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April 23, 1964

Batsell Baxter And Batsell Barrett Baxter On "Church Schools"

Ferrell Jenkins

A lot of attention is being given to the position recently publicized by Dr. Batsell Barrett Baxter, head of the Bible department at David Lipscomb College and featured speaker on Herald of Truth, regarding the church support of the "Christian Colleges." In his tract, "Questions and Issues of the Day," bro. Baxter advocates that the church not only support existing schools, but that they start others, causing them to be available when young people have need for them. Such a school would undoubtedly be a "Church School."

A few days ago, while reading in some old issues of Gospel Advocate, I came across an article by the late brother Batsell Baxter on "Misconceptions About "Christian Colleges." Bro. Baxter, the father of the present head of the Bible department at David Lipscomb College, was for many years associated with the college. He served as its president for a time. He made it clear by naming them, that he had in mind such schools as David Lipscomb College, Abilene Christian College, et. al. Here are two paragraphs from his article:

"Church Schools"

A number of religious denominations have their "church colleges." Such colleges are under the government of their respective denominations and are subsidiaries or societies of these denominations. "Christian colleges" are not in any sense societies of the church. They occupy much the same relation to the church as is occupied by the religious papers. Denominations have religious papers that are run by their denomination and are under denominational control. Religious papers run by members of the church of Christ are not under church control and are not part of the church. They are not societies. Neither are the colleges.

"Financed By The Church"

Some people have the idea that the churches take money directly from the treasury and give this money to the colleges under consideration. They have the idea that money given in the general contribution is so used. This is an error. Individuals have been asked from time to time to help finance these colleges. The burden is too heavy for those who run the schools. In a few instances these individuals in some congregations have given collectively for one of the schools. They have done this as individuals, and the purpose of the gift was known at the time of giving. (Gospel Advocate, Nov. 12, 1931)

I don't know what else brother Baxter may have said on this subject, but let it be noted that the position stated above is not that of his son nor the present Gospel Advocate. At the risk of being called "old fashioned" (or worse!) we hold with the Batsell Baxter of 1931!