Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 1, 1961

Medical Science And The Bible

Bob Craig, Bridge City, Texas

We are always looking for some good thing to overcome the diverse ways in which Satan works. One present-day approach is to try to undermine our faith in the Bible. Especially are our children put to the test in their classrooms. The higher they go in education the more they come in contact with modernistic teaching designed to make infidels of them. I have recently printed a tract by the above title, written by Curtis J. Torno, M.D., a deacon and a preacher in the Lord's church in Pasadena, Texas.

This tract deals in some of the fundamentals that pertain to medical science and the Bible. Brother Torno keeps it on a level that all may understand yet it well refutes the idea that medical science and the Bible are in conflict. He approaches his subject from the standpoint that even though the Bible is not a scientific or medical text-book there is nothing contained in it that conflicts with true science or medicine, and then gives examples of what he has in mind. One thing he points out is that if a scientific or medical theory contradicts some truth contained in the Bible then that theory is a false one and is to be rejected. But let brother Torno tell you the story.

The tract is about 24 pages, printed on nice paper with an attractive buff colored cover and is the popular size that will fit a pocket and nearly all tract racks-5 1/8 x 3 1/4 inches. Inasmuch as it has more material than the Hobbs series of tracts, it is necessary that it sell for just a little more-10 cents for one and 7 1/2 cents in quantities. Send for one as a sample or one hundred for distribution today; be sure that every parent and every young person in the congregation gets one and make a special effort to get them in the hands of others, in particular those who come in contact with modernistic teaching in colleges. Order them from DIXIE PUBLISHERS, 4849 Lewis Drive, Port Arthur, Texas.