Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 21, 1962
NUMBER 8, PAGE 6-7,11b

News And Views

Charles A. Holt, 4662 University Dr., Wichita Falls, Texas

Notes Of Interest

Pat Farrish has moved to Corpus Christi, Texas, where he will labor with the church where W. E. Coffman was. Coffman is moving to Southside in Tulsa Oklahoma.... Jesse Jenkins will soon be leaving Fort Worth where he has labored with the Calmont church, and will move to Tucumcari, New Mexico Leon Odom is shortly to Move to work with the church in Clute, Texas. He has been with the Pear Ridge church in Port Arthur for a number of years I see by the Christian Chronicle that "two well-known ministers (Dale Larsen and George Gurganus) and educators are currently visiting in Asia and Europe in behalf of the foreign mission program of churches of Christ." Did you know that the churches of Christ had "a foreign mission program"? Who directs and controls it? How can these men visit in these countries "in behalf" of such a program without their having been sent out "officially" by the churches of Christ? Of course, these two men are connected with two of "our" colleges, so perhaps this is what gives them the "official" right to represent the churches of Christ in taking this trip. The same article informs us that Gurganus will "this fall head a new department of missions at Harding College School of Bible and Religion at Memphis, Term " What is a "department of missions" anyway; and what right does any college have to set-up such and appoint a "head" for it? Ferrell Jenkins is soon to move to Bowling Green, Kentucky, where he will work with the West End church. He has been with the Spring and Blaine church in St. Louis, Mo., for four years Is it a church of Christ hospital — in effect — on foreign soil? I note on the front page of a recent Chronicle that "Dr. Yim takes Korea Clinic job." Here is the story: "The workers on the mission grounds operated by members of the churches of Christ in Seoul gathered Tuesday, May 1, to welcome Dr and Mrs. Yim as they began their new work with the mission clinic. The Yims will be following up the clinic work initiated by Mrs. Elizabeth Burton, who has been advised to return to the States by her doctors." Also, the report tells us that A. R. Holton is "director of the work at the mission." This whole story, like many of the others, reads about like what one would expect to find in some denominational paper; and is written in the same kind of sectarian language. However, I guess such sectarian! language is necessary in explaining anything as sectarian and unscriptural as many of these things are. Just what is a "mission clinic"? Was Mrs. Burton supported by some church or churches while she operated the clinic? Will this Dr. Tim be supported in the same fashion while he carries on this "clinic work"? I am sure that such is the case. Hence, this is nothing short of operating a hospital on a small scale. Is "clinic work" a part of preaching the gospel? Are we authorized to go into all the world and carry on "clinic work"? A brother in Abilene recently wrote me wanting to know just where was there any movement to start a "Church of Christ Hospital." Just why this "movement" should be hard for anyone to see is beyond me — and it has been going on for several years. The only deterrent now to having a large "Church of Christ Hospital" in this country is the tremendous 'amount of money that such would require, and the ambitious promoters of such affairs have been abiding their time till the great majority of the members could be sufficiently "brain washed" to accept such. Just give them the time and the money. Someone sent me a large ad which appeared in a Santa Ana, California, paper. It is an invitation to be the guest of the Northside church at an "Open House" on April 29th. It must be an elaborate and beautiful building — one of which they are evidently very proud! They want to show off their worldly accumulations and with such attempt to impress the world. In the picture there appears to be a cross erected high above the building. No doubt this "symbol" will be quite impressive. They offer to take their "guests" on a "Guided Tour" of "Bible School Classes, Nursery, Worship Training Rooms (and I hate to be so ignorant and have to ask so many questions about the doings and expressions of my brethren, but what on earth is a "Worship Training Room?? ); Fellowship Hall (and you can be certain that any of our modern up-to-date cathedrals must have a large, first-class "rumpus room" --more affectionately called Fellowship Hall!); Kitchen (and I must insert here this is now standard equipment in any of "our buildings now-a-days. After all, how can a engage in the work of preaching the gospel and edifying itself in love with out a first class kitchen?) Scouting Exhibit." Note well this last item. This church is desirous of showing off their "Scouting Exhibit." Is Scouting a work of this church? Apparently it must be, and such a thing is becoming more and more common on the part of these modern (istic) churches. Also, the ad assures everyone that "Refreshments" will be offered and they will be "Served in Fellowship Hall." Right under this announcement there appears the notice that "No collection will be taken." Does this mean that they will not "charge" for the refreshments, the guided tour, or ask for help in paying for their "church plant"? It is interesting to note also that "Dr. (and we should no doubt bear down on this title!) M. Norvel Young, President, Pepperdine College — World Traveler — Editor, 20th Century Christian" is going to present "A week of Christian Teachings." Isn't that a fine way to speak of a series of gospel meetings — or is that what it was to be? "A week of Christian Teachings!" How do you figure that out? Moreover, why the desire to herald and advertise the man? This is a growing practice and it stems largely from vanity and pride, which makes us want to seem big and important to the world. What does the fact that Young is a 'World traveler" have to do with gospel preaching? Is he going to tell of his travels? Well, that likely will fill a considerable part of his speeches. This church, like so many others of our day, also advertises "Nursery Service Available Each Meeting by Trained Personnel." This is just a sophisticated way of saying that the church will furnish an experienced (and usually paid a salary) baby sitter! Does the church have the divine authorization to use its funds to provide baby sitters? This is a growing practice and some of the nurseries are quite elaborately equipped. Does the church have the scriptural right to provide gym sets, slides, and playground with all facilities for play? Would this be anything more than an enlarged nursery? What about the church providing a "Playground Director"? Or, "Director of Fellowship Hall Activities?" Is there any age limit on the children for whom these "Nursery" facilities can be provided? What about a full-time "Chef" for the kitchen? Boy, there is just no end to the thing and no stopping place short of complete apostasy. I can certainly appreciate the problem which high school seniors have when the time comes for the "Senior Prom." Certainly dancing is wrong and Christians (young or old) can have no part in it. There has been a growing tendency in recent years to provide some other activities for these boys and girls who are Christians and can not participate in the dances. The bad thing about it is that the churches have stepped into this area and have taken unto themselves the task of providing a night of hilarity and fun in lieu of the "Prom." The trouble is that the "remedy" is about to get worse than the disease! In some cities the churches really cooperate and make this a big, big, gala affair! Here in Wichita Falls the churches have planned an all-night affair for the Juniors and Seniors. It is announced from the pulpits, advertised in the bulletins, promoted by the preachers and others, and this "Hitch Your Wagon To A Star" night of fun and frolic is really something. Of course, there is, In most instances, a charge for such festivities. I note in the Abilene, Texas, paper that the "Juniors and Seniors in Abilene's public and private high schools will be honored May 29, when members from the Churches of Christ in Abilene are hosts for an event which begins with a banquet at Abilene Country Club at 12 midnight....M. F. McKnight, minister of Highland Church of Christ, will serve as master of ceremonies for the banquet Banquet speaker will be Don Timberlake whose topic will be 'Life and Laughter.' A graduate of Hardin-Simmons University and an ordained Baptist minister, Timberlake is employed by Taylor County Civil Defense Department....Tickets may be purchased (at $3.50 each) at the offices of Highland, Woodlawn and College Churches of Christ " Now if this is not a "church-sponsored" affair, there is hardly any way to make it such. The mere fact that individuals may "foot the bill" for whatever the price of the tickets does not cover, does not change the picture at all. Here are churches providing for a night of frolic and charging for it. Are they not in the entertainment business? If they can thus function one night of the year, then why not one night out of the week? Even each night of the week for that matter?

How can any honest person intelligently separate the churches from this work, and deny that such a function is promoted and supervised by the churches'. But I nearly overlooked one very interesting item on the bill of fare for this church-sponsored night of frolic: "Guests will bowl and play miniature golf beginning at 3 a.m. at the VFW. Featured entertainment at 5 a.m. will be swimming at Christian Youth Center east of town to be followed by a sunrise devotional, also at CYC." The announcement of the fact that the "featured entertainment....will be swimming" leaves several questions hanging in the air. Was it "mixed swimming" — boys and girls together? Who would be really surprised if such were the case? Nothing shocks nor surprises me anymore, as far as what the liberal and promoting brethren will do. Churches of Christ are really "on the march," and if you do not believe that, just stand aside and watch. As I said above, these "remedies" are getting to be worse than the "disease." But then these liberal churches must have same excuse under which to hide their worldly ambitions and promote their "social gospel concepts." The sad thing is that there are yet many people scattered among these churches who still think that there is really nothing to get alarmed or concerned about! It should not be overlooked that the speaker for this "Church of Christ Banquet" was an ordained Baptist preacher! Well, why not? It is all without divine approval anyway. Oh, yes, we are told that there will be a "sunrise devotional," so that will make everything right and proper! This "devotional" will sanctify the whole worldly affair as the work of the churches and bring upon it God's approval! Apparently all that is needed is to just mix a little "religious flavor" with these social and recreational functions and that consecrates them as such a "wonderful work." May God help such folly and blindness'

My T. V. Is Out

On May 2nd, after Wednesday night services, my family and I returned home and turned the T.V. on to enjoy a program or two before retiring for the evening.

A few seconds after turning it on, the picture and sound went off and we began to smell something burning. We quickly unplugged it and resigned ourselves to the cruel, heartless fact that there would be no T.V. viewing that night. But then it hit me. NO T. V.! My Imagination then began to run away with me. Maybe the repairman couldn't get out to fix it the next day. What if we had to go two or three days without it? Immediately there was this sinking feeling and my stomach began to knot up, and I almost pushed the panic button. I felt I knew in a measure then how a dope addict feels when he learns his source of supply has been cut off, or an alcoholic when he realizes he is broke and there is no liquor in the house. The withdrawing pains were too terrible to contemplate.

But I knew I had to get hold of myself. Maybe the withdrawing pains would not be too severe. So I resigned myself to my cruel fate.

The T.V. set has now been out 24 days, and this experience has been most educational. I have enjoyed my family more, there is more time for family recreation, supper is eaten sanely without T. V. distraction, there is more time to visit with members of the family, to read more and thus improve the mind with reference to knowledge. I have found that I have more time to do those things I never had time for before.

Whenever your T.V. goes on the blink, may I suggest you leave it in that condition for awhile? The experience is very refreshing and possibilities are unlimited.

— Harold rite, Bulletin, Castleberry church, Ft. Worth

Three Nations Wage Fight On Tobacco

"London (AP) - New medical reports linking smoking with lung cancer have brought anti-tobacco campaigns in. Britain, Denmark and Italy. Elsewhere Europe's smokers puff on, apparently little moved by the reports. Italy has banned all tobacco advertising. The British government is sponsoring a poster campaign saying smoking is a hazard. In Denmark, cigarette sales are dropping. It all began with a report by a panel of doctors from Britain's Royal College of Physicians declaring flatly that heavy cigarette smoking is a cause of lung cancer. Major British tobacco companies quickly responded to a plea by the doctors that children should be discouraged from smoking. The companies announced they will take tobacco advertisements off television during children's viewing hours. One company took 6,000 vending machines out of circulation where children could buy cigarettes. The companies all said they will remind traders more pointedly in the future that It Is illegal to sell cigarettes to those under 16." — Long Beach Press-Telegram, April 1962.

Via Bulletin, Bellflower, Calif.