Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 22, 1963
NUMBER 16, PAGE 5,14b

Some Inexpensive Aids To Teaching And Learning

Robert H. Farish

The three fold duty of every one toward the law of God is expressed in Ezra 7:10. "For Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the law of the Lord, and to do it, and to teach...." Not only does one have to know the will of God and do it but he also has the duty to teach the will of God to others.

Good tracts, booklets, etc., can aid the faithful Christian in learning more of the will of God and also in teaching it to others. The following inexpensive tracts, etc., have been found very profitable to this writer:

A Biblical Slide Rule — Moyer-Brown

75 each or 3 for $2.00 This is one of the most helpful and convenient devices for finding passages on fundamental themes, which has been arranged. Fifty-seven subjects are listed on the envelope with a number opposite it. The student or teacher looks up the subject and then pulls the slide out until the number opposite the subject appears in the little window at the upper left hand corner. Books chapters and verses where the subject is discussed are shown in a line opposite the number. For example: Suppose one is interested in passages which refute the doctrine of justification by faith only. In the left column opposite, "Are we justified by faith only?" is the number 32. You pull the slide up until the number 32 appears in the window in the upper left corner. To the right in the long window the reference James 2:24 appears. This Slide Rule can be conveniently carried in your Bible and serves as a book marker.

The Church Of Christ Vs. The Churches Of Men Yater Tant

150each, 8 for $1.00 or $10.00 per 100 A tract entitled, "The Church Of Christ vs. The Churches Of Men" by Yater Tant has just this month been printed.

This tract is well written. It takes up the questions which our denominational friends raise in their efforts to understand why we do not think and speak of the church as a denomination. In the judgment of this writer, this is as fine a treatment as has been given to this subject. This is the next tract to appear in the Tract-of-the Month series,

Dissolving A Few Baptist Aspirins — W. Curtis Porter 50 Each; 12 For $5.00

This is a rich review of a booklet put out by a Baptist preacher, Albert Garner. This booklet of Mr. Garner's was designed to off-set arguments made by members of the church of Christ in opposition to various errors taught by Baptists.

Those who love the truth and are willing to "contend earnestly for the faith" rejoice that our beloved brother Porter was able to put into print so much material exposing error of every kind before his death. We only wish that more of his material were available.

What Constitutes Obedience — Roy Cogdill 15 Each; 8 For $1.00

This tract has been circulated for a number of years and is a highly satisfactory treatment of "obedience, what it requires, what it demands, what principles are involved in it? What does it mean to obey God?" This is a fine booklet and continues to enjoy good circulation.

The Changing Image — Luther Blackmon 15 each; 8 for $1.00; $10.00 per 100

In his usual fine readable style, brother Blackmon has given us a picture of changes which have occurred in the church in the last few years. Turn your thoughts backward to the situation in the church fifteen years ago. Think of the attitudes and practices now widely accepted, but then vigorously opposed. In which period were the majority of the members of the church right? In the period of general opposition or in the period of general acceptation and defense of these characteristics of the changed concept?

This book is highly appreciated by those who have not closed their eyes and stopped their ears. It is especially good for brethren to study.

Two New Tracts 15 Each; 8 For $1.00 Or $10.00 Per 100

Mormonism, From God or Man?, by Robert West, is a late tract published by Tract-of-the-Month. Brother West lives and preaches in a section of the country where there are many Mormons. He has discussed Mormonism with able Mormons and has diligently studied their works. He has written a good usable tract on this erroneous system of religion. This tract should be kept handy and studied carefully to enable the Christian to help those who are Mormons to see the truth.

The Christian And The Sabbath, by Gordon Wilson. This tract has been off the press only about a month. It will prove to be a very effective aid in teaching neighbors and friends the Christian's attitude and responsibility toward the Sabbath.

The Work Of The Church George T. Jones

15 each; 8 for $1.00; $10.00 per 100 The known ability of the writer of this tract is ample assurance of its worth. Thousands of these have been distributed by churches and individuals who were interested in teaching people the truth on this vital theme.

A Modern Look At Modesty — Dan Humphrey 60 Each

The difficulty of telling young people, especially young girls, what is wrong with dancing and what is wrong with certain apparel is an experience common not only to preachers but to parents, elders and others. The lascivious character of dancing and too revealing apparel is one thing that identifies such as sin. The difficulty is in selecting words that will not accomplish the same bad effect that the two practices accomplish. How can o n e identify these things as lasciviousness without using words which "tend to produce voluptuous or lewd emotions." For some time it has been the conviction of this writer that perhaps clear well-written tracts or booklets might be our best approach to the problem.

It is therefore with a keen sense of gratitude that I have read Don Humphrey's new booklet, "A Modern Look At Modesty." In the main, this is as good as I have seen. I wish the reference to Billie Sol Estes had been left out of the booklet. The sin of lasciviousness finds no tolerance in the word of God and neither does any other sin.

How The Church Is To Do Its Work — Osby Weaver 50 per copy; 100 for $35.00

This is a new booklet and it has forty-seven pages. It was first presented in a sermon by brother Osby Weaver and later put into written form. Those who know brother Weaver will want the booklet as a permanent record of the sermon.

— 417 E. Groesbeck, Lufkin, Texas