Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 27, 1983
NUMBER 9, PAGE 10-11

Clippings, Comments, News

Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

New Creatures

In the meeting at the Rose and Ibbetson church In Bellflower, Calif., May 10th-17th, there were two baptisms. Hoyt Houchin of Abilene, Texas did the preaching. David Harkrider is the local preacher.

There were two baptisms during the meeting at Sunnyvale, Calif. May 19th-26th. Hoyt Houchin of Abilene, Texas did the preaching. Pete Wilson has recently moved to work with the church in Sunnyvale.

Three have recently been baptized at Sunrise Acres, El Paso, Texas, according to Glen Barnhart, the local evangelist.

During the meeting at the West Grand Ave. church, Chicago, Ill., with William Lewis doing the preaching, there were three baptisms. Vestal Chaffin, the preacher at Grand Ave., also reports two baptisms since the meeting.

Two have been baptized recently at West Ave., San Antonio, Texas, according to Roger Hendricks, the preacher.

On May 26th one was baptized at South Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas, where George Patterson regularly preaches.

One was baptized during the recent meeting at the West Washington Street church, Indianapolis, Ind. Mel Meyers is the local evangelist. Ronald Mosby did the preaching in the meeting.

One was baptized recently at Bald Knob, Ark., according to Guthrie Dean, the preacher.

During the recent meeting at Yellville, Ark. conducted by Guthrie Dean, one was baptized.

Four were baptized during April and May at the church in Gainsville, Fla. E. L. Flannery is the regular preacher.

Three were baptized during the recent meeting in Las Cruces, New Mexico according to H. Edward McCaskill, the local preacher. The preaching in the meeting was done by Robert Turner.

Leslie Diestelkamp, preacher for the Westside church, Aurora, Ill. reports a baptism on May 26th. One was also baptized from the Eastside congregation on May 12th.

According to Bill Coffman, preacher for the South-side church, Tulsa, Okla., there were two baptisms May 26th.

In the meeting at Alta Loma, Texas, with Ardie Brown doing the preaching, there were two baptisms. Jack Gilliland is the local preacher.

Judson Woodbridge, preacher for the Laurel Heights church, McAllen, Texas, reports two baptisms on June 2nd.

One was baptized April 21st at the Southside church, Greenville, Texas according to Roy Foutz, the preacher.

Three were baptized during the meeting at Charlotte, Tenn. Robert Jackson of Nashville, Tenn. did the preaching in the meeting. One of the outstanding features of the meeting was that 95% of the membership attended every service. The ones that were absent had to be away due to work or illness.

Two were baptized May 30th at the South End church, Louisville, Kentucky where Donald Townley is the local preacher.

News, Briefs

The church in West Columbia, Texas is engaged in a building program. The program calls for the auditorium to be enlarged to seat about 114 more and for three additional classrooms. The plans also call for the auditorium and the classrooms to be completely air-conditioned. The brethren hope to have the building completed by the latter part of August according to Dean Bullock who preaches for this church.

From Charles House

I would be interested in hearing now from sound congregations who are interested in doing work in Mexico on a long term basis. I am seeking one or not more than two congregations who would be willing to fully support my work beginning January 1st, 1964. I would like to start forming my plans in this direction as soon as possible rather than wait until the end of the year. Please air mail your reply to: Charles F. House, Box 641, San Luis, Arizona, USA.

"James L. Hawkins, who has been preaching part time for several years and recently in Hawaii, has just recently been discharged from the Air Force and is now preaching full time for the Belmont church of Christ, Box 718, Belmont, Calif. Belmont is located about 25 miles south of San Francisco. Gordon Wilson from Clovis, California, just concluded an excellent meeting in Belmont on June 2nd. There were no baptisms during the meeting but the fine lessons that were taught greatly edified the church and the baptizing of those outside of Christ who heard the lessons will be a reality in the very near future."

The church at Chico, California has recently purchased a building of her own. This is a new work, less than six months old. The building is located on Spruce Street, 1618, three blocks east of the Esplanade, which is 99-E North, between Sixth and Seventh Avenues. When traveling through Chico you will find a loyal church at the above address. John Wilson is the preacher for this group.

New Churches

There is a sound congregation meeting in Uvalde, Texas. The struggle has been hard but by the help of the Lord and the prayers of the faithful His cause is now planted on a solid foundation. The brethren are meeting at 520 East Pecos St. They are few in number and poor in this world's goods, but are rich in faith and strong in the Lord. For further information concerning this work write: James A. Cox, Box 726, Uvalde, Texas.

Meetings This Week And Next

Blytheville, Ark. — H. F. Sharp of Conway, Ark. will preach in a meeting in Blytheville beginning June 23rd.

Brandenburg, Kentucky — Donald Townsley of the South End church in Louisville, Kentucky, will preach in a meeting in Brandenburg, Kentucky, June 24th-30th.

Franklin, Tenn. — The West End church in Franklin will be engaged in a meeting, June 23rd-30th. Connie Adams of Pine Hills, Orlando, Fla. will preach. Martin Lemon is the local preacher.

Port Arthur, Texas — The Orange Hi-Way church will have a meeting, June 24th-30th. Bill Cavender of Gregg-ton, Texas, will preach in this meeting according to John Iverson, the local preacher.

Hodgenville, Kentucky — Ronald Mosby who preaches in Valley Station, Kentucky will preach in Hodgenville, June 24th-July 2nd.

Harrison, Ark. — O. C. Birdwell, who preaches for the Vivion Road church in Kansas City, Mo., will preach in a meeting at Harrison, June 23rd-28th. Billy Moore is the local preacher.

Joaquin, Texas — Ardie Brown of Greens Bayou, Houston, Texas will preach in a meeting at Joaquin, June 24th-30th. Bob Walton is the local preacher.

Tularosa, New Mexico — H. Edward McCaskill of the Miranda Street church in Las Cruces, New Mexico will speak in a meeting at the church in Tularosa June 24th-30th.

Columbia, Tenn, — Grover Stevens of Louisville Kentucky will speak in a meeting at the Mooresville Pike congregation in Columbia, Tenn. June 30th-July 7th. Jimmy Thomas is the local preacher.

Corpus Christi, Texas — The Parkway Drive church of Corpus will have a meeting July lst-7th. The building is located 4215 Dakin Place. Yater Tant of Nacogdoches, Texas will preach. Pat Farish is the local preacher. Services will be each morning, Monday-Friday at 10:30 and each evening at 7:30.

Walton Chapel, Tenn. — A. C. Crider of Meridian Miss. will speak in a meeting at Walton Chapel July 1st-10th.

Preachers To New Locations

After two and one half years with the Franklin & Juniper St. church in Borger, Texas, Kenneth Hoyle is moving to La Porte, Texas to work with that church. His address is: Kenneth Hoyle, 207 South Virginia, La Porte, Texas.

Eugene Crawley, who has been preaching for the church in Shelbyville Mills, Tenn. has recently moved to Russellville, Alabama where he will be preaching for the Washington Ave. church.

Unique Gathering In Dallas Leroy Garrett

Wynnewood Christian Chapel, meeting place for an independent congregation of the Restoration Movement, 2303 S. Tyler, Dallas, Texas, will be the location for one of the most unique gatherings in the history of the disciples in Texas. The dates are June 30 through July 5.

It is different in that it will be a gathering of brethren from most persuasions of the Church of Christ — Christian Church brotherhood. From the Churches of Christ there will be brethren take part who are pre-millennial, one-cup, non-Sunday School in conviction. Both sides (or more) of the institutional issue will be represented. From the Christian Church there will be both the liberals and conservatives.

Let this be considered an invitation to all segments of the Restoration Movement to attend and to take part.

Another unique feature is that everyone who desires can share in the discussions as long as time permits. The meetings will be free and open, orderly and peaceful. "Blessed are the peacemakers" will be the under-girding principle of this unity forum. Men will sit down as brethren in an honest effort to understand each other better.

Subjects to be discussed include the nature and basis of fellowship, the meaning of unity, agape and the problem of division, the premillennial congregations and unity, institutionalism and the question of fellowship, neglected factors in our efforts toward unity, the Holy Spirit and Christian unity.

Participants include Carl Spain of Abilene Christian College, Carl Ketcherside of St. Louis, Mo., Dr. Horace Wood of Dallas, Leroy Garrett of Denton, Texas, Robert Meyers of Wichita, Kan., Darrell Bolin of Lock Haven, Pa. Jack Holt of Dallas and Bryan Vinson of Longview are also scheduled to participate, especially on the question of institutionalism and fellowship.

A complete program and further information will be sent on request by writing to Leroy Garrett, 1201 Windsor Dr., Denton, Texas.