Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 2, 1963

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Nacogdoches, Texas

Meetings This Week

Lewisburg, Tenn. — Homer Bailey of Tampa, Florida, will speak in a series of meetings at the Hickory Heights church in Lewisburg. The dates of the meeting are April 28-May 5. The building is located on the Fayetteville highway.

Lowell, Indiana — Lewis Willis, regular preacher for the church in Greencastle, Indiana, will speak each night, April 28-May 5, at the church in Lowell, Indiana, which meets at 1111 Harrison, Ave. William C. Saxton is the local preacher.

Louisville, Kentucky — The South End church, meeting at 4001 Taylor Blvd., will be engaged in a meeting April 28-May 5. Jim Cope of Tampa, Florida, will preach. Donald Townsley is the local preacher.

Aurora, Ill. — The Westside church, meeting at Galena Blvd and Edgelawn Drive, will have a meeting April 28-May 5. Ronald Mosby of Valley Station, Kentucky, will preach.

Louisville, Kentucky-The Park Blvd. church meeting at 4600 Park Blvd. will have a meeting, April 29-May 5, with Harry Pickup, Sr., of Tampa, Florida, doing the preaching.

Louisville, Kentucky — The Manslick Road church will have a meeting April 29-May 5 with Rufus Clifford preaching.

San Bernardino, California — The church which meets at 1354 Mt. View will have a meeting, April 28-May 5, with Glen Lovelady doing the preaching. Arthur W. Atkinson is the regular preacher.

Pinson, Alabama — James Adams of Oklahoma City will be with this church April 29-May 5. Robert Harkrider is the regular preacher.

Loomis, California — The church which meets in the Women's Club building will have Clyde Wilson of Vallejo, California, in a meeting April 28-May 5, according to announcement by William Jackson, the local preacher.

Birmingham, Alabama — The church which meets at 4th Ave., will have A. C. Moore in a meeting May 3-9.

Paden, Oklahoma — Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas, will speak in a series of meetings at the church in Paden, April 30-May 8.

New Creatures

One was baptized March 24 at the Greens Bayou church, Houston, Texas.

On March 10, one was baptized at Alameda, California, according to Edward Brouillette, local preacher.

During a recent meeting at the Plant City, Florida, church there were six baptisms. Morris Norman is the local preacher.

One was baptized at the Mound and Stan St. church, Nacogdoches, Texas, during the recent meeting conducted by Roy Cogdill.

There were seven baptisms during the month of March at the Union Road church in Lufkin, Texas.

One was baptized April 1 at Par Ave., Orlando, Florida.

One was baptized at the 6th and Meredith church, Dumas, Texas, during the recent meeting with Paul Lusby.

One was baptized at the South Oak Cliff church, Dallas, Texas.

Bill McMurray, preacher for the West Ave. church, Oklahoma City, reports one baptism April 7.

In a recent meeting at Cardwell, Mo., three were baptized. Vernon Ripley of Lewisville, Texas, did the preaching.

In a meeting at Grenada, Miss., there were six baptisms. Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas, did the preaching.

News Briefs

From a recent letter by George G. Pennock, who is making plans to go to Nigeria, I give the following:

"Upon returning from my February trip, I had received so much favorable response from brethren that it looked as though our needs would be taken care of without any further appeals. I was hesitant to write you at that time, for fear that I would be guilty of appealing for funds unnecessarily, and perhaps rob other worthy areas of much needed support. But alas, such favorable reception has developed into so little help. After two months, this favorable reception has faded into the past, and I am forced to face a hard fact. If we are to enter Nigeria this July 4th, I must again devote my energies to raising money, and much more than a favourable reception must be forthcoming. As a result of our extensive travels in February, one donation was made to the travel fund, and one pledge of $50.00 a month was received. For this and all other assistance I am humbly grateful. God has been good to us and many brethren have been most generous.

There is little need to extol the virtues of the Nigerian work to most brethren. The success of this work is generally known. It is sufficient to say that there is no area in the world today where people in comparable numbers have flocked to the banner of truth. Many, many thousands have been baptized, though the ancient gospel in its apostolic purity has been preached among the Nigerian people for a little more than ten years. Yet the surface of this great potential has barely been scratched. In the western region a number of large cities lay all but untouched by the influence of New Testament Christianity. Several of these have populations exceeding one hundred thousand, and Ibadan has a population of more than half a million."

In a bulletin, brother Pennock states he needs $1,920 additional travel funds. He also needs $230 more per month in regular support and $100 per month for a work fund, (tracts, interpreters, etc.) If you can help in any way, contact him at the following address: George Pennock, 1702 Davitt Street, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.