Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 23, 1964
NUMBER 11, PAGE 6,13b

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

New Creatures

During the recent meeting at the Ex-Pressway church, Louisville, Kentucky, with Cecil Willis doing the preaching, there were two baptisms. James Needham is the local preacher.

Martin Lemon, preacher for the West End church, Franklin, Tenn., reports two baptisms June 14th.

One was baptized during the meeting at the Sommerville Road church, Decatur, Alabama. Herschel Patton did the preaching during the meeting. Granville Tyler is the preacher.

J. R. Snell recently concluded a meeting in Harrison, Arkansas, in which two were baptized into Christ.

John Iverson, preacher for the Imhoff church, Port Arthur, Texas, reports the baptism of a Methodist recently.

The second Sunday in June one was baptized at Timberland Drive, Lufkin, Texas, where Bob Franks is the preacher.

Jesse Jenkins of Tucumcari, New Mexico, reports two baptisms in recent weeks.

L. L. Applegate of Vernon, Florida, reports ene added to the Lord, April 12.

In recent weeks two have been baptized into Christ at Grand Ave., Chicago, Ill , where Vestal Chaffin is the preacher.


Tucson, Ariz. — Yater Tant of Nacogdoches, Texas will be with the church which meets at Sahuaro and 32nd St. the week of July 5th. R. F. Meyers is the local preacher.

Keota, Oklahoma, Roger Hendricks of San Antonio, Texas, will be with the church in Keota, July 12-19.

Corpus Christi, Texas — The church meeting at 4215 Dakin Place, will have a meeting July 6-12. Wayne Partain of Sinton will do the preaching. Michael Eldridge will direct the singing. Patrick Faith is the local preacher.

Windsor, Kentucky — A meeting will be conducted in Windsor July 18-25.

Paragould, Arkansas — The Second and Walnut St. church will be engaged in a meeting July 23-August 3, with Homer Bally of Tampa, Florida, doing the preaching. Hollis Creel is the local preacher.

Lubbock, Texas — The Caprock church, 5201 College Ave., will have a meeting July 19-26. Irven Himmel will do the preaching according to Paul Keller who is the local preacher.

Amarillo, Texas — Bob McDonald of Tyler, Texas will be with Olsen Park, July 20-26. J. M. Gilpatrick is the local preacher.

Preachers To New Locations

Frank Thompson is leaving Hobbs, New Mexico, to work with the church in Carmichael, California.

The First Sunday in July, Harvey Williams moved to Gardendale, Alabama. He formerly preached at the church in Gary, Ind.

Bill Haynes of Amarillo, Texas, has moved to Kansas City, Mo., to preach for the Vivion Road church.

Clarence Burcham has recently moved to Santa Susan, California, to work full time with the church there.

After about sixteen months in Rock Springs, Wyoming, John W. Pittman has moved to St. Joseph, Mo., to work with the brethren meeting at the corner of 10th and Lincoln St. The church is small, being only about a year old. They are not able to support him. He has raised part of his support but is in need of at least $100 per month more. For further information concerning him and the work write: John Pittman, Box 1605, W .P. Station, St. Joseph, Mo. 64507.

News Briefs

The first part of June brethren Elvis Bozarth, Bob Craig, Glen Barnhart and Derrel Starling did the preaching in a meeting with the small but sound church that meets at Florida and Emerson in Deming, New Mexico. The church now has about ten members and would be happy to have faithful brethren traveling through to stop and worship with them! J. Harold Smith can be contacted for further information. Derrel Starling sent the above in.

Doyle Fox has recovered from his illness which kept him from preaching for a while. He is now working with the Walnut Creek church, Walnut Creek, California. For further information concerning the work there, or his health, contact: Doyle Fox, 230 Elaine Drive, Pleasant Hill, California, 94523,


Roswell, New Mexico — Jack Kirby of Brownwood, Texas, will meet R. T. Williamson in Roswell, New Mexico, July 22-25. The debate will be on the class question and women teachers. The first two nights will be in the West Alemeda building and the last two nights will be in the Central building. Time of services will be 7:30. O. J. Bradley is the preacher for the Central church.

J. L. E.