Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 22, 1961
NUMBER 8, PAGE 2,14a

Let's Keep This Asset

Herschel E. Patton, Lufkin, Texas

Some seem to fear the idea of the cause of Christ being helped by the efforts of schools. The impression has seemingly been made on some people's minds that giving, even to Florida Christian College, feeling that the school is an asset to the cause of Christ, is a dangerous thing.

I certainly recognize the dangerous tendency of looking upon schools as something for doing the work of the church and object vehemently to all efforts to put the schools in the budget of churches. But, I do not believe it follows that people ought not to help a school, feeling that it is an asset to the cause of Christ.

I can think of a number of efforts which are asset, to the cause of Christ which I think Christian people could aid with their funds. If a brother, or several brethren, publish a paper in which truth is taught and error exposed and I feel that this work is an asset to the cause of Christ, must I, because of this feeling and knowing that the paper is not the church, desist from making a contribution to this effort? The "Powers that be," when they "praise him that doeth good" and are a "terror to him that doeth evil" and otherwise discharge their God-given responsibilities are actually an asset to the cause of Christ. Of course, they have a right and generally do, collect custom from the people, but if one desired to give something to such a government, feeling that it was an asset to the cause of Christ, must he desist?

Certainly building up an educational institution with fortunes and endowments has its dangers. Many times the money is eventually used to support an institution that has departed from its original principles. This is why I feel it is much better to regularly support, while one lives, that in which he believes rather than leave his money "in trust" for such, the outcome of which he cannot know. This is why Florida Christian College has recently been put in greater of its most able and liberal supporters has died. He supported the school liberally while he lived. Now, others must fill this vacancy.

True, it could and may turn out some day that we supported a school (God forbid) that continued not to adhere to principles we love so dearly. But, did we — many students — yea, even the cause of Christ not benefit from the effort in the days of our support? I have labored to build up churches and sacrificed to help build meeting houses where, in these days, the brethren have drifted from the New Testament order of things. Naturally, I regret that these efforts and money now seem to have been put forth in vain, but is this a reason for me to labor and sacrifice no more in such work.... to never again engage in such acts because it might prove to be in vain some of these days?

The problem of education, as all parents and every school official knows, is a great one. Parents feel that they must prepare their children academically for the responsibilities of life. Christian parents, however, are more concerned about the spiritual welfare of their children than the material. They are fearful of the influence of infidel professors, of pleasure-seeking moral degenerates found on many a campus, and of the "no restraints" policy of so many educational institutions. It is, therefore, very refreshing and comforting to many parents to know that there is a school, with high academic rating, where the teachers believe God and love his ways above human wisdom. They love young people and are interested in teaching, influencing, and warning them so that they will be useful servants in the Lord's vineyard. It is a place where young people are encouraged to gather for devotionals, dress decently, and play honestly, rather than plan a panty raid on the girls dorm or a mass trip to a popular resort where all restraints are thrown to the wind. Oh, I know, children that have been raised properly, will not want to participate in such things, but since they are human, subject to temptations of the flesh and the crowds, why deliberately expose them to such?

But "why" and "how" is it that a wholesome place for education exists? Not that it may do the work of the church! Not that we may have a preacher factory! Not to provide churches with leadership! Such a place exists to educate young people academically without the neglect of spiritual training and influences. It exists because Christian young people who are prepared to teach efficiently are willing (because of their interest in preparing young people for shouldering serious responsibilities as decent, God-fearing men and women) to thus dedicate themselves. If, as a result of this training, a boy decides to preach the gospel and is able to do so more efficiently....a girl is a better companion.... or a young man is better equipped to "rule" as an elder in some congregation, I thank God for these results.

But HOW does such a place exist? It can't exist without a will on people's part, without money, without teachers, or without patrons. When parents sufficiently desire such an educational place for their children and others and give the money necessary for the equipment and teachers and then send their children as students, such a place becomes a reality.

It is a well-known fact that educational institutions do not, and can not, exist on "tuition" alone. If students paid all the bills, the cost would be prohibitive. This is why the States have to subsidize their schools. This is why people are continually urged over TV, radio, and in print to "send a contribution to your favorite college or university." And, this is why a school conducted by Christians has to ask for financial help. Worldly minded people can not be depended upon to provide that which is needed by a school that emphasizes moral and spiritual values. It must come from those who recognize these as values.

The administration and faculty at Florida Christian College are interested in boys and girls. They believe in adequately educating young people. They know the difference between the church and the school. They love God's word and respect it. They feel that in religious matters we must "prove all things." They have continually refused to sell tomorrow for the applause of today. Since those who teach and administer the affairs at Florida Christian Col lege hold to these principles, I feel that they are qualified for their jobs and deserve help from all who are interested in such principles.

Personally, I have not allowed a year to go by for sometime now that I have not made contributions to and paid bills at Florida Christian College. I expect to continue this, as the Lord blesses me, so long as I can and the school continues to be such a place as it now is.

Why don't you, because of your interest in academic training in a wholesome environment .... "sound words" being taught continually, send a contribution to Florida Christian College? You can become a "Living Link,' in the school's life-line for just one dollar per month — $12.00 per year. I heartily commend the work of brethren at F.C.C. and believe they are deserving of your help. No, don't take from your contribution into the church treasury, as if this work is above — or even on a par with — that of the church, but let your gift to Florida Christian College be something "extra" for "extra"-special work at an "extra" fine place. Send a contribution today to Florida Christian College — Temple Terrace — Tampa 10, Florida.