Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 9, 1964
NUMBER 48, PAGE 6,13c

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

New Creatures

On Sunday March 15th, one was baptized at the Herty church, Lufkin, Texas. The writer of this news page preaches for this church.

Two were baptized at the Southside church in Kansas City, Mo., where Herbert Fraser preaches, on March 8th.

In Racine, Wis., two were baptized March 1st. George Pennock is the local preacher.

Two have been baptized the first two Sundays of March at the church in Meridian, Miss., where A. C. Grider is the preacher. One was a Baptist who was 87 years old. He was converted by the radio program of A. C. Crider.

In a recent meeting at the Forest Hill church, Tampa, Florida, there was one baptism. The preaching was done by Hoyt Houchen of Abilene, Texas. H. E. Phillips is the local preacher for Forest Hills.

One has recently been baptized at the Miranda Street church, Las Cruces, New Mexico, where Elvis Bozarth preaches.

Arnold Hardin, preacher for the Oak Forest church, Houston, Texas, reports a baptism, the last Sunday in February.

One was baptized the last Sunday in February at the church in Dillard, Oregon, where Henry Kirkland is the preacher, W. W. Cassio, preacher for the church in Norwalk, California, reports a baptism the last Sunday in February.

Two were baptized the second Sunday in March at the West Ave. church, San Antonio, Texas. Leon Odom preaches at West Ave.

Meetings This Week

San Saba, Texas -- The Westside church will have a meeting April 5-12. Bryan Vinson, Sr. of Longview, Texas, will do the preaching. John Coffman is the local preacher.

Birmingham, Alabama — Bob Crawley will be with the 77th street church, April 5-12.

Longview, Texas — The Greggton church, 4400 West Marshall Ave., will be engaged in a Gospel effort, April 6M-12th. W. R. Jones of Baytown, Texas, will be the speaker, according to word from Bill Cavender, the local preacher.

Plant City, Florida -- church which meets 805 Mahoney, will have a meeting, April 6-12. Marshall Patton of Orlando will be the visiting preacher, Morris Norman is the local preacher.

Phoenix, Arizona — Robert Turner of Burnet, Texas, will be with the Monte Vista church, April 7-15. Harry Hawkins is the local preacher.

Shreveport, La. — The 75th and Linwood church will have a meeting April 5-12. Ardie Brown of Greens Bayou, Texas, will do the preaching.

Corpus Christi, Texas — The Parkway Drive church, 4215 Dakin Place, will be engaged in a Gospel meeting, April 5-12. Wilson Coon of Grand Saline, Texas, will do the preaching. Services Monday-Friday at 10 AM; Services Monday-Saturday at 7:30 P.M.; and regular time on the Lord's Day. Patrick Farish is the local preacher.

Louisville, Kentucky — Donald Townsley, preacher for the South End Church, announces a meeting for April 5-12 with Franklin Puckett doing the preaching.

Louisville, Kentucky — B. G. Hope of Bowling Green, Kentucky, will be with the Haldeman Ave. church, April 5-12. Cecil Douthitt is the local preacher.

Announcements Received Late

Jamestown, Indiana — A meeting was conducted at the church in Jamestown, March 30th-April 5th. Mel Meyers of the West Washington Street church in Indianapolis, Indiana, did the preaching. Denny Niemeier is the local preacher.

Edna, Texas — A meeting was scheduled at the church in Edna, March 30-April 5. James A. Rogers, of Freeport, Texas, was to do the preaching. Albert Jennings is the local preacher.


Ward Hogland, Gospel preacher from Greenville, Texas, will meet Albert Garner, Baptist preacher, in a religious discussion, April 6-7, 9-10, 13-14, 16-17. The debate will be in Lakeland, Florida, in the city auditorium. Propositions to be discussed include: Instrumental Music, Baptism Faith Only and Apostasy. All in driving distance are urged to be present for every service.

Preacher Wanted

The Tigrett church, Friendship, Tenn., would like to contact a preacher 35 years old or older. Home furnished. If interested contact Gordon Greene, Route 2, Friendship, Tenn., or call 677-4022. Congregation has 90-100 members.

News Briefs

J. R. Snell, 1114 State, Laurel, Mississippi: "On March 1, 1964, I moved to Laurel, Mississippi, to begin work with the South Laurel congregation. In doing so I became the first full time preacher for this church. There is one other church, liberal, in this city of 30,000 of about 100 members. For some two years the faithful brethren have met in rented quarters being assisted by various ones. The 7th Street church in Meridian has from the beginning been a source of encouragement and assistance with bro. A. C. Grider and others there aiding in the teaching program.

In this work I am enjoying the fellowship of several good churches: namely, 7th Street church, Meridian, Miss. Greggton, Longview, Tens; College View, Florence, Ala.; Berea, Huntsville, Ala.; Russellville, Ala.; 12th Street, Bowling Green, Ky.; and Shelbyville Mills, Shelbyville, Tenn.

Our attendance at all services is averaging about 20 and our contribution about $40 per week.

In Butler, Mo., Billy W. Moore of Harrison, Arkansas, will succeed me about July 1. Bill Moore is a capable man. The church there is fortunate to have him come."

The Pine Valley church of Christ invites all in their area to attend their services. Their location is: Pine Valley, California. They meet in the Community building on Highway 80. The services are Bible Study - 9:45 A.M.; Preaching 10:45 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. Clyde Goff is the local preacher.