Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 27, 1964
NUMBER 42, PAGE 4,12b-13a

Editorial Potpourri


So much material crosses the desk of an editor that trying to decide what to publish, what not to publish, what is worthy if better written, what is worthless even if faultless in composition, what effect an article may have if published, what justification there might be in with-holding an article — well, we have just decided to share a few letters, short articles, questions, and miscellanea with our readers:

Number One Evangelist

A huge newspaper advertisement comes from Flint, Michigan, informing us that the "No. I Evangelist of the Churches of Christ," (Willard Collins) is going to give a couple of "lectures" at the Bristol Road Church of Christ. Brother Collins is advertised as an "Author -Columnist - Educator - World-Traveler - Vice-President of David Lipscomb College"; which beyond question eminently qualifies him to do what the advertisement says he is going to do — "preach the gospel."

Lady Lecturer

From Santa Ana, California, brother Floyd Thompson sends in a clipping from the Firm Foundation (January 7, 1964) that caught his eye. Here is the clipping:

Clarence C. Gobbel, 296 East 12th Street, Beaumont, California, December 9: "Brother and Sister W. R. Smith are scheduled to be with the church here for a series of lectures January 19-24. Neighboring congregations are invited to attend."

We suppose sister Smith is an able preacher (some say she is better than her husband); perhaps it might be better to advertise this evangelistic team as "Sister W. R. Smith and spouse will be with the church here for a series of lectures...."

"Texas Preacher" Commended

"I think you did a great work when you wrote J, D. Tant - Texas Preacher, It is, to a great extent, a history of the church in Texas. It is, in my judgment, a much better history than is the recent book by Brother Eckstein. I think Eckstein would have done a better job if he had read the book about Tant before writing his history. For instance, in his book, the impression is left that the lawsuit over the church property at McGregor was because of but one issue — the question of whether or not to take sectarians in on their immersion. He seems to have been totally ignorant of the other digressive practices there.

It seems, too, that he knew nothing of the tricks played by the crooked lawyer-preacher, Homan. A single reading of your book would have set him straight on that.

"I was 'nourished' on the Firm Foundation, the Christian Standard, and the Apostolic Way. From earliest childhood I had ambitions to be an editor. My mother urged me to follow the style of such Standard writers as the Erretts, J. A. Lord, Sam Lappin, and George Rutledge; and of such Firm Foundation writers as N. L. Clark and G. H. P. Showalter. But when the Firm Foundation came each week I would look, first of all, for what J. D. Tant had to say. Mother would invariably ask, 'Whose article are you reading?' and I would answer, 'Brother Tant's.' She would say nothing. Still, she would often commend the writings of Clark and Showalter. But I liked the rugged, earthly style of J. D. Tant. I liked the style of Clark and Showalter, too; but Tant's writings came first with me.

"I am glad you wrote and published J. D, Tant — Texas Preacher!"

J. D. Phillips, Editor The Church Press Austin, Texas

Request For Old Copies Of Gospel Advocate

"Can you help me complete my files of back issues of the Gospel Advocate? I need the following:

1930 - Numbers 5; 11;12; 16; 17; 19; 20; 21.

1934 - Numbers 32; 33; 34 1937 - Number 28

1939 - Numbers 6; 23; 24; 25; 27; 31; 40 1940 - Numbers 2; 3; 4

1942 - Number 52 1943 - Number 21

1944 - Numbers 28-33; 35; 36; 38-52 1956 - Number 10

Thanks for any help you can give.

Cecil Willis P. O. Box 7245 Akron, Ohio

* * * * *

Available For Meetings "Dear Brother Tant:

In addition to preaching some at Bald Knob each month, I am free to conduct a number of meetings in areas where there are no churches or with smaller congregations which are unable to support a man in a meeting. Also I am doing Cottage Bible study work on the issues at various places. If you know of any congregation that might be interested, let me know. I have eleven meetings scheduled for this year in addition to the responsibility of helping with the two we have lined up at Bald Knob. Brother Billy Norris and Brother Eugene Britnell will conduct our meetings here in 1964.

Guthrie D. Dean Box 69

Bald Knob, Arkansas

(Note: Brother Dean is one of the most capable and effective preachers in the land. His work with the church at Bald Knob has made that one of the most persistently growing congregations that we know anything about!)

Baptizings In Florida

From Panama City, Florida:

"Today, January 12, 1864, a young teenage girl came forward to be baptized into Christ for the remission of her sins. The Churches of Christ in Panama City refused the use of the baptistry. So with the temperature a little above freezing, Don Patton took this fine young lady out into the Gulf of Mexico to put her beneath the waves, and raise her up to a new life in Christ."

January 19, 1964 — "Two more were baptized today — not in the Gulf of Mexico like last week — but in the baptistry of the church in Chipley, Florida."

Help Needed In Vernon, Florida "Dear Brother Tant:

"We are a small congregation meeting in Vernon, Florida, having begun with a tent meeting conducted by your son, David Tant, last May. We purchased a building on the Main Street in town, but are in need of help at this time to keep from losing the property. We bought a big 4 bed-room house on two big, shady lots, 200 feet in depth, and have converted this house into a nice auditorium for services. This still leaves us plenty of room in the back for housing a preacher and his family. We are the only true church in this area, and are trying to carry on in face of continued and strong opposition from the "liberal" churches. I am preaching for our little group in Vernon, defraying my own expenses. David has promised to help us in another meeting in the Spring. But we need some financial help NOW to save our property. We have received some help from the East Hill congregation in Pensacola, a contribution from Brother Todd in Bremerton, Washington. We have also received a contribution from David, in addition to his holding the meeting without expense to us.

"If brethren can help us a bit now, I feel we will very shortly he able to take care of all our needs. For further information they may write to the Elders, East Hill Church of Christ, Corner of Alcaniz and Jackson Streets, Pensacola, Florida; or to J. David Tant, 2622 Snapfinger Road, Decatur, Georgia. Any help given will be deeply appreciated."

L. L. Applegate Cottondale, Florida

Mules And Elders

"Some claim that an elder can no more resign his eldership than a mule can resign his muleship. What they fail to see in this illustration is that the mule was a mule from birth, but no man has ever been an elder from birth, not even from his birth into the kingdom. When the mule grows up he can be hitched to a wagon, but when he quits pulling he can be unhitched. When a man becomes qualified he can he 'hitched' to the work of an overseer; but when he ceases to do that work he can (and must) be 'unhitched' from the office."

Jimmy Thomas Columbia, Tennessee

Position Wanted

And if you are sure you have your anti-nausea pills handy, take a look at this recent "Position Wanted" advertisement in the Christian Chronicle:

"Experienced middle-aged preacher, graduate ACC working on Master's Degree and R.E. Available for local work, September 1964. Interested in preaching for congregation 300 - 400 members. Will consider Bible Chair. For further information contact Box H, CHRONICLE."

Attention, Macedonians! This is the man for you. His life he holds not of any account as dear unto himself; he will come to you not with excellency of speech or of wisdom; his speech and his preaching will not be in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power. Yea! his consuming aim in life is to preach the gospel, not where Christ is already named, lest he build on another man's foundation; but, if need be, he will labor with his own hands, working night and day to supply the necessities of life for himself and his dependents, that he may have opportunity to preach the gospel to you. For he feels a compelling urgency to preach the gospel! (Provided, that is, any congregation of 300 to 400 people will make him the right offer.)

He is a graduate of ACC.

Help Needed In Apache, Oklahoma

Dear Brother Tant:

I am writing to you in an appeal for help in finding a preacher who would like to work in Apache, Oklahoma.

The congregation is one of two churches of Christ. Of course one is liberal, while the one we attend broke away from the liberals about 5 years ago. We have a fine modest church building capable of seating approximately 100 people, but for years since these brethren broke away from the other congregation, their number has stayed at 11.

My wife and I live in Lawton, 20 miles south of Apache. We drive to Apache 3 times a week to attend services since there is no sound church in Lawton. I am in the army stationed at Fort Sill, but I will be discharged in June. We are both former members of the Belmont congregation in Indianapolis.

Brother John Wilson worked with this congregation for almost 4 years before moving to Frederick, Oklahoma last fall. Since that time we have been without a preacher. I myself have been preaching a lot but not every Sunday. When I am not there they have only Bible study, song service, and the Lord's Supper and then service is dismissed. My being in the army and living 20 miles away makes it difficult to preach two sermons on Sunday and he prepared to teach Bible classes 3 times a week.

We were wondering if you could help us locate a preacher, sound in the faith, who can partially support himself or can raise support to take care of himself. There is not much work available in this part of Oklahoma and we don't have a house for the preacher to stay in anymore. The one we had has begun to decay too much for people to live in.

House rent isn't extremely high but runs from $45 to $75 a month for 4 to 5 rooms. The population of Apache is about 1400 with the closest big city (Lawton, 70,000) 20 miles south of there. A person with personal work ability would be the biggest help to this congregation. There are lots of people who are not sure just which side of the fence they stand on.

If you can help us locate a good sound preacher before June, let us know, we certainly can use him.

Sincerely, Rick Baughn

1118 Birch Avenue Lawton. Oklahoma