Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 1, 1962
NUMBER 38, PAGE 3,11b,14b-15a


(Editors note: We recently published three articles by Brother M. C. Kurfees entitled "The Restoration of the Ancient Order." These articles are most timely and apropos to the present controversies in the church, and are in full harmony with the teachings and position of brethren who now write for the Gospel Guardian. That this position was generally held by brethren thirty years ago is shown by the following comments from representative men, commending the Kurfees articles.)

T. B. Larimore, Berkeley, Cal. — "I consider your three articles in the Gospel Advocate of April 19, April 26,

and May 3 doctrinally and logically perfect. Scripturally and in every other sense absolutely faultless. You correctly diagnose the case, state the present condition, and suggest the one and only remedy. In other words, you show clearly the cause of the retrogression and failure of the various religious reformations, the present condition of the religious world, and the cure for that lamentable condition.

"I think these articles should be put into permanent form — tract or booklet — in large print and circulated extensively. The faithful old veterans of the cross will hail the appearance of the book with joy."

Prof. A. G. Freed, David Lipscomb College, Nashville, Tenn. — "It did me good when I saw your name again in the Advocate. I had read your articles with profound interest before receiving your letter. Since then, I have reread them with great profit and pleasure. One wish was uppermost in my mind as I read. It was this: 0, that all knew this, especially the churches of Christ. How I long to see them in tract form and given a wide, free circulation."

Prof N. B. Hardeman, Freed-Hardeman College, Henderson Tenn. — "I have read your articles in the Advocate of April 19, 26, and May 3. Without a single reservation, I want to indorse them thoroughly and congratulate you upon their presentation at this time. In my judgment, this is the type of teaching very badly needed at present. I heartily indorse all you said in their doctrinal, historical, and logical merits."

Prof. J. N. Armstrong, Harding College, Morrilton, Ark. — "I have read your three articles in the Gospel

Advocate of April 19, 26, and May 3. I appreciate these articles very much. They are strong, clear, and Scriptural. I have already heartily commended them to the young preachers of Harding College as being exceptionally good articles which they should all read. I have also commended them to our faculty members. I am certain that the doctrine that you set forth in these articles is the very doctrine of the Lord."

E. A. Elam, Editor, Gospel Advocate, Nashville, Tenn. — "My judgment is that your articles are timely indeed, scholarly, clear in their statements as to historical facts, and well connected; logical, too, and Scriptural in their conclusion. Briefly stated, this is my judgment of your well-written and much-needed articles. For several years, at least, I have said that some such writer and scholar as yourself should devote more time to such work. So few teachers and preachers know really the true history of such, or can give, therefore, correct teaching in regard thereto without prejudice and free from a partisan spirit. Hence, I should be pleased to see much more such high-class, scholarly, dignified teaching of such facts and of the truth in general."

F. B. Sryley, Editor, Gospel Advocate, Nashville, Tenn. — "I consider all the articles good, but I was impressed more with the last one than with any of the others. I am sure I never read anything better on the silence of the Scriptures. If all would pursue the course you pointed out, there could be no division over opinions and untaught questions. I believe these articles would make a good tract, the circulation of which would do good."

James A. Allen, Office Editor, Gospel Advocate, Nashville, Tenn. — "We greatly appreciate this series of splendid articles from you."

W. S. Long, Evangelist, Vinewood Avenue church of Christ, Detroit, Mich. — "In my judgment, they are not only logical and true to the Bible, but they present in a unique way much valuable information which every Christian ought to possess. Just lately members have come to me for information as to why we were from the denominations, and also how denominations originated. Moreover, there is that timely note of warning of which the church of Christ is greatly in need at this time in her history. Let me thank you for the articles and say I would be very happy to see it put into a neat book so the brotherhood may have the benefit of it in years to come."

C. M. Pullias, Murfreesboro, Tenn. — "I read the articles from your pen and regard them very timely and sound. It seems to me that just such things should be stressed at all times. If I am any judge, these articles are sound and much needed. I am always pleased to see articles from you. There are few men who can state as clearly the teaching of the Bible, if indeed there are any at all. I have great confidence in what you have to say on any matter pertaining to salvation of the soul."

Ira C. Moore, Editor, Christian Leader, Cincinnati, Ohio. — "I read your articles when they appeared in the Advocate, and have since reread the first one. I cannot see wherein your treatment of the subject could be improved upon, either in logic, historical reference, or from a Scriptural point of view. There can be no other way for people to be one organically and in heart and soul than just to take what the Lord and His ambassadors say just as they say it; for if they could not express themselves clearly and say just what all people should believe and do, and just how people should worship and work in the Lord's vineyard, there is absolutely no way of ever finding that out. Your articles are clear, convincing and invincible, and should find their way into the hands of all those who so badly need the lessons they teach."

T. Q. Martin, Editor, Christian Leader, Cincinnati, Ohio. — "Your masterful writings bring a blessing to thousands....I wish you were so situated that you could give us more from your valuable pen. In my candid judgment, there lives not today a more sincere, a more conscientious, or a more able teacher of God's word.... These articles are too valuable not to be preserved, and I sincerely trust that we may have them in permanent form. The three articles published as a tract, would constitute a companion tract to 'Walking by Faith,' and would be a blessing to lovers of the truth, not only in this day, but so long as time lasts."

Coleman Overby, Editor, Primitive Christian, Union City, Tenn. — "In my judgment, the work is timely, scholarly, logical, accurate in statement, and altogether Scriptural. No writer has been of greater service to me in my work of preaching the Gospel in its fullness than yourself. I have been reading from your trenchant pen' for nineteen years. Your work is safe, to the point, and true to the Book."

Hall L. Calhoun, Central church of Christ, Nashville, Tenn. — "Permit me to say that in my judgment they are true in teaching, terse in style, and timely in the occasion of their appearance. They have my unqualified approval. I wish sincerely that a pen so trenchant as yours might offer us many other articles in the near future. I believe that you could render no greater service to our great brotherhood than through your writings, coming as they would from a heart sincere, a clear and trained mind, taught from youth to be thoroughly loyal to Jesus our Master and to His wonderful Gospel."

F. L. Rowe, Publisher, Christian Leader, Cincinnati, Ohio. — "I do hope and pray that the younger class may be moved to read these articles and imbibe some of the spirit that brought out the famous characters who made possible the clear understanding of revealed truth and the real characters of the men who stood ready to give their lives in defense of this truth. I would be glad to see these articles preserved in permanent form and hope you will decide to do that."

C. A. Taylor, Clerk, Jefferson County Court, Louisville, Ky. — "The research for and collation of historical facts presented in the first two installments show your usual accuracy and thoroughness, but I am especially impressed with the splendid logic and practical teaching to be found in the third installment. Few men are in a better position than am I to appreciate the truth and force of your reference to the evils and wrongs which must result and have followed when vain and self-willed preachers have ignored the sacred teachings to which you have directed attention ....If I have ever read from your pen or that of any one else a clearer, more complete or more timely presentation of important truths, I do not now recall what it was."

E. G. Creacy, Horse Cave, Ky. — "In my humble judgment, the third article is the best I have ever read. I think these articles should be put in tract form, circulated, read and reread, and surely good, and only good, could be the result.

Thaddeus S. Hutson, Parkersburg, W. Va. — "I have read very carefully the three articles from your pen which lately appeared in the Gospel Advocate. They are multum in parvo'. So concise, yet so complete. True to history and the Bible. It would, in my judgment, make a very useful and readable booklet and should be preserved in permanent form....I thank you for writing them for the good they have done me and for the good they are calculated to do for others."

C. A. Norred, Minister, Union Avenue church of Christ, Memphis, Tenn. — "Your articles on 'The Restoration of the Ancient Order' which recently appeared in the Gospel Advocate, are, in my humble judgment, of great value to the cause of truth. With directness and unanswerable logic, they restate that fundamental and divinely-imposed duty to stand uncompromisingly for the word of God. I could earnestly wish that every responsible person might read carefully your articles. They are so well written that they cannot be misunderstood; and the truth they express is vital beyond adequate description. May the Lord use your articles to His glory."

C. R. Nichol, Evangelist, Clifton, Texas. — "Let me thank you for the three articles which recently appeared in the Gospel Advocate from your pen. I have enjoyed and profited by reading them. I sincerely wish they could be given a wider circulation than they will have if published in the Gospel Advocate only. If I could I would see that they appeared in every religious and secular paper throughout the country, as well as the magazines. The array of facts, soundness in teaching, and logical presentation, make the articles worth while, and I trust they may find a more permanent form than the paper."

J. F. Kurfees, Merchant and Manufacturer, Louisville, Ky. — "'The Need of Continued Emphasis on the Restoration of the Ancient Order.' I heartily commend the three articles which appeared in the Advocate on this subject. I think the need for such teaching is very great and growing greater all the time. I am very glad the matter is to be available in book form and hope for a wide circulation."

Hugo Allmond, Evangelist, Yorks of Elkhorn, Ky. — "Your articles regarding Christianity, its departures and remedy, have been read with genuine pleasure. Let me urge you to have these published in tract form. They evince great preparation and scholarship. May you live long to bless the brotherhood with articles of so great a value."

H. M. Phillips, Evangelist, Nashville, Tenn. — "I really think that they will do much good. They are to the point and touch on themes that are badly needed now. I believe it would do good if such were in tract form and sent out over the country for reading by all who would take the time to read, and all who would surely would be benefitted."

John T. Smithson, Evangelist, Tipton, Okla. — "My judgment concerning their doctrinal feature is that they are absolutely safe and sound. They are true to historical facts of the church from the days of the first departure from the truth until the present time. No man can successfully deny the soundness and truthfulness of these articles. The logic of them is clear and invincible. They lead us through the labyrinth of speculative and false teaching back to the charge Paul gave to Timothy, namely, 'Preach the Word' Moreover your articles are scholarly. They contain valuable historical facts of the past centuries. I would like to see them put in a more permanent form."

H. H. Anderson, Evangelist, Woodsfield, Ohio. — "I am gladly extending to you my hand in hearty congratulation upon the splendid piece of high-class work you did' in that series. Do you not know that before I had finished reading that each article I found myself asking this question: Will these articles be preserved in some permanent form? By all means, my dear brother, I am fully persuaded this should be done. The church and the world needs this masterpiece from your pen."

R. A. Craig, Evangelist, Shelbyville, Ky. — "I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate your

three splendid articles on 'The Necessity for Continued Emphasis on the Restoration of the Ancient Order.' For some time I have seen the need of some good strong articles along this line, and I must say that you seem to have covered the field very thoroughly. It is a source of gratitude to me to know that we still have men who will carry on in the spirit of those great men of the Restoration movement. I think it would be fine to put these articles in pamphlet form for free distribution. We could use thousands of them in this section."

I. A. Douthitt, Evangelist, Sedalia, Ky. — "I have read your articles, which appeared in the Gospel Advocate of April 19 and 26, and of May 3, and I most certainly agree with what you say. I feel that more teaching should be done along that line. Doctrinally, they are in perfect harmony with the Bible and your conclusions ape very logical. I think your suggestions, based upon the apostolic precedent set forth in Rom. 14:22 are exceedingly thoughtful and timely. I most heartily commend the articles."