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August 6, 1964

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

New Creatures

Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas, reports the following baptisms in recent meetings. Bridge City, Texas, 3, Ratcliff, near San Augustine, Texas, 7; White Park, Leesville, La., 8.

In a June meeting with the church in Lewisville, Texas, with Hoyt Houchen doing the preaching, there was one baptism. Vernon Ripley is the local preacher.

Jack Thompson, preacher for the North Main church, Vidor, Texas, reports five baptisms during a recent meeting with Leon Odom.

Two have been baptized recently at Morehead City, N. C.; where Reavis Petty is the local preacher.

At the Southside church in Pasadena, Texas, one was baptized the last Sunday in June. Robert Goodman is the local preacher.

Two were baptized at the church in Blytheville, Arkansas, where Dudley R. Spears is the preacher.

Two were baptized in the meeting at Peoria, III. Mason Harris did the preaching. Charles Maples is the local preacher.

Five were baptized in May at Norfolk, Ohio, where R. E. Corns is the evangelist.

Six were baptized in meeting in Athens, Tenn. Francis Williams preaches for this church. Ray Corns did the preaching.

Bill Fling, who preaches for the church in Anaheim, California, reports a recent baptism.

On the last night of a meeting with the Moresville Pike church, Columbia, Tenn. there were six baptisms. Guy Robertson did the preaching. Jimmy Thomas is the regular preacher.

On June 28th one was baptized at the 5th and 12th Street church in Yuma, Arizona, where O. D, Dial is the preacher.

Two have been baptized recently at Greens Bayou, Texas, where Ardie Brown is the local evangelist.

During a recent meeting at Martinville, Arkansas, there were three baptisms, The preaching was done by Ward Hogland.

Marshall Patton of Par Ave., Orlando, Florida, reports a baptism the third Sunday in June.


Steele, Mo — Franklin Puckett of Dyersburg, Tenn., will be with the church in Steele, August 3-12. Mason Harris is the local preacher,

Edna, Texas — Albert Jennings, preacher for the church in Edna, announces a meeting for August. 3-9, with Maurice Barnett of Sinton, Texas, doing the preaching.

Lone Wolf, Oklahoma — Roy Cogdill of Conaga Park, California, will be with the church in Lone Wolf, Aug. 3-9.

Nashville, Tenn. — The Riverside Drive church in Nashville will be engaged in a meeting Aug. 2-9, with Ward Hogland of Greenville, Texas doing the preaching, according to word from Robert Jackson, the local preacher.

Preachers To New Locations

James Smelser of Chardon, Ohio, will move to East Orange, N. J., in July to work with the church. This will be a great step forward for the church as he will be the first preacher fully supported by the East Orange congregation. The Castleberry church in Ft. Worth, Texas, has supported the preacher in East Orange fully or in part since the church began.

Bill Echols who has been in East Orange, N. I., for the past five years will move to Shippensburg, Pa., to work with the small church there. The Castleberry church will help with his support at least temporarily, but more help is needed.

News Briefs Charles Dagenhart, 3625 Audubon Court, National City, California, 92050 Telephone (Code 714) 479-0578: "While on a quick fishing trip to the Salton Sea I baptized an old friend May 14th. Am available for Lord's day appointments within reasonable distance; meetings, or local work. Address me at the above address."

Late Announcements

Apple Springs, Texas — Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas, will be with the church in Apple Springs, July 20-26.

Alto, Texas — From July 27 - Aug. 1 Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas, will be with the church in Alto.