Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 21, 1963
NUMBER 45, PAGE 6,11b

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Clyde O. Moore

Preachers To New Locations

Brother Bradley, who has been living in El Paso, Texas, and attending the Sunrise Acres church in that city, has recently moved to Eloy, Arizona, where he will be located with the church, to preach the gospel in that city.

New Creatures

Two were baptized the last Sunday in January at the church in Alameda, Calif.

Brother Charles Holt reports one baptism during his meeting with the Pleasant Valley church in Amarillo, Texas. Paul Lusby is the local preacher. He is in his eleventh year with this good church. Brother Holt is now preaching for the Westside church in Wichita Falls, Texas.

One was recently baptized at the Second and Walnut Street church in Paragould, Ark. Paul Keller preaches for this church.

On February 17th one was baptized at the church of Christ, Greaten, Texas.

Meetings This Week

Montgomery, Alabama — The church of Christ, which meets at 657 South Court Street in Montgomery, Ala., will conduct a series of meetings beginning March 18th and continuing through March 27th. Curtis E. Platt of Florence, Ala., will do the preaching in this meeting. All brethren in the Montgomery area who are interested in the Bible are urged to attend and encourage these brethren.

Port Arthur, Texas — The Pear Ridge church, meeting at 6th Ave and 30th Street in Port Arthur, will have a gospel meeting, March 18th through March 24th. Bob Craig, who preaches for the church in Linnets, Texas, is preaching each night. James Trigg, the local preacher for this church, extends an invitation to all to attend the meeting. Brother Craig preached in Port Arthur for about two years.

Sinton, Texas — The church in Sinton, Texas, will conduct a series of gospel meetings, March 18th thru March 24th. Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas, will be the visiting preacher. Maurice Barnett is the local preacher.

Joliet, Ill. — Bob Witherspoon of Owensboro, Ken., will do the preaching in a meeting at the church in Joliet, Ill., which meets at 23 Margaret Street. Services will be nightly at 7:30. The dates of this meeting are March 18th through March 27th. Make your plans to attend this meeting and encourage these brethren in a stand for the truth. Jim Sasser is the local preacher.

Uno, Kentucky — Ferrel Jenkins, who preaches for one of the churches in Bowling Green, Kentucky, will preach in a meeting at Green's Chapel, March 18th through the 23rd. Services will be each night at 7:30. The theme of the meeting will be Evidences of Christianity.

Robert C. Welch, 1932 S. Weller, Springfield, Missouri: "I closed an eight day meeting here on the 24th of February, with good attendance and interest, but no additions. The regular attendance is showing a gradual increase since my coming. Harry Pickup, Jr., is to be with us in our next meeting, which will be about the middle of June.

Miscellaneous Matters

From the bulletin of the Riverside Drive church in Nashville, Tennessee, we note that on February 17th there were 403 in Bible Study. This was accomplished without all the promotions, schemes, etc., so often practiced by liberal brethren. Brother Robert Jackson, the preacher for this church, reports also that chairs had to be used to take care of the crowds on Sunday morning. It is good to hear of reports like this from brethren who are standing for the truth.

Ben Shropshire Reports

On January 20th, a new congregation was established in Pearl City, Hawaii. The attendance at the initial service was 29 in the morning and 22 in the evening. The contribution was $75.19. Substantial progress is being made as the record for February 3rd would indicate when attendance was 44. The contribution has averaged $75.00 for the first five Sundays. His family has now joined him and the mailing address is Box 322, Pearl City, Hawaii. He solicits your prayers.

The above was taken from a bulletin of the church in Butler, Mo.

A Personal Note

I appreciate the many fine comments that have been made, personally and in letters to me, concerning this column. As brother Holt stated, this column will be devoted to news. That is what we are interested in. The response has been good, but we urge you to send in your bulletins, announcements, etc. We want to announce all the meetings through this column, but we can only do it if the information reaches us on time.

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