Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 23, 1961

Watch This Match!

Charles H. Crider, Henderson, Tennessee

I see in the Gospel Advocate that brother Lemmons and G. K. Wallace are sparring a little. Brother Wallace has the advantage; he is on the digressive route and brother Lemmons is stepping like a cow in a woodpile, claiming he is walking straight down the middle of the road.

Brother Wallace is just taking a gentle slap at Lemmons. However, if Lemmons gets any further out of line, Wallace will be ordered to slap him clear over into the "goodpasture where the lush liberal weed grows in abundance.

From reading brother Wallace's first installment (Gospel Advocate, October 5, 1961) it seems he would accept the Missionary Society if churches would voluntarily turn the Society. Brother Dixon, president of Freed-Hardeman College, has stated he believes churches can scripturally turn their resources over to Freed-Hardeman College to do their teaching. I have asked brother Dixon several times why he believes it scriptural for churches to do their teaching through an organization ---such an FHC, but unscriptural for churches to do their preaching through a Missionary Society.

He does not answer. Maybe brother Wallace will be his mouth piece and give answer for both.

Brother Wallace's article was somewhat hazy, therefore, I will ask him a few questions to help clarify the matter:

1. Brother Wallace, you stated that the Firm Foundation and the Gospel Advocate are scriptural though they are in addition to the church. Would they be scriptural if churches voluntarily turned their resources over to them to do their teaching?

2. Do you take the position, as does brother Dixon, that churches can do their teaching through FHC?

3. Do you believe a Missionary Society to be scriptural if churches voluntarily turn their resources over to them? Do you believe churches would be scriptural in doing so?

4. In what ever you were trying to prove, brother Wallace, you used Wallace and Kurfees. Faith comes by hearing the word of God. What scripture do you think justifies churches voluntarily supporting a Society? What scripture do you use to justify churches contributing to Freed-Hardeman College? You know and I know that churches are supporting FHC. Now, how about being forthright in telling your readers that FHC solicits and accepts church support. I made a statement to a man in Henderson the other day that there is not a teacher in FHC that will meet a man in honorable discussion in Henderson on present "issues" in the church. Brother Wallace, is there a teacher in FHC who has courage and fortitude to meet an opponent in open and honorable debate?