Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 16, 1964

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

Meetings This Week

Kearney, Mo. — Billy Moore, who recently moved to Butler, Mo., will be at Kearney, July 13-23.

San Angelo, Texas — The church which meets at the corner of Irene and Coke St. will have a meeting July 13-19 with Marshall Davis doing the preaching. Derrel Starling is the local preacher.

Umatilla, Florida — Connie Adams of Orlando will be at Umatilla, July 13-19.

Crockett, Texas — Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas will be with the church in Crockett, July 13-19, where James DeVoll is the preacher.

Anaheim, California — The West Anaheim church, 3332 West Orange Ave., will be engaged in a Gospel effort, July 13-19, with Wright Randolph doing the preaching. Bill Fling is the local evangelist.

Roundhill, Kentucky — Ferrel Jenkins of Bowling Green, Kentucky, will be with the Mt. Lebanon church July 13-18.

New Creatures

Bill Cavender, preacher for the Greggton, Texas, church, reports a baptism on June 10th.

One was baptized May 10th at Dillard, Oregon, where Henry Kirkland is the preacher.

One was recently baptized at Park Blvd., Louisville, Kentucky, where Grover Stevens is the faithful preacher.

Paul Keller, preacher for the Caprock church, Lubbock, Texas, reports a baptism recently.

One was recently baptized in Murfreesboro, Tenn., where Dave Bradford preaches.

One was baptized recently at the Lakeview church, Rossville, Ga., where Paul Brock is the preacher.

One was baptized during the month of May at the Westside church. Dyersburg, Tenn., where R. M. Palmer is the preacher.

Preachers To New Locations

Milton L. Anderson has recently moved from Wilmington, Calif., to work with the church in Garden Grove. His address is 12592 Nelson Street, Garden Grove, California.

Foy Layton has recently moved from Venice, California, to preach for the church in Madisonville, Texas.

After over four years with the church in Hanceville, Ala., Edward O. Bragwell has moved to Charlotte, Tenn., to work with the Central church.

New Congregations

For the benefit of the readers of this column in the Guardian who are perhaps thinking of Jonesboro, Ark., either as a place of residence, or of attending Arkansas State College, we would like to inform you that a new congregation has been established there that will stand for the truth on the present day issues. They have been meeting for nearly three months and have averaged over $115 per Lord's day. They are an active, zealous and faithful group who have purchased a choice lot and are beginning plans for a building. They are not begging the brotherhood to do their work for them. They plan to try and take care of the erection of their building by themselves and then get someone to preach for them who can raise his own support. For further information contact: Fred Paxton, Jonesboro, Arkansas. 72401.

New Buildings And Locations

After about one year, the church in West Bend, Wis., moved into their new building. It is located 2124 Parkerfield Drive. Rea Pennock is the local evangelist. This congregation only has 12 members, yet they assumed nearly the entire indebtedness, receiving only a few hundreds of dollars from elsewhere.

The church in Milwaukee, Wis., now has permanent quarters. They are now meeting at 1029 S. 58th St.