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October 25, 1982

Share Your Home With The Homeless Child

Nelta Brock

The most satisfying feeling a Christian can experience is assisting the Lord in something he has purposed. When we realize that God sent His son to die for mankind we then know His deep love for each human being. The little child is no exception. There are numerous passages telling of God's love and concern for the little child. Notice Mk. 10:13,14; Tit 2'4; and Matt. 18:10, 11. How God must grieve at the sufferings of little children. And who can relieve this suffering?

First, we must know what causes the sufferings of a child. Rejection is by far the greatest suffering a child can experience; resulting in not being loved and not being taught to love. Only a family as the Lord designed it can fulfill this need. Through my own personal experiences I have come to know that a little child yearns for those things which can come only from a father, mother, brother, sister and other close family relationships; a family of his own where he knows he belongs, for as long as he has the need. Who can supply this great need? You. If a Christian couple can do nothing more for the Lord than care for His little ones, this in itself is a great service.

From a legal standpoint, there are arrangements of two types which a family can offer. One is a foster family, the other an adoptive family. I am discussing in this article the foster family. We could name several reasons why a child might need a foster family. One may have been deserted by his natural parents and time may be needed to contact relatives. One may be in need of a temporary family because of severe illness of his mother. Under this circumstance, a great period of time may be needed to restore him to his natural family. I could list many more examples but these will suffice to prove that there is indeed a need. It takes a genuine Christian to fulfill this need. It takes patience, humility, great love, and self-sacrifice. Anyone can and would give a little money toward the care of a homeless child, but the need goes much deeper than that. We must sacrifice self. Only in direct caring for the child do we really sacrifice ourselves for the Lord in this respect. The twenty-four hour care we give and the personal teaching program we have for them; this is what counts.

But I am afraid the "average" Christian is not willing to sacrifice for the Lord in this way. No, it is easier to do one of two things. Just "talk" about the homeless child and do nothing, or send him off to some boarding school where we will willingly send a little money but where we do not give ourselves to his care.

There are several excuses that "Christians" give for not sharing their families with a homeless child. Notice the selfishness in these excuses. The excuse used first and most often is "I" could not bear to part with the child when it comes time for him to leave. The concern here is not for the child, when perhaps he has the greatest emotional need he will ever have for the rest of his life. A person who makes this statement is concerned only with his own desires and feelings! A selfish person who thinks along this line is not assisting the Lord in his purpose. Yes, there is suffering in giving up a foster child, but a Christian is to expect suffering for his Master. Any suffering we do for God will be well rewarded in eternity.

The next excuse offered is "I have had my hands full as it is, and sure couldn't take anymore." I will be the first to say that taking a child into your home does not lighten your work. No, far from it. With God's help though, we can do His will. Taking children keeps you very busy, but God's servants are supposed to be busy. Only in staying busy for the Lord can we have a real genuine peace with Him. Sharing your home might cut down some on your outside activities. But, when we fully realize the Lord's plans and His purposes for the home we will not mind the lessening of outside activities.

Another excuse is "It wouldn't be right to expose my own children to a situation like that." Again, this is a selfish thought. In reality, what other way could we so successfully teach our own children the lesson of love, self-sacrifice, humility, and Spiritual mindedness?

The last excuse I will offer (though I have heard many more) is "I'm just too nervous." Again, I will be the first to say that sharing your home with homeless children is no nerve tonic. But a true Christian, with all the necessities with which we have been so abundantly blessed, such as food, a place for rest, and Divine strengthening, our bodies and our minds can and will hold up to this great task.

There are many reasons why we must share our families, but the most reasonable one to me is the so-called "Golden rule." (Matt. 7:12) "All things therefore whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you even so do ye also unto them: for this is the law and the prophets." Any true Christ-like person who loves his own child would want another like-person to share his family with his child if the natural family disorganized. Surely, after much study and prayer no Christian could refuse to do this great work.

Please, don't sit back and say "well, I would care for one if someone would just show me where he is." JUST OPEN YOUR EYES.

— 4538 Utah, Dallas, Texas