Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 25, 1961

The Anti -Antis Begin To Reap What They Have Sown

Robert M. Atkinson, Miami, Florida

"Anti" is a prefix "signifying opposite, against,...." An "anti" is "a person opposed to a practice, law, policy, movement, or the like." Everyone is an "anti" because every person is anti (against) something, or someone. To affirm something; one must deny that which is contrary to the thing affirmed. One who is "for" certain beliefs and practices is "against" (anti) any and all beliefs and practices which contradict the ones he is for. Example: One cannot be for the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ unless he is against (anti) the devil and his cause. "No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon." (Matt. 6:24)

Indiscriminate, prejudiced, and/or ignorant use of the term by certain brethren have made some think that if one is called "anti" by any man of influence, he is necessarily a terrible person. Thus, faithful Christians are ridiculed as "antis" and congregations which are faithful to the word of God are maliciously or ignorantly designated "anti churches." Some brethren of liberal persuasion (yes, I said liberal) delight in thus designating those of us who meet on Seventh Avenue here in Miami Well, take another look....

The Miami Herald, March 18, 1961, p. 13A, features a story concerning a week's evangelistic service at Central Church of Christ, Dr. Batsell Barrett Baxter, of David Lipscomb College, preaching. The big, bold type headlining the story proclaims: "ANTI-EVOLUTION AUTHORITY TO PREACH FOR WEEK'S EVANGELISTIC SERVICES."

Brethren, beware! An "anti" is in Miami! And since Central has him, Central must be an "anti" church. (This is the unfair "guilt by association" tactic used by some false brethren.) Now, everyone knows that these anti people are the meanest, most despicable, do-nothingest people ever created (according to Bro. Guy Woods and others of similar stripe), so beware of this "imported anti." Quarantine and avoid these antis.

Now, FOR THE RECORD, I do not agree with the conclusions above. I am anti-evolution also; and so is every person who believes the Genesis account of creation. But if I were to use the term indiscriminately, not caring whom I misrepresent, label unfairly, or excite prejudice against (any one who disagrees with me, that is) this last paragraph would not be written. But those who have the truth need not resort to such ungodly tactics nor manifest such an evil attitude as those who must stoop to the shallow cry of "anti" to answer those of us who write and preach against the false doctrines, practices and innovations which are dividing God's people. That is what we are against, and if for opposing your errors you label us "anti," then in the true sense of the term we accept the label and we are happy that many of you assist us in letting people know that we stand for the truth of God's word and against (anti) all error, including yours; for as you exalt your men and institutions, you mock and degrade Christ and His church. Come back to the Bible!

It was noted that some who recklessly and maliciously hurl the charge of "anti" were among those who were opposed (anti) a Catholic as President. Were you misrepresented? Did you oppose Catholics or were you "anti" Catholicism, a system of error which is both religious and political in nature? Anti-Catholic or Anti-Catholicism? Anti-orphan or anti-church supported benevolent societies? As you continue to sow to the wind, your whirlwind of errors will be reaped among you as apostasy engulfs you.