Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 20, 1964
NUMBER 41, PAGE 7,13d

Clippings, Comments, News

Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

New Creatures

Two have been baptized recently at Augusta, Arkansas, where Vernon Posey is preaching.

Robert W, Goodman, preacher for the Southside church, Pasadena, Texas, reports one baptism, Sunday, January 19.

Two were baptized January 17 at 6th and Meredith, Dumas, Texas, according to Darrel Shaw, the preacher.

On January 17th one was baptized at Riverside Drive, Nashville, Tennessee. Robert Jackson is the preacher.

Herschel Patton, preacher for the Downtown church, Lawrenceburg, Tenn., reports one baptism, Sunday, January 19th.

During a recent meeting at the Southwest church, Akron, Ohio, there was one baptism. The meeting was conducted by Ferrell Jenkins- The local preacher is Thomas Hickey, Jr.

Jimmy Tuten, preacher for the Spring and Blaine church, St. Louis, Missouri, reports one baptism, Sunday, January 19th.

Two have recently been baptized at the Valley Station, Kentucky, church, according to word from Ronald Mosby, the local preacher.

Carl Allen, preacher for the Southside church, Mt. Pleasant, Texas, reports one baptism recently.

On January 12th one was baptized at the church in Dillard, Oregon. Henry A. Kirkland is the preacher.

Bill Fling, preacher for the Anaheim, California, church, reports one baptism, Dec. 8, 1963.

In Review

During 1963 there were 12 baptisms at the church in Norwalk, California. W. W. Cassio is the preacher.

Robert H. West, preacher for the North Las Vegas church, Las Vegas, Nev., reports there were 12 baptisms during 1963.

Meetings This Week

Louisville, Kentucky — A series of lectures on The Home will be conducted at the Park Blvd. church the week of February 16-23. Different speakers will be heard each evening. Some of the subjects to be discussed are: Marriage, Its Purpose and Function; Love, Courtship and Marriage; The Husband in the Home; The Wife in the Home; Children in the Home; Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage; Problems of Marriage. You are invited to attend every service. Grover Stevens is the preacher at Park Blvd.

Preachers To New Locations

Robert E. Herndon, 37 Franklin, Roanoke Rapids, N. C. — "I have recently moved to Roanoke Rapids, N. C., which is located 85 miles south of Richmond and 75 miles northeast of Raleigh. The group here is meeting in our home while seeking a more suitable place to gather. If you know of members or interested individuals in this area, please write me."

H. Edward McCaskill has recently moved to Austin, Texas. His address is: 701 Morrow Street. The church is now meeting in the YWCA building, 405 West 18th in Austin, They have taken out a permit to construct a building, which will be located on Wonsley Drive, just North of the New U. S. 183 by-pass and about two blocks west of Inter-regional Hiway 35 on the North side of Austin. Send names of people who move to Austin or of those living there who are interested in New Testament Christianity to H. Edward McCaskill., Vernon Posey has recently moved from Concord, Arkansas, to Augusta, Arkansas, to work with the brethren,

News Briefs

Guthrie Dean, preacher for the church in Bald Knob, Arkansas, is free to conduct a number of meeting in 1964. Places unable to pay for a meeting, or brethren who want a series of studies on the issues, should contact Guthrie Dean, Box 69, Bald Knob, Arkansas. He is being supported for this type of work.

Anyone knowing the names of sound brethren in Brunswick, Georgia, or the nearby places, please write: Ernest Albritton, 807 Dartmouth Street, Brunswick, Georgia.

New Churches

Cabot, Arkansas — A new congregation was recently established at Cabot. The number in attendance is already around 25. Vaughn D. Shofner of the Arch St. church in Little Rock, Ark., is helping with the preaching.

Ashland, Wisconsin — A new church is meeting in Ashland. They meet at 116 East 9th Street. Luther Jones, Box 221, works with this church. He would be glad to correspond with any who may be moving to that area, or who have friends there.

Duluth, Minnesota — "After ten years effort to establish and preserve the Lord's church here unity could no longer be maintained. Fourteen souls have begun meeting in the YMCA. Melvin A. Krumrei will preach for the new group. On Nov. 5th 5 young people were baptized into Christ, bringing the membership to nine. If you know anyone in Northern Minnesota or Wisconsin write the church %4812 Lundin Road, Phone 728-3233."