Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 6, 1962
NUMBER 18, PAGE 4,12b

"Tract-Of-The-Month" Service


After many months of careful study and preparation, the Gospel Guardian is happy to announce a new and far-reaching step in the production and distribution of gospel literature — a "Tract-of-the-month" service.

New Tracts

There are many good tracts already on the market, but we believe the field is always open for a new and fresh and vital approach. And the tracts we are preparing will be entirely new, written by some of the ablest Bible students in the land. They will furnish a new and interesting presentation of the old, old truths of the gospel — a bold and vivid proclamation in simple language that all can understand.

Here is a listing for the first series of tracts, all of which are on first principles, and designed for the benefit of the alien sinner. The first tract will be ready in October, and the others will follow (one each month) in unbroken sequence:

The Bible — Of Divine or Human Origin?

The Bible — A Complete Guide From Earth... To Heaven You CAN Understand The Bible

Jesus, A Divine Being — Fact of Fiction?

God Hath Spoken In His Son What Must I Do To Be Saved? The Holy Spirit And Conversion The "Baptisms" Of The Bible The Church Of Christ vs. The Churches of Men The Music Divinely Appointed For Worship What About The Lord's Supper?

Judgment Day — YOU Will Be There!

A New Plan

Capable and faithful men are already working on these tracts, and it is our plan to issue one tract each month for the next year, beginning in October.

We are hopeful that scores of congregations will subscribe to this "Tract-of-the-month" service and will use these strong teaching instruments in reaching the unsaved of their communities. Some congregations, already familiar with the proposed series, have decided upon this plan:

1. A standing order of 200 tracts per month, of which:

(a) 100 will be used to supply each family in the congregation with a tract; the remainder of this lot to be put into the tract rack in the church's vestibule, and

(b) The remaining 100 will be mailed to 100 names on the congregation's "prospect list" — the same people receiving a "tract-a-month" for the full twelve month period.

2. This mailing out chore will be distributed among ten people in the congregation (perhaps shut-ins or others who are willing to volunteer) who will be given a list of names and the stamped envelopes necessary for the mailing.

A New Service

In order to secure the very widest use possible of these tracts the Gospel Guardian is providing a new and unique service in production and distribution. The tracts will be uniform in size and appearance — each tract in the handy and convenient 3 by 54 inches, 24 pages in length, and in a sturdy heavy paper covering. The printing will be clear and sharp, on high quality paper.

Price of each individual tract will be 15 cents — in any quantity up to 100. For congregations or individuals subscribing to 100 or more tracts per month, the price is a straight ten cents per tract.

An Added Bonus

For congregations subscribing to as many as 200 tracts per month (total cost $20.00) there is an added feature: the entire final page of each tract mailed to that congregation will carry the local church's own advertisement — location, time of services, etc. This will help give a local tie-in to all tracts distributed through that congregation.

We have the first tract ready to print — but are withholding the press run until October 1 to give as many churches as possible the opportunity to subscribe to the 200 tracts per month service, and so get their local advertising on the final page. Time is of the essence! Only $20.00 per month will be required. And instead of the hap-hazard, uncertain, and spasmodic buying of miscellaneous tracts, you can have a consistent, well planned and organized, and dependable supply of high-quality tracts coming each month. (You will be billed on a monthly basis — or quarterly if you prefer.)

Send your order (and information for the advertising!) today to the Gospel Guardian, Box 980, Lufkin, Texas.

— F. Y. T.