Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 18, 1962

News And Views

Charles A. Holt, 4662 University, Wichita Falls, Texas


One has but to drive along this gulf coast area to see what mother nature can do when she is in a bad mood. The experts say that there is more energy and power in a hurricane like Carla than in all the machinery in the world, minute for minute. When we see that she can actually drive the ocean out of its banks and onto the land as it did here, we can see why they say that.

But like the sunshine after the rain, there was a heart-warming aftermath to the terrible destruction. People from all parts of the country hurried to the assistance or the unfortunate. .Trucks loaded with food and other supplies began arriving in coastal cities almost before the storm had passed through. Bill Coffman in Corpus Christi told me that he had calls from as far away as Florida, wanting to know what they could do. When the elders here went to Clute they learned that the brethren in that area had received calls from as far away as Michigan. This humanitarian and brotherly concern must warm the hearts of the most discouraged.

This magnanimous gesture, however, throws the spotlight on another human trait that Christians need to think about: namely the disposition to place the emphasis on the physical needs more than on the spiritual! As needful as it is that we help our fellowman in his physical distress, it is far more needful that we help him spiritually. Some who were so ready to respond to the physical needs of those affected by hurricane Carla, would take a dim view, it seems, of any request that they dig down a little deeper and support another man to preach the gospel in the same areas. I know a Latin preacher in Corpus Christi who has had his support taken away by the big liberal church in that city because he won't "line up." He, as far as I know, is living on a hundred dollars a month, plus what he can make working here and there. Everyone who has mentioned his name to me has said that he is one of the finest men and one of the most faithful preachers they have ever known. His needs are constant, but nobody much is excited about him it seems. This is just one of the many cases that we might mention. Let us take care of the distressed, but let us "not leave the other undone." — Luther Blackmon, Pasadena, Texas.


In these days of fear and confusion let us remember that the endless repetition of a lie or the multiplication of an empty promise does not make a truth. Truth is something more than the greatest common denominator of mass ignorance and greed. It is never determined or demonstrated by majorities or pluralities or popular error and appetite. Ultimately, with God's aid, it always emerges and finally prevails, supreme in its power over the destiny of mankind, and terrible in its retribution for those who deny, defy, or betray it. — Virgil Jordan

* * *

Another Step Toward Digression

It grieves me to think that the people of the world will be lost. It grieves me even more to think that many of my brethren will be lost because of their lax attitude toward the scriptures. Not only am I alarmed at the liberal attitude brethren have about "institutionalism" and "centralization", but also their lax attitude toward keeping the church separate from worldliness and denominationalism. Many preachers are not raising their voices against such trends. Some of them would like to, but the "liberal" train they are riding demands a full ticket. I am raising my voice and I shall continue to do so as long as anyone will listen to my plea and read my warnings. The drift toward denominationalism can easily be seen in the following account:

Winnie Protestants Plan Service

"WINNIE -- Area Protestant churches will hold an annual Thanksgiving service Sunday evening at 7:30 p, m. in the First Methodist church, sponsored by the Ministerial alliance, of which Rev. J. F. Robertson is president.

This year's program will include a sermon by Bill Stafford minister of the five participating churches and directed by Vernon Polk, choir director from the First Assembly of God church, with Mrs. James Lee Kiker, pianist, and Mrs. W. T. Hulme, Jr., organist, both from the Methodist church.

"Words of welcome will be given by the Rev. J. F. Robertson of the First Baptist church in Stowell; prayer by the Rev. E. W. Labby; pastor of the Assembly of God church; offertory prayer by the Rev. Robertson; scripture and prayer by the Rev. Eldon Reed., First Methodist church, special music by Mrs. Bill Stafford., and the benediction will be pronounced by Rev. James Morgan, of Nederland, interim minister of First Baptist church.

"Offering received at this service will go to the community Christmas basket fund which is sponsored annually by the Ministerial alliance. Forty seven baskets of this type were sent out to needy families last year."

The real heartbreaking part of this is that Bill Stafford is the preacher for what is supposed to be the church of Christ in Winnie. Several months ago Stafford moved to Winnie, and soon thereafter I am told that he joined the ministerial Alliance. I am so made to wonder what the special music consisted of as it was provided by Mrs. Bill Stafford. Let us keep in mind this was not a community school or political meeting, but a religious service conducted by the Ministerial Alliance. As Christians grow

"weak in faith" they become more compatible to the religious world around them. May God help us to hold the line for truth! — W. R. Jones, The Informer

* * * * *

Apparent Maneuvers To Become All Things To All People

Positions taken by liberal brethren who insist on their pet institutional projects and benevolent societies are as follows: (1) A benevolent organization must be under elders (Lemmons, Firm Foundation). (2) The organization must not be under elders as such (Woods, Gospel Advocate). (3) The institution may be under elders, as such, or it may be under a board of trustees (Liberal preachers of Kansas, City).

The Maude Carpenter' Home of Wichita, Kansas, was begun with G.K. Wallace insisting on the number one position. After Woods came out with the number two idea, the home switched to a board made up of men from different congregations. This action apparently was to please the Advocate following. But it seems that some may have become disturbed who hold position number one. Too, those holding position three are unhappy with Woods and his doctrine and maybe with brethren at Wichita for espousing it. (One of the Kansas City preachers said that they would not endorse Woods for debate in Kansas City.

This isn't surprising, however, for neither will they endorse a man with whom they agree!) This unhappiness apparently lessened Maude Carpenter's support ("the monthly support for the home had dropped over a period of months to a point that the operating fund was all but depleted" — The Home Journal). So, recently Maude Carpenter changed again---back to the elders of one church (Cleveland Avenue), and now call them trustees. If this works out, they may have it made, for to those holding position one, promoters can now say, "we are under elders"; to those with position two, "we are under a board of trustees"; and to those believing position three, "we believe they are both right!" Inconsistent, did you say? Yes, that's right, but some people are not even interested in being scriptural to say nothing of being consistent!

If all of these positions and changes tend to confuse you, do not become alarmed. Search the scriptures and you will find that the church is all-sufficient and can do everything God wants it to do through the local congregation without any human arrangement whether it be under elders or under a board. — O. C. Birdwell, Kansas City, Mo.

* * * * *

"Wrong Business"

We are in receipt of a letter signed by the Baldwin Park elders to the effect that:

"We are privileged to have the sponsorship of Camp Tanda for the Labor Day week-end. This is a tremendous responsibility but a real opportunity to further the work of the church..."

Peter advised elders to "Feed the flock of God which is among you." Paul advised them, "Take heed therefore unto yourself, and to all the flock, over which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God..." (1 Pet. 5:2; Acts 20:28) This seems to be the extent of the work of elders. I do not see in these, or in any related passage, an indication of authority for elders to "sponsor" any such thing as a "Camp" of any description. And yet the elders in Baldwin Park consider such a "privilege." We can be sure of one thing, someone other than the Lord gave them this "sponsorship." There is more:

"Classes taught by competent teachers will enhance the spiritual aspect of the outing, as well as Christian counselors directing the recreation..."

Notice: The "outing" seems to occupy the place of supreme importance --- but will be "enhanced," made just a little better, by some Bible teaching and "counselor directed" recreation. 'Tis too bad the Lord did not discover such a gimmick of some kind by which He could have "enhanced" the art of Bible teaching. There is more yet:

"Cost to attend: 'Adults $8.00. This fee is for lodging, food, and insurance.'

"Facilities are available for tents and camper units. A fee of $1.00 per family per day. An Insurance of 75 per person for the outing is also charged. If you desire the use of the kitchen it is available for $1.50 per day."

Now, all this is being "sold" by the Baldwin Park church thru her elders. Who said the church is not in business? It is --- and all in the name of Christianity! And there is still more:

"Facilities at the camp are limited to 125 campers."

Can you imagine a project with such great potentials for the cause of Christ being limited to a select group of 125 people?

Brethren, this kind of thing is happening all over this land. The Christian church of 50 years ago did it and we challenged them upon every hand. Now, the Lord's church (?) is doing it and we sit complacently by and say, "I wish the brethren wouldn't do these things" and let it go at that. I say it is time to "CRY aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins." (Isa. 58:1) — Wright Randolph, Montebello, California.