Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 30, 1964

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

Meetings This Week

McAllen, Texas — Jack Holt of Garland, Texas, will preach in a meeting at the Laurel Heights church, 320 Hackberry, McAllen, Texas, January 29th-February 2nd. Judson Woodbridge is the local preacher.

San Bernardino, California — The congregation which meets 1354 Mt. View Ave., San Bernardino, California, will be engaged in a meeting, Jan. 26th-Feb. 2nd, with Bill Fling of Anaheim, California, doing the preaching. A. W. Atkinson is the local preacher.

New Creatures

R. E. Corns, preacher for the church in Norwalk, Ohio, reports one baptism during December.

Since September there have been six baptisms at the Spanish speaking church in Mercedes, Tex., where Richardo Soto preaches.

One was baptized the last Sunday in December at the Expressway church, Louisville, Kentucky, where James Needham preaches.

W. W. Cassio, preacher for the Norwalk, California, church, reports one baptism, December 22nd.

New Buildings

The brethren in El Dorado, Arkansas, are nearing the completion of their new building. Dana Halstead is the preacher for this church.


Clint Springer, Victoria, Texas: "We have just learned that brother Elmer Moore and Frank Duckworth have signed propositions for a debate that will be held the two nights of January 31st and February 1st. I do not have exact copies of the propositions but they have to do with divided classes and the extent of Bible authority for women teachers. Brother Duckworth of Muleshoe, Texas, will represent the brethren meeting at Northside in Garden Villa addition (those of the non-class persuasion) and brother Moore, who preaches for the church in Highland, near Houston, Texas, will defend what the Lord's people meeting at 402 North Street believe the Bible to teach in this respect. Both nights will be held at the North Street building."

Replacement Needed

Joe W. Pruett, Postboks 479, Bergen, Norway: "The Lord willing, my family and I will return to the States about June 1, 1964. At that time we will have completed almost 4 years work in Norway. Brother Bob Tuten with whom we are presently associated will continue with the church here after our return but will need a working companion. We are, therefore, asking for a replacement. Will you take our place in Bergen in the fall? If you are interested, let me hear from you immediately."

Preacher Wanted

The Popular Street church of Christ in Cleburne, Texas, would like to find some capable gospel preacher who might be willing to move to Cleburne and work with them. Brother Jack Howard, who has been laboring there has accepted an invitation to work with the church in Carrollton, Texas. Any one interested in looking into the possibilities at Cleburne is asked to write to: J. C. Marshall. 513 Turner Street, Cleburne, Texas, or telephone 645-7264.

For the cooperation I have received from elders, preachers, and interested members, in making this column a success this past year, I am thankful. You can be of great help this coming year. If you have meetings, lectures, debates, etc., scheduled for 1964 please send the material to me now. It will help me in preparation of this column. In sending in announcements please give complete information: dates, places, time, location of building, visiting preacher, local preacher, and in cases of lectures, please give the subjects, if such is known. In sending in information concerning debates, give the propositions, if such are known, disputants, location of buildings, etc. All of this information must be to me at least three weeks before the event. I receive many bulletins, yet there are many preachers who have not placed me on their mailing list. Will you do that for me? With your cooperation I can make this column better in 1964 than it was in 1963. I thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.