Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 14, 1961

The Gospel Advocate Literature

Dudley Ross Spears, Blytheville, Ark.

The purchase of literature to aid in the teaching program of the local church is always a problem. The question of the expediency of any literature at all is one that all should seriously be concerned with. Above all other qualifications that literature for Bible Study must have is the quality of being sound. When literature is relied upon too heavily there are many who get erroneous ideas due to their complete reliance on what may be the opinions and ideas of the author or authors of any literature. Presently there is quite a problem with the literature published by the Gospel Advocate Co. Before going a word farther, let me assure the reader that I am not condemning literature per se, but having examined the literature put out by "old reliable" and realizing what effects it could have I want to sound out this warning.

In the present quarter of study, the "old reliable" has injected her opinions and official dogma concerning the financial support of the orphanages and old folks asylums and institutions among the brethren. In the Adult quarterly, lesson IX, page 40, the following extract is found:

"Of course, a home must be supplied for both fatherless children and destitute widows; and, it is the obligation of the church to provide support for them in a home. Here is the obvious scriptural sanction for the support by the church, of the orphan homes and homes for the aged, among us. Such a home must meet the requirements of the state in which it operates. In supporting such a home, the church is not contributing to a human institution, but a divine one."

The above is heretical, false, and a perversion of the truth!

Faithful brethren should beware of the use of such literature. Many other things could be written concerning this literature from the Gospel Advocate, but I feel it is sufficient to simply quote from it to show faithful brethren that it is unworthy of use.