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April 5, 1962

An Exchange Of Letters

Boles Home Quinlan, Texas

Gayle Oler, Superintendent May 11, 1961

Church of Christ Box 1002 Crane, Texas

Dear Brethren:

For some time we have observed that the congregation there has not been having regular fellowship with other churches of Christ in caring for the children at Boles Home. Naturally, we are concerned and are writing to learn if your omission of this work is attributable to a fault of ours or if there be other causes.

We are sure you have your reasons and certainly we respect them. If there is some valid reason here depriving you of fellowship, we want to be certain that we know about it.

It may well be that you have an extra heavy outlay for Christian charity there at home or elsewhere, or it could easily be that we have not been as urgent or insistent in keeping before you our needs for these children.

There could be many other reasons and whatever they are we will appreciate your frank comment. We are caring for 230 children at the request of churches of Christ. This is the brotherhood's largest family and naturally our needs are greatest.

We need and want your fellowship in some measure, however limited it may be. It is not our desire to interfere with any good work you are now doing, but we earnestly hope you can include in some degree a sharing in the work and care of this large family at Boles Home...

While the amount of your support is important, it is not MOST important. Most important to us is that you have fellowship in some measure, however small, each week or month.

Please write and let us have your thinking and if possible, an encouraging word relative to your fellowship in the fine work churches of Christ are doing in providing a Christian home, care and training for these children they have referred to Boles Home.

Faithfully and fraternally, Gayle Oler P.S. Please write, whether you can, or desire to, have part in this work: we will appreciate hearing from you.

GO/ dm A Boy Like Me Needs A Friend Like You....

The Church Of Christ

meets at 1400 South Mary Crane, Texas May 22, 1961

Gayle Oler Boles Orphan Home Quinlan, Texas

Dear Brother Oler:

The reason that the church here does not make donations to the Boles Orphan Home which is under a board of directors and not under any church, is that we find no Bible authority for the church to make donations to private enterprises or undertakings of men. We do believe it quite in harmony with the Bible for the individual Christian to make donations to worthy private endeavors such as colleges, orphan homes, hospitals, etc., not under churches and will be happy to encourage the Christians here to make such donations when The Boles Orphan Home ceases to ask churches of Christ for donations and as we see evidence that the Boles Home is in need of such donations.

At one time years ago the church here made small donations to one orphan home under a church. After studying the matter we finally gave it up, and you yourself have continued to assure us that we did the right thing by saying that you would give any man 100 years and 100 dollars to find in the Bible where the elders of a church were even over an organization other than the church. We believe you are right in saying this. Just week before last a superintendent of an orphan home under a church of Christ (elders) came thru Crane and told us he thought the Boles Orphan Home was out of harmony with the Bible because he thinks the work of the church must be under the elders of a church. We think you are right in opposing the kind he is over and we think he is right in opposing the kind you are over. We think both of you are right in your opposition to each other.

We have encouraged brethren here to donate to York College and also to ACC as worthy private endeavors. Should either of these colleges get a program going to get money out of the church treasuries like your private endeavor is doing, we shall have to oppose them on the same basis that we oppose you.

We trust that this will answer your request begging us to tell you why the church here does not donate to your organization. Should you know of any scriptures in the Bible authorizing the church to make donations to private enterprises, we would be most happy for you to mail us the scriptures so authorizing.

Sincerely, Pat Butler

Elders: Doug Chrane Hayes Damron