Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 7, 1962


Fort Smith, Arkansas

Dear Brother Tant:

As you know, my daughter Joan and her husband are in Biloxi, Mississippi, where Ronnie is in the service. They have attended church at Biloxi and at Gulfport, but are far from being satisfied with what they found. The churches in both places are weak, institutional, and modernistic. Joan and Ronnie said they are unable to worship conscientiously with either group; and are now having services in their home.

They have looked around and are unable to find a sound congregation anywhere within driving distance of them. I feel there may be other families there in the same situation as they are, and wondered if a brief notice in the Gospel Guardian might not help them to find one another. There are about 30,000 men there, and surely some of them, or their families, might read such a notice and contact Ronnie or Joan. Here is their address: Ronald Roberts, 200 Baker Street, J&S Trailer Court, Biloxi, Mississippi. Or if any of the men on the base want to contact Ronald, he is in Battalion 3404, and his Serial Number is 17588148. The base locater will be able to find him at any time.

If there are others there who are interested, I am sure they could get permission to use one of the Chapels on the base.

Sincerely, Johnny Mathis

(Note from Editor: Will any readers of the Guardian who know of faithful Christians in the Biloxi area ask them to contact the Roberts family? Brother Mathis who wrote the letter is an elder in the Park Hill church at Fort Smith. His daughter and her husband are both well informed in the Scriptures, and will work hard to get a faithful church well established there. Brother Roberts will probably be stationed at this base for at least two more years.)

September 6, 1962 3042 Meade Street

Columbus, Georgia Dear Brother Tant:

I would appreciate any contacts concerning congregations that may need a full or part-time preacher; either a small or larger congregation; either with or without elders. As I determined when I first began to preach, my first is, and shall always be, preaching "the whole counsel of God."

I have permission from brethren here to make appointments any time suitable to me; and since my regular radio program here is now ended, I am desirous of getting into contact with churches or brethren who may be interested in the service of an evangelist this year — as soon as possible. I will be glad to correspond with anyone about this, and give whatever information may be desired.

Your brother in Christ, John A. Thurman

52 N. W. 35th Street Miami, Florida

Dear brothers in Christ:

I am writing this letter with the hope that you will publish it in the pages of the Gospel Guardian.

I am a Puerto Rican and came to this country 12 years ago. I have a wife and two children, and I am 31 years old.

I am willing to preach anywhere. I am willing to work part-time, if I am unable to receive full support.

I was baptized into the church of Christ by brother Bill H. Reeves who preaches for the Spanish congregation here in Miami, Florida. He has been very helpful to me in preparing myself to preach.

Any congregation that is interested may write to me either in Spanish or English at 52 N. W. 35th Street, Miami, Florida.

For references, you may write: 7th Avenue Church of Christ, 14250 North Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida' Spanish Church of Christ, 60 N. W. 35th Street, Miami, Florida. These are sound congregations.

Yours in Christ, Angel L. Rivera