Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 30, 1964
NUMBER 12, PAGE 4,10b-11a

Brother Porter's Outlines


We know that a great host of the faithful, and particularly a multitude of gospel preachers, will rejoice to learn that the sermon outlines and debate notes of our beloved brother Curtis Porter are going to be printed and preserved. No man in our generation was more universally loved and respected than was W. Curtis Porter. Gentle and unassuming in all his actions, he hid behind that mild and kindly smile a mind that was razor-sharp and honed to perfection. The great collection of note-books he left was as orderly and well arranged as could be expected from so logical and well-trained an intellect. And rich -- rich beyond description in homiletical material for both saint and sinner! Gospel preachers will be gleaning material from the works of Curtis Porter for generations yet unborn.

These note-books were prepared over the full forty years of Brother Porter's preaching life. The sermon outlines are logical, orderly, and preachable! The debate notes are likewise systematic and easy to follow. They will not be presented in the form of debate notes; but will be prepared as work-book material for classes studying the special themes which Brother Porter so often debated, and for which he made such thorough and painstaking preparation. These sermon outlines and debate notes furnish a veritable gold mine for gospel preachers, both young and old!

All of the notebooks, as well as certain other manuscripts, left by Brother Porter have been placed in the hands of Brooks C. Webb of Nacogdoches, Texas, for eventual publication. In collaboration with Sister W. Curtis Porter, and Lacy Porter (Curtis's brother) Brother Webb will arrange for publication of the material over an extended period, perhaps bringing out one or two volumes each year for the next three or four years. The first volume of sermon outlines has just come off the press, and may be ordered by writing to Brooks C. Webb, Box 200, Nacogdoches, Texas. This volume contains fifty outlines, and is sturdily bound in durable paper covers. It is well printed on high quality paper. The price of this volume is $2.00.

— F. Y. T.

Professionalism In The Pulpit

As thousands of devout and godly men in all parts of the world are setting their hearts and minds resolutely toward the re-building of the walls of Zion, walls which have been broken and breached by the forces of digression and sin, it is heartening indeed to know of the dedicated self-sacrificing spirit with which this task is being undertaken. From a recent bulletin of the North Birmingham Church we lift the following article, written by Sewell Hall, who works with that congregation. We thank God, and take courage when such instances of heroism and devotion to the cause of Truth come to our attention, And we are constantly aware of them. The army of Christ, banners unfurled to the winds, goes forward with courage undaunted and faith undimmed!

Occasionally, we hear the charge that all preachers have "gone professional," that their only interest is in getting a bigger church, a bigger salary, and a bigger name for themselves, Now and then we see some evidence of this. But more often we are impressed by examples of real dedication and sacrificial love for the Kingdom of God.

Yesterday, the Robert Bunting family stopped by our home enroute to Newton, New Jersey. For four years they have been working with the Hueytown church, one of the finest in this area or anywhere. No church is meeting at present in Newton, New Jersey. After preaching to audiences of 250 or more at Hueytown, brother Bunting will be preaching to audiences of ten and twelve, the majority of which will be children. They move from the lovely home supplied by the Hueytown church to one they are purchasing. They leave a pleasant relationship with more than a score of churches in this county to work where there are fewer congregations in a whole state of more than six million souls. Lest someone conclude that Bob was fired, may we add that the Hueytown, church, at Bunting's request, will be fully supporting them there as well as paying their moving expenses and supplying funds for a radio broadcast. It is interesting, too, that when he asked to go there he did not know what his salary would be. This, brethren, is not professionalism.

This summer brother Joe Corley will leave the pleasant association of this area to begin work with a small congregation in the province of Alberta in Canada. He does not yet have full support promised but he is proceeding by faith, with his plans.

After five years helping the struggling congregation at East Orange, New Jersey to become self-supporting brother Bill Echols is leaving to work with a little church in the very needy area of Central Pennsylvania. The church can do no more than supply his house. After November, he and his family have promise of no more than $65 per month support. Yet, they are proceeding with their plans, expecting that if no more support is available at that time, he will find secular work to support himself.

Brother James Sasser and his family have left the good church and nice home at Joliet, Illinois to take up work with the Earnharts and Pennocks. Support for them is not yet complete but they are going right ahead with plans. Faint hearts never reach foreign fields.

These are but a few of multitudes who, unconcerned with worldly rewards, are setting out to preach Christ where he is scarcely known They are people just like you and me; they love home; they find no pleasure in leaving parents and friends; they find no special pleasure in living among people of strange culture and odd speech. But they ask no sympathy for they are doing exactly what they want to do; it just so happens that they want more than anything else to do what they believe the Lord wants done. In this they find happiness.

Sometimes we hear worldly-minded, materially-oriented members of the church criticize preachers for such actions. "What do they mean," they ask, "taking their families off into nowhere, jeopardizing their security? Why they will get 'out of circulation' and never will be able to preach for any of the bigger churches." Worldly minded people never understood the actions of men like Paul. Comparing the intellectual ability of Paul with the life of sacrifice and martyrdom which he was living, Festus exclaimed: "Paul, thou art beside thyself; much learning doth make thee mad." But brethren, these faithful Christian families are not beside themselves; they are not out of their heads. They are simply acting consistent with the kind of devotion we all sing about but so few practice. They are giving to us examples of some real, down-to-earth Christianity in our generation; 'Whose faith follow, considering the issue of their life" (Hebrews 13:7).

Thank God for families like the Buntings, Corleys, Echols, Sassers, Earnharts, and a host of others who are willing to support them financially as they go. Thank God for liberal Christians who give of their means to make such support possible. And thank God for Him who said, "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations...and, lo I am with you always, even unto the end of the world." (Matthew 28:19, 20).

— Sewell Hall

NOTE: The above article was written without the permission of those whose names were used. It is likely the only way it could have been written.