Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 19, 1982
NUMBER 49, PAGE 4,13a

Editorial Potpourri


Brother Lemmons And Homes For The Aged

For several years now many faithful brethren have been offering objections to church supported benevolence organizations on two counts: (1) they are not needed, and (2) they are unscriptural.

Ever since he became editor of the Firm Foundation (and maybe before) Brother Reuel Lemmons has waged a terrific campaign to create bitterness and prejudice against such objectors, and has sought to so arouse the brethren that they would pay no attention at all to anything that might be urged by them.

But within the last few weeks the Firm Foundation has carried a strong editorial contending that church benevolence organizations for the aged are wholly unnecessary — and opining that the orphan homes would find themselves also without a legitimate reason to exist within the next decade! We rejoice to see our brother editor make this radical change from his previous position; and can only wish that he had been less vigorous in fomenting prejudice against the view he now espouses. Perhaps in time he will even come all the way and acknowledge that the institutions his paper has so staunchly promoted are not only unnecessary, but are also unscriptural. Let us devoutly hope so.

Both Sides

In harmony with our traditional policy we present articles this week on two controversial subjects, which articles were presented as being opposite certain other articles which had appeared in this journal. Brother Wilson Coon writes on the college question, and Brother H. Osby Weaver writes on the marriage question. Both of these issues have been discussed in our gospel journals for many, many years. It is not likely that any general agreement as to Bible teaching will be easily reached; although all of us agree that Bible principles are involved, and presumably all of us agree that the Bible teaching can be understood. It has been our judgment that the pages of the Guardian could be more profitably used in dealing with some urgent problems which present an immediate threat to the purity and life of the New Testament church, rather than becoming involved in a prolonged discussion over these matters. For that reason we have been reluctant to devote any considerable space to such, and have withheld some excellent articles (on both sides, or all sides) of these questions from publication. Perhaps from time to time we will drop one of these good articles into the hopper, but sincerely hope faithful brethren will not let discussion of these and kindred questions divert them from the real battle we face for truth and righteousness — the battle against organized secularism (institutionalism) among God's people.

Setting The Record Straight

A good letter from Brother Marvine Kelly in Agana, Guam, asks that we give publicity to the fact that he does NOT endorse church support of institutional homes. It will be remembered that Brother Kelly affirmed such support to be scriptural in a debate some two or three years ago. He writes: "After some careful study of the scriptures cited in Brother Cogdill's book ("Walking by Faith" - editor) it is obvious that I was wrong. I have never had any scruples about changing when scriptural evidence has been presented to show that I was in error One thing should be known by you. I NEVER endorsed the Herald of Truth in any way, either written or oral, to anybody at any place!" If any wish to write Brother Kelly for his reasons for this change, he will be glad to give them. His address is Box 2301, Agana, Guam.

The Lewisville Story

About thirty miles east of Texarkana lies the little town of Lewisville, Arkansas. It had never had a congregation of Christians in it until last fall. At that time, Brother Franklin Davis, a business man and gospel preacher from Texarkana, decided to try to get a congregation started. After some hard work personally and by the sacrificial efforts of some faithful helpers a congregation was started. Almost immediately an "orphan home Church of Christ" some five or six miles out in the country from Lewisville (whose members were giving approximately twenty cents per member per month to an orphan home) put a big ad in the local paper, warning the residents of Lewisville against the "anti" church being started in their community!

And now the country church has bought a lot in Lewisville, and has decided to move their building into Lewisville, abandoning the community where they have met for many, many years, leaving it without a congregation. This, too, in spite of the fact that only last year they did a complete renovation job on their building, and spent many hundreds of dollars in putting it into first-class condition.

And this outrageous affront to the body of Christ is all for the sake of twenty cents per month! Twenty pieces of copper! Judas did better. He got thirty pieces of silver.

Those "Where To Worship" Listings

We continue to receive listings for our "Where To Worship When Traveling" page. And from many sources we are hearing words of appreciation for the service thus provided. We hope that the list may grow until it covers two full pages in each issue — approximately one hundred and twenty congregations. The cost of this ad is so very slight (only $6.00 per month) and the potential benefits from it both to traveling individuals and to congregations are so very great that we feel many congregations will desire to list once the matter is called to their attention. Only one or two visitors per month will usually contribute enough to more than offset the cost of the ad. And only one person placing membership in a year's time because of getting acquainted with a congregation through the listing will far more than compensate for the time and trouble and expense involved in sending in the listing. Think it over!

Subscription Probably To Increase

We have made no final decision on the matter, but chances are much in favor of an increase in the subscription price of the Gospel Guardian within the next few months. Both the Gospel Advocate and the Firm Foundation went to $4.00 many months ago. Production costs have continued to rise; postal rates are going up; and it seems almost inevitable that we must increase our price for the paper very soon. But until such time you can still subscribe both for yourself and for your friends (new or renewal) at the old rate — $3.00 for one year; $5.00 for two years; $10.00 for five years. Do it now, and save yourself some money!

— F. Y. T.