Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 25, 1983

Uncle Floyd's Letter

Uncle Floyd

Dear Brother Editor:

Friday night Aunt Clara stopped by and left me and Ma one of them slick magazines called Time. It had a article about Campbellites comin. When I read that piece three names stuck in my mind — Billie Sol Estes, Pat Boone, and B. C. Goodpasture. There's a lineup fer ya! Them Time fellers ain't so dumb. They know which peas belong in the same pod.

Speaking of peas and pods, here is a clippin from Carl Ketcherside's paper: "Chris Lyles, Clint Evans, and W. Carl Ketcherside, conducted an all-day forum at Hartford, Illinois, January 26, on the question, 'Is the Declaration and Address, as read by Thomas Campbell in 1809, relevant to our present state?'" It appears to me that this might be first-class "Campbellism."

Ketcherside and his kind do a lot of writin on subjects like "Who Is a Heretic?" Well, all I've got to say on that is, they ought to know! When a feller goes out of one heresy right smack into an other he ought to get expert on heresy and what makes it.

I hear tell that Ketcherside and his company are callin themselves "the fellowship of the concerned ones." Now there's a handle that ought to fit most anything. It don't tell what they're concerned about ner how come. The boys who play forty-two down at Town Hall could use that one. They shore like each other's fellowship, and ever one of 'em concerned about winnin. Some of that gang is so concerned that they get down there before the stores open up.

In my books Ketcherside and Garrett is got ecumenical fever. And I predict a lot of folk in the liberal camp will catch it because they ain't got no effective vaccine to knock it. Resistance is mighty low where no-patternitis is already set in.

Well, the church at Willow Row is runnin smooth, and except fer the juvenile problem, the community is comparative free of headaches. The juvenile menace would soon be licked if all the fathers would remember that a belt serves a dual purpose — to keep the pants up and the younguns down.

Yours truly,