Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 28, 1982
NUMBER 12, PAGE 10,14

News Items

Announcement Of A Debate

Glenn Burt, Box 606, Hawkins, Texas — A public debate is to be held in Laird Hill, Texas (near Kilgore). Maurice Barnett of Sinton, Texas will meet C. L. Embrey, Sr., of Laird Hill, Texas, August 7, 8, 9 and 10, 1962 on the following propositions:

The scriptures teach that men in the world (those not in the Lord's church) cannot transgress Christ's law except faith, repentance, confession, water baptism, and civil law.

Affirmative .... C. L Embrey Negative .... Maurice Barnett

The scriptures teach that men in the world (those not in the Lord's church) can transgress the law of Christ, in matters other than faith, repentance, confession, water baptism, and civil law.

Affirmative .... Maurice Barnett Negative C. L. Embrey

Two nights will be given to each proposition, with each speaker having two 30 minute speeches each night. The debate will be conducted in the church building at Laird Hill. The building is located on State Hwy. 259, approximately 3 miles southwest of Kilgore.

On August 28-31, 1962, I will meet brother Embrey in Hawkins, Texas (20 miles north of Tyler on US Hwy 80) on the same propositions.

Charles F. House, P. O. Box 641, San Luls, Arizona, U. S. A., Report of the Work of the Churches of Christ along the U.S.-Mexico border for May 1961 — Tecate, B. C. Mexico: The living room of the home of Bro. Gomez was literally "overflowing with people" last Sunday (May 20th) hungering and thirsting for the Gospel. I believe this was the largest crowd I have ever preached to in Mexico, since the time several years ago I preached to the members of the Methodist church in their building. The Tecate Christians are having Bible studies every day of the week within their homes. They need their own building so badly. The money for the foundation was supplied by the Somerton congregation, together with another family there. Should you wish more details, you may write in English to the San Luis Arizona address, or in Spanish to the Tecate address. Continue to pray for us.

San Luis R.C. Sonora, Mexico: In addition to the regular services of the church each week carried on by the local brethren, I am conducting and teaching a class two days a week here. We are studying "THE NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH by Roy Cogdill, in Spanish. San Luis R. C. is a difficult field, in as much as the denominations are "buying the people" with food and clothing, while the church of Christ offers them NOTHING BUT THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST. Pray for us.

Sonoyta, Sonora, Mexico: Last Wednesday night (May 16), we began a mid-week study of "THE NEW TESTA- MENT CHURCH" by Roy Cogdill here, also, which I taught in Spanish. The building here is practically finished, thanks to several individual North American brethren who have assisted generously. The concrete floor, the pulpit stand, and the blackboard within the auditorium are the things presently lacking here. Lord wilting, my wife and I will move our membership to this congregation within the future, possibly in the fall. We will live in a 36 foot second hand trailer house, parked at Lukeville, Arizona, on the American side of the border just across from Sonoyta, Sonora, Mexico (24 miles south of Gila Bend Arizona), after the trailer court that is being planned is finished. This should come about between now and September. Fidel and I will share the local teaching and preaching responsibility in Spanish, and I will continue my regular evangelistic meetings in Spanish at Tecate, San Luis R. C. and other places In Mexico and along the border. When I am at home, and if we have English speaking visitors, we will conduct a service for you in the English language, as well as our regular service in the Spanish language. Let this be your invitation to attend BOTH, when you have the opportunity to come our way and after we have moved over in the fall. We'll keep you posted when we move. In the meantime, continue to send our mall to P. O. Box 641 San Luis, Arizona, U. S. A. until further notice. Continue to pray for us.

Carborca, Sonora, Mexico: We have started the work here at this place on a permanent basis. Fidel and I made several evangelistic trips here in the past (86 miles southeast of Sonoyta), and now, one of the brethren from Sonoyta and his family have taken up residence there and will be holding regular services there in his home in Caborca. Pray for all of us.

Brethren .... The Battle Is "Raging" in Mexico ....the same as in the U. S. A. The liberals are attacking us on the Mexican front as they are on every front. One young man with whom I'm working, and who was taught by the Tecate church to preach, has already been propositioned by nearby liberal North American brethren to leave the work that he and I started and are presently doing, and let them support him while they send him to Abilene Christian College to "LEARN ENGLISH AND LEARN HOW TO PREACH." Just another incident in their thinking that another institution separate and apart from the local church is necessary to do the work that the Lord assigned the LOCAL CHURCH to do. Just last week in the general San Diego area one liberal preacher approached me with the same old promise, that if I would just FLEE THE ANTI CAMP and join forces with the Advocate crowd, there would be PLENTY of money with which to do the job. Whether we realize it or not, we are at WAR, brethren. And we along the U.S.-MEXICO border are indeed fighting spiritual wickedness in high places. Continue to pray for us.

Bill Dudley — 1006 N. Main, Las Vegas, Nevada: Just saw an interesting sidelight on the "orphan home" question at the Seattle Fair. In the Science Building they have baby monkeys under the contrasting care of real mothers and of simulated "mothers" (cleverly made of wire and terry cloth).

I would suggest that the "institutional" brethren visit the Fair, and take a long hard look at the faces of the little monkeys under natural and under "restored" home situations. As has been said, "A picture is truly worth a thousand words."

Robert F. Hendrix, P.O. Box 476, Woodbury, Tennessee: Things are beginning to soften a little here in Cannon County. We are beginning to make some progress. We are the only church standing for the truth against "current issues" in this entire county which lies 50 miles East of Nashville. Can't get anyone around here to debate what they say they believe, or we could get the truth before the people much faster.

Our attendance has been in the 70's for the last two Lord's days. That is a record for this church which is hardly two years old and has 38 members. We have a 25 minute radio program one day each week, publish the weekly bulletin with a circulation of about 1,100, called The Reminder, help in the support of bro. Aden Pena in the Mexican work, and bro. Davis in South Ala. (York). This the little church on West Main does in addition to supporting me full time here at home.

Roy E. Gulley, 1090 Alameda Street, Bakersfield, California: The Sterling Road congregation has purchased lots at 5300 Pioneer Drive and will begin construction next week on the first unit of buildings. This will have five classrooms, nursery, and dressing rooms with a small auditorium. The design is such that it will convert into a class room building when the new auditorium is built. The location is near the new Foothills High School which will open this fall and in a good neighborhood. We are hopeful that September will find us moved into the new building.

C. D. Plum, 217 S. 1st Avenue, Paden City, W. Va. June 21, 1962. After meeting three Lord's days in the High School Building, while the meetinghouse was being refinished from floor to ceiling, including a new lighting system, we are now back home. There was another baptism last Lord's day.

Cope In Chattanooga Series

James R. Cope, President of Florida Christian College, will conduct a five-night "special study" on current issues before the churches at the Lakeview Church of Christ, Corner Oak and Lawrence Streets, Rossvile, Georgia, the week of July 23-27. Services will begin at 7:45 each evening. The Lakeview church is within the greater Chattanooga) area, and many Christians in that area have become much concerned about the rapid development of the liberalistic, denominational trend in the churches there in recent years. W. C. Hammontree labors with the Lakeview congregation.

L. L. Freeman, 836 Loletta Ave., Modesto, Calif. June 22, 1962. Concerning several inquiries of late regarding a sound place of worship in Modesto. I have lived in Modesto approximately seven years and there is no sound church here.

The church of Christ in Escalon, which meets for worship on Highway 120 and Irwin Ave., is the only sound congregation within fifty miles, and is so recognized by loyal and sound congregations in the state. Several have been baptized recently and some have been restored. When in this area, make your plans so you can attend a sound congregation.

Cecil F. Fox, Bessemer, Ala. Roy E. Cogdill of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, did the preaching in a series of Gospel meetings at the Fifth Avenue congregation here in Bessemer, Ala., June 3-13. He is scheduled to return in June, 1965, for another meeting.

Robert C. Welch, 1102 N. Mound Street, Nacogdoches, Texas. Ten were baptized in a meeting with the Covington, Kentucky, church, at 2630 James Avenue. The congregation has about a hundred members, but they are alive and fervently working in peace and harmony, and their work is showing good fruits. They asked me for another meeting at the same time in 1964.