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February 14, 1963
NUMBER 40, PAGE 10-11a

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Clyde 0 Moore

(We urge you to send in your bulletins, announcements of meetings and debates in order that we might include them on this page each week. Announcements should be turned in at least three weeks prior to the event in order to be included here. Continue to send them to: Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas.)

Meetings This Week Denton, Texas — Bryan Vinson, Sr., of Longview, Texas, will be the preacher in a series of Gospel Meetings, February 11th-15th, at the church of Christ, meeting at the Women's Club Building, 600 Oakland Street, Denton, Texas. All Christians living in driving distance of Denton are urged to attend this meeting and to encourage this congregation in their stand for the truth.

New Creatures One was baptized at the South Oak Cliff church in Dallas, Texas, on January 6th. George Patterson is the preacher for this church.

On January 13th the Riverside Drive church in Nashville, Tenn., had one baptism. This brings to six the number that have been baptized there this year. Robert Jackson preaches for this church.

Ardie Brown, Jr., who preaches for the Green's Bayou church, located in the outskirts of Houston, Texas, reports one baptism on January 16th.

Two were baptized the last Sunday in 1962 and one was baptized the first Sunday in 1963 at the Lafayette Heights church of Christ, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Marshall Patton, preacher for the Par Ave, church of Christ, Orlando, Florida, in reviewing the work for 1962, states there were 17 baptisms.

The Belmont church of Christ, Indianapolis, Indiana, had. 17 baptisms during 1962.

Teacher's Responsibility — Warren Rainwater

A church will never be stronger than its teaching program. Our children will grow in the knowledge of God in proportion to the efficiency of those that teach them. A program of Bible study that isn't carried out right will never get results. Yet the backbone of the work of a local congregation is its teaching program. These facts would stimulate us to evaluate the effectiveness of our teaching.

The unsung heroes in God's army are the men and women who teach a Bible class in the church of the Lord. He has closer contact with the boy or girl than any other, except his parents. He is in position to shape the life of his student religiously. He can do one of the greatest works in the church by being a good teacher.

No greater honor can be had here on earth, than that of bringing someone to Christ. The teacher of God's word can do that. The good that we can do should be enough to spur us on to study and improvement until we are the very best teacher possible. Anything short of the best would not be pleasing in the sight of God. He always demands the very best that is in us.

The teacher who fails to prepare his lesson and do his best is guilty of grievous error. Those who teach God's word will be held responsible by the Lord. Just as the preacher must some day stand in judgment and give an account to God, so shall the elders and teachers. You who have been selected to teach the will of God to others must recognize the fearful responsibility that is yours. You might be the cause of someone's obeying the gospel — you might also be the cause of someone's failing to learn God's will. Think on these things daily as you prepare to do God's will by instructing others.

In order for a teacher to be successful he must maintain good order in his class. He must remember that he to teach the word of God and not just spend the time allotted with a program designed to keep them just until time to close the class. His work should be set up so as to reach a definite goal.

Let us examine ourselves. Are we as close to our students as we could be? Do we know their problems? Are we interested in their salvation? Is our teaching designed to lead them to Christ and to make them better Christians? Are we being the kind of teacher that has no personal interest in our students? Do we set an example by attending all the services, or can our students come to worship on Sunday and Wednesday nights and find us absent? Do we believe our teaching will be effective unless we practice what we teach?

(Note — All helps a teacher needs; Bibles, concordances, maps, dictionaries, lesson books, etc., can be secured from the Gospel Guardian Co. Take advantage of these helps and become a more efficient teacher. Send your orders to the Gospel Guardian Co., Box 470 Lufkin, Texas. COM)

Lessons From The Proverbs — Arthur W. Atkinson, Jr.

"A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels." (Proverbs 1:5)

Perhaps one of the most neglected books of the Bible is the book of Proverbs. A proverb is a "pithy maxim, usually of a metaphorical nature; hence a simile, (as an adage, poem, discourse)." Solomon wrote most of the Proverbs. He did so by inspiration. The great truths in the book are timeless. They fit any age and the principles can be applied to each of our lives today. We ought not to neglect a study of the proverbs. It would be wise to include them in our regular home Bible studies. Teachers could well afford to spend a quarter or two of a given year perusing the book in class work. From time to time I will present a lesson in this paper from the book of Proverbs.

Solomon tells us that the wise man is always ready to hear from others and in so doing he will increase in learning. There is no trait of mankind more repulsive than that one evinced by those who claim to know it all and who have the last word in all matters regardless of the field of discussion. Some people are authorities on everything. They are the end of all learning — the beginning of all knowledge.

The wise man is one who realizes that he doesn't know it all. This thought is especially appropriate for the young. Solomon writes for the young. (vs. 4) It seems to be a common trait of the young to discredit the wisdom and learning of age. If we who are older only knew today as much as we thought we knew when we were young, how wise we would be.

But all of us, young and old, can gain wisdom and learning. We can do this by attaining unto and hearing wise counsels. The young can chart a course of right action to guide them in the paths of life by listening to the counsels of those who are older. Young people — be wise — listen to the counsels of your godly parents that you might be prepared for the problems of life. "A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels."

Available For Meetings

"I am now situated so that I can preach in several meetings this year regardless of whether the churches are able to pay for the meeting or not. Any church interested in my services, even though unable financially to support a meeting, may write to me.

Cecil B. Douthitt

— Box 752, Fort Smith, Arkansas The work of the church at "Wylie Heights" in Abilene is moving along very well. We are beginning our fifth year here with these good brethren. We have an acre of land and a nice stone building. It is all paid for except for $1500.00.

I have time open for a meeting or two this year; and particularly interested in getting another meeting or so in Virginia in the Spring of 1964. I have a meeting at Rose Hill, Virginia, booked for May, 1964. Would like to hold one or two more while in that part of the country.

— J. A. Gaston Buffalo Gap, Texas