Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 4, 1962
NUMBER 34, PAGE 5,12a

A Lawsuit To Remember

Charles H. Crider, Henderson, Tennessee

There are those in and around Henderson that have refused to see the truth about the Spring Creek lawsuit. One long time "leader" in the Estus church (Estus church is just outside of Henderson) chided me about having the wrong information about the so called "Loyalist Group" at Spring Creek taking a widow woman to court, they just didn't believe a word of it. This same "leader," on a previous occasion didn't believe brother Bradfield took the position that it was scriptural to select elders by drawing names out of a hat. He refused to go with me five miles to see proof of it. He wouldn't go twenty miles to prove to himself that the "Loyalist Group" tried to take a widow's land by force; failing by force, they were going to try to take it by law. Yet he was vehement in claiming that they would not do such. Well, some people just will not accept corn unless it be shelled. Hence, I shall shell this bit of corn for this "leader" and those who "hold with him."

The following is a copy, in full, of a letter from the Spring Creek "Loyalist Group" elders to the son of the widow whose land they seek to take.

Mr. Kelly Watt Fussell c/o Post Master Santa Ana, California

Dear Mr. Fussell:

We the elders of the Spring Creek church of Christ, are much concerned over a dispute which has arisen over the boundary between the land of your mother, Mrs. Bertie L. Fussell and the church property.

The church would much prefer to settle this matter in a friendly way with your mother and if an amicable settlement could be reached would not insist upon having all of the land shown by a recent survey to be within the boundary lines of the church property.

We wish that you would prevail upon your mother to have some reasonable person to represent her in a discussion of this matter with us. As things stand any discussion is impossible because she has placed authority for the transaction in the hands of a person who is an enemy of the church.

If something peaceable cannot be worked out the church will be forced to take recourse to the courts of law and this will prove expensive and embarrassing for your mother as well as us.

We write in the spirit of Christian fellowship and understanding.

Very truly yours, Signed: W. R. Cary

B. A. Gary

A. E. Davis Elders, Spring Creek church of Christ

Now isn't that just dandy! They aim to take her land but they are going to do it in "the spirit of christian fellowship and understanding." Yes sir-ree, they are going to have "fellowship" in skinning this widow out of her land! "Christian fellowship and understanding," that is. Well they had "fellowship" with brethren Dixon, Wallace, Bradfield, and other digressive preachers in the area in legally stealing the church building. I take it that these brethren are behind this move to take this widow's land as I have heard not one word to the contrary on their part.

The Spring Creek "loyalist group" tried twice to take this widow's land by force. One of them, no doubt, in "christian fellowship and understanding" brought his chain saw out on one occasion and was about to saw Mrs. Fussell's fence post drown. He had to be restrained? I can just see the cheering section for these "loyalists!" There is brother Dixon with his jaw set like a flint surveying the situation; there is brother Bradfield clapping his hands and shouting rah, rah, rah! Then there is dear brother G. K. Wallace who has lately swung clean over the middle of the road, still holding on to the grape vine just in case, shouting that any man is an ass that disagrees with him. Then there are lesser lights like brother Nichols and Highers saying "me too!'

Now if these brethren are opposed to the "loyalist" group taking this widow to court, let them speak out. Space is available in the Guardian.

Brother Dixon says we do not have a central organization, therefore a court of law is the only alternative for brethren to settle a dispute over property. I wonder if he thinks a central organization would be more honest and upright than a group of brethren meeting together and trying to settle their differences. From where I sit, if the "elite" of West Tennessee had kept their noses out of the Spring Creek affair those brethren could have settled their differences easily. If brethren Wallace, Bradfield, Dixon, Nichols, Highers and other preachers "holding with them" had no scruples against taking their brethren to a court of law, they surely will have none about taking this widow woman to court.

One of the latest antics of the so called "loyalist" group ....well, I quote another letter in full:

Mr. J. C. Fincher Route 5

Spring Creek, Tennessee Dear J. C.:

I received another letter today from Mrs. Schneider (Mrs. Schneider is the lawyer for the "loyalist," CHC) and she ask me to remind you and the splinter group that you have not returned the hymn books, old seats and communion trays which they claim you removed from the church a long time ago.

If you removed these things and they belong to the other bunch let me suggest that you return them.

I hope that you all are getting along fine now and I am looking forward to seeing your new church."

Yours very truly, Signed: Franklin Murchison

H. A. Dixon, president of FHC and a Doctor of something, G. K. Wallace, Assistant to the president of FHC, and W. A. Bradfield, chief promoter of FHC, advocate taking brethren to a court of law to settle their differences. By their silence, they now uphold the Spring Creek "loyalist" group in their nefarious attempt to take a widow woman's land by force and the harassing of this lady with their threats. All this just to secure a place for the "loyalist" group to park and build a toilet! These are the men to whom many of you have entrusted your own flesh and blood to mold their thinking. Brethren, don't you think it is time to demand a show down as to what these men of FHC really stand for. It would be a wonderful thing to see FHC return to respectability and soundness.

Well, the old song books the "loyalist" want returned, I wish you could see! If I had a child so childish I would tan his hide. These books were discarded long, long before the division.

The "loyalist" group took the building and equipment; they are seeking to take a widow's land to park on and build a toilet on. I am overly anxious to know what they intend to do with these old worn out song books!

The "loyalists" want some old seats that the church never owned in the first place; and in the second place they have been in use with a tent since around 1951. The tent belongs to another church several miles away.

My advice to brethren in West Tennessee: you'd better put some kind of lock on your hen-house doors! This "loyalist" group of Spring Creek infamy, under the tutelage of H. A. Dixon is running wild. With Dixon at the wheel, Bradfield with his heavy foot on the accelerator, and G. K. Wallace with his bag of "trouble-shootin' " tools, the old bus is really going berserk! Church property; widow's lands, worn-out song books....nothing is too big or too little to be immune from their thieving grasp!