Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 15, 1962
NUMBER 40, PAGE 4,10a

Office Notes


More than three months have passed since the Gospel Guardian moved into her new location, 413 East Groesbeck, at Lufkin. Anybody who has ever moved knows how disrupting and upsetting such a move can be; things get lost, damaged, confused and muddled. But we have survived all of that; our stock is better arranged and better organized now than it has been in years. Books are on the shelves; records and files are accessible; the work for all is more systematic and orderly. While several have helped in a great many ways, we want our readers to know that a considerable portion of the credit (if not nearly all of it) is due to the quiet efficiency of our new office manager, Mrs. Virginia Farish. If your order is not filled immediately, you may be fully assured that the delay is not caused by unconcern or inefficiency; and if there is going to be any unusual delay, you will have a note explaining the reason — whether the book be out of print, temporarily out of stock, or whatever. Come by to visit us when you are in the Lufkin area.

"Where To Worship When Traveling"

We are pleased and gratified at the continuing fine response on the part of many congregations to our efforts to get a representative number to list with us on the "Where To Worship When Traveling" page. Such a listing is extremely modest in cost to the congregations (only $6.00 per month for two insertions), will ordinarily pay for itself many times over in the contributions of visitors who attend that congregation because of having seen the advertisement; and is of great value to the thousands of faithful Christians who have to travel, and who are anxious to know the location of conservative churches in various parts of the nation. Many of these brethren have expressed to us the revulsion they feel at being in a strange town, hunting up a church that has "Church of Christ" over the front door, entering into the assembly with a fervent desire to worship God — and then have somebody start banging on a piano, or promoting an "area wide youth rally," or putting on a begging campaign for "our orphan homes", or whooping it up for a skating party, or a new recreation center (euphemistically and piously spoken of as a "fellowship" center), or other equally nauseous present day capers.

We hope eventually to have congregations in every part of the nation listing their services on the "Where To Worship When Traveling" page. The number so listing is increasing with every passing week.

"J. D. Tant — Texas Preacher"

A biography is usually a "slow" seller — but a long one. The first edition of "J. D. Tant — Texas Preacher" is moving off our shelves at a rate which indicates another printing will become necessary within a few months — unless we allow the book to go out of print.

We have reached no decision yet as to whether we will reprint; it will depend somewhat on the rate of sales for the next few months. If it seems that there will be a continuing brisk demand for the work, we will attempt another edition; otherwise, the type (which has been held) will be thrown in, and the book will become unavailable once the present stock is exhausted.

Incidentally, we were recently given a copy of Leroy Garrett's "Restoration Review" which carried Carl Ketcherside's comments on the Tant biography. Ketcherside, modern champion of ultra-liberalism among the disciples, takes a decidedly dim view of J. D. Tant's career as a gospel preacher, He says, "As a debater, Tant was blunt and crude in speech. Many of the Mormon, Methodist and Baptist champions of the day were of the same caliber, and the rough-and-tumble 'dog-eat-dog style of encounters, miscalled debates, pleased the ignorant and uninformed, as well as the bitter partisans in all groups. In many instances these religious skirmishes, filled with personal attacks and venom, served only to cement the sectarian spirit for several generations." Tant's opposition to instrumental music and his fight against "sect baptism" were also particularly odious to Ketcherside. He states that Tant "became a champion to the idea that has done more than any other to reduce the restoration plea to the status of a narrow, sectarian, partisan position." All of which we take as a compliment to the career of a man who was totally dedicated to the gospel of Christ! Ketcherside's criticisms are such as Tant heard all his life-time from the lips and pens of digressive apostates and other denominational devotees. Anyhow, if you haven't read "J. D. Tant — Texas Preacher," we think you would enjoy it. The price is $4.00, and we still have it in stock — for the next few months, at least.

New Subscribers

Welcome to our new subscribers! We have a constant number of them joining our family of readers. Many have heard of the paper and send in their own subscriptions; others are put on our mailing list through the generosity of some particular friend of theirs who thinks enough of them to want them to have the Gospel Guardian. But in either case, whether you are paying your own subscription or are benefitting from the generous impulse of someone who loves you, we are happy to bid you welcome. Many hundreds (probably thousands!) of those who have read the Gospel Guardian through the years were introduced to it by way of a "gift subscription" — some friend thought they would appreciate the fight this journal is making for the ancient faith, and paid the subscription for them.

If you have been the recipient of such a favor (or even if you haven't!), why not follow this good example? Help us to introduce still others to the Gospel Guardian. For only $5.00 per month you can send this paper to thirty families! Why not make up a list today, and get it in to us without delay? For only $25.00 per month you can subscribe for 150 families! We have a few faithful Christians who have put the entire congregation where they worship on our mailing list.

Then, too, we are receiving quite a few new subscriptions through the efforts of brethren who are making up clubs in order to gain one or more of the fine books we offer as a premium for five or more subscriptions. For all of which, of course, we are grateful.

— F. Y T.