucky, Ferrel Jenkins will meet Larry Hood on the current issues. Following are the propositions:

1. The Scriptures teach that Non-Christians may be given benevolent assistance from the church treasury.

2. It is in harmony with the scriptures for one church of Christ to make a contribution to a benevolent organization for the care of needy for whom the church is responsible.

3. The Scriptures teach the local church, as directed and overseen by its elders has all the organization necessary to engage in and perform all duties of benevolence and on the basis of this principle the church is prohibited from making a contribution to a benevolent organization for the care of the needy for whom the church is responsible.

4. The Scriptures teach that a local church of Christ may in the work of benevolence send funds from its treasury to the elders of another church to be spent within the needs of the receiving church, and may in the work of evangelism send a preacher to another church or send assistance directly to the preacher, and that any departure from this is a violation of the pattern.

The first two propositions are to be affirmed by Larry Hood and the last two by Ferrel Jenkins.

New Congregations

On July 19th a new church was started in Greenwood, Arkansas. They are meeting on North Main Street, north of the High School. Ken Hogan and Jim Burgess are preaching for this group at the present time.

New Building The church in Jackson, Mississippi, has recently moved into their new building. It will be known as the Clinton Boulevard church of Christ. It will meet at 5535 Clinton Boulevard. A. H. Payne is the preacher for this church. A. Hugh Clark recently conducted a meeting for this church.

Preachers To New Locations

After Aug. 1st. Theo Haas will terminate his work with the Northside church, Del Rio, Texas, and will begin work with the Southside church in Midland, Texas.

On August 12th Vestal Chaffin will move from the Grand Ave., church, Chicago, Ill., and will be located with the Academy Street church, Dickson, Tenn.

After two years with the West End church, Bowling Green, Kentucky, Ferrel Jenkins will move to Memphis, Tenn., to work with the church meeting 3090 Trezevant Street.

After August 1st Bob Franks will move from Timberland Drive, Lufkin, Texas, to Lafayette, La. His address will be 928 Marilyn, Lafayette, La.

On August 9th Charles Holt will move from Wichita Falls, Texas, to Lufkin, Texas, to work with the Timberland Drive church. His address will be 109 Parker Drive, Lufkin, Texas.

Statement From Bakersfield

For general information and to assist the good brethren at Bakersfield, California, in clearing up certain inaccurate reports concerning their beliefs and teachings, we are glad to give space to the following statement:

"As a result of many statements by various persons regarding the belief and teaching of members of this congregation on the subject of the Church and Kingdom this clarification of our belief is sent forth.

1. We believe and teach there is no difference in that which constitutes the church and the kingdom.

2. We recognize that these terms refer to the same group of people, (God's children) at the same time.

3. The Bible uses these terms interchangeably, 4. When the Bible says a thing is to happen to the church it is saying that the thing is to happen to the kingdom. When the Bible says a thing is to happen to the kingdom it is saying that the thing is to happen to the church.

5. We fully endorse the sermon preached here on the subject by Brother Vern Wilson on Thursday night of our meeting.

6. Those of this congregation who attended the meeting at Taft on Thursday night (Brethren Johnson, Rogers, and Shewmaker) endorse the sermon Brother Lloyd Moyer preached, "Christ and His Church." Brother Moyer taught that the church and the kingdom are the same, saying, "The terms are used interchangeably. Acts two records the coming in of the kingdom or church."

This we believe and teach to be the truth on this subject as taught in God's Word. Signed:

Gerald Franklin, A. C. Rogers, Elbert Johnson, C. E. Kitchens, Joe Cooper, Joe Davis, Raymond Bennett, Harley A. Long, E. F. Bartholomew, F. H. Stark and Fred A. Shewmaker.

News Briefs

Santos Comes, Box 344, Tecate, California, USA: "June 14th one young man was baptized here, named Alfonso Arra. He had been a Catholic all of his life. June 16th I departed for the interior of Mexico into the state of Hidalgo, where I preached a one week's meeting. The church at Ontario, California, supported me on this evangelistic trip. Sunday, June 28th I preached in Chihuahua, Chih., and one was baptized. On this trip I also visited the church at Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua. On the return trip, I preached two Sundays at Nuevas Cases Grandes, Chih. Ontario, California built their building for them several years ago. We still lack just a little in completing the meeting house, and would like to hear from those who might be interested. Thanks to God and to you, we received $395 during June on the $1500 we need to complete the building.

Charles F. House, 2700 National Ave., National City, Calif. 92050: "Please note the new temporary address. The Lord willing, we will be helping the Ninth and National church of Christ in National City, Calif., for several weeks during July and August, and possibly through the first week of September, in as much as they are presently without a preacher. Within the past few weeks the church here has had three baptisms. This is a small group but so very zealous, even working house to house. My wife and I arrived here July 9th, and attendance and contribution has been growing since we arrived. They have Ladies Bible Class on Thursday mornings while Wednesday mornings are reserved for house to house canvassing and invitations to church services. Friday morning there is what they call an alien sinner's class. Friday nights, either Bible study or a sermon. Sundays, Bible classes for all ages, plus sermons Sunday morning and evening, and personal visitation in between. Wife and I have been truly busy since arrival. All services are conducted in English. Worship with us when in the San Diego, California, Area. Telephone: 479-2199 for further information. We meet in the Masonic Temple, at 9th and National Ave."

J. W. Evans, 2948 Thomas Blvd., Port Arthur, Texas: The Thomas Blvd. will support J. W. Evans for three or four weeks with the small group of brethren in Bethesda, Maryland. He has conducted two meetings previously, but this time he will spend three or four weeks in personal teaching. The group of brethren meet Sunday morning and Wednesday evenings in the Cafeteria Building of Bethesda, Chevy Chase High School, 4301 East-West Highway, Bethesda, Md. If you know anyone in this area who would be interested please send their name to either, C. K. Ellis, 26704. Haney Ave., Damascus, Md., or L. C. Albert P. Lovelady,116 Sharon Chapel Road, Alexandria, Va. Brother Evans will be working with them the latter part of August.