Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 9, 1961


Dear Brother Tant:

I was in school at Freed-Hardeman with Doyle Fox. While there, because of our conservative stand we came to be associated with each other closely. Doyle left school before I did and has moved to Glendale, Arizona. He contracted tuberculosis, and is now in a state sanitarium for treatment. I am sure that a number of his friends do not know this, and would like to write him if they knew of his condition. He has lots of time on his hands, and would appreciate receiving letters, especially from his old schoolmates of F.H.C. Also, he would like to receive the bulletins of any of the brethren who would put him on the mailing list. His address is: Doyle Fox, State T. B. Sanatorium, Tempe, Arizona.

He did not ask me to mention this, but knowing his need I take the responsibility of adding this note: Doyle has been without any income for several months now, and they are expecting a child (their fourth) in December. I am sure that any financial help that brethren might want to send would be greatly appreciated. With proper rest and treatment his illness may be cured, and he can once again spend his time in preaching the gospel. He stands firmly for the truth, and when we were in school at FHC he was neither ashamed nor afraid to let both students and faculty know where he stood on the current issues.

Brotherly, Thomas G. O'Neal

Jasper, Alabama

Dear Yater:

Just a few lines in regard to the recent newspaper clipping I sent to you from the Morton, Texas, paper. Brother Strickland investigated the matter and informs me that the newspaper was in error. It was the Eastside Baptist Church rather than the Eastside "Fellowshipping and Good Works" Church of Christ which had its annual business meeting to elect new officers, secretaries, vice-presidents, etc. I send this to you in order that correction may be made, and the Guardian may maintain its reputation for accuracy and fairness.

Sincerely, Paul Price

Levelland, Texas Dear Brother Tant:

I wish to re-word one sentence which appeared in the Guardian in the article I wrote, "Exposing A Despicable Situation." The article had reference to Andrew Brown's splitting the First Street Church here in Lawrenceburg because he would not accept the elders' notice of termination of his services after he had been here five years. I wrote, "He refused to accept this decision and circulated a petition to offset it." I should have worded it, "He refused to accept this decision and a petition was circulated on his behalf to offset it." As far as I know Brother Brown never personally circulated the petition, But I do know that he sat quietly by on one occasion while the petition was being circulated up and down the pews during an assembly. In complete fairness to him, I do want to state the facts accurately, and not accuse him falsely.

Weldon E. Warnock Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

Dear Brethren:

Will you please print the following notice concerning Brother Charles H. Crider, his work and relationship to the Church here in Leaksville, North Carolina?

Brother Crider moved back to his home in Henderson, Tennessee, on June 29th, 1961, after having ministered to the church in Leaksville for three years.

It has been brought to our attention that there are rumors going about Henderson, to the effect, that Brother Crider moved back to Henderson due to his having caused trouble in the Leaksville Church.

Let us say that there is not a word of truth in this rumor. Brother Crider resigned the work here of his own free will. During his stay with us there existed peace and harmony and the very best relationship existed between the brethren here and that includes Bro. Crider.

He, Bro. Crider, could have caused no trouble here because he believes and teaches the same thing as we do. He believes and teaches the Gospel of Christ and so do we. He did cause the denominations quite a bit of grief in this vicinity and we backed him in such one hundred percent He did cause our denominational, liberal minded brethren quite a bit of grief but these brethren were not in the Leaksville Church; and again we backed him one hundred percent and we still do.

The fact was well established that Bro. Crider stood ready to defend the Gospel against all error and, of course, this included the errors of our institutional, denominational, liberal minded brethren. And, again we backed him one hundred per cent and still do. During this period of time this challenge was given to Bro. Guy N. Woods while he was holding a meeting at Clemmons, N. C. Both Bro Woods and the Church declined. We supported this challenge, all the way, and still do. Provided Bro. Crider's health will permit him to enter into such a discussion.

Yes, we believe Bro. Crider to be a soldier of the Cross, a fearless preacher of the Gospel of Christ. Brother Crider carries the weapon found in Hebrews chapter 4 and verse 12 and he knows how to use it The thing that has saddened the hearts of every Christian here in Leaksville, N. C., is the fact that Bro. Crider lost his good health due to having two severe heart attacks; either one of which could have, and almost did, cost him his life. Due to his misfortune, he had to leave Leaksville, owing two huge hospital bills plus his doctors bills. Let us here make an appeal to our Christian brethren that we all pitch in and help him with his burdens. His address: Charles H. Crider, Rt. 3, Box 2, Henderson, Tenn.

We (the Church) in Leaksville, N. C., are happy that we are able to defend this worthy man. We count it a privilege to have known him and to have worked with him. He (Bro. Crider) has the love and respect of the Christian people of Leaksville, N. C.

This notice written for and approved by the church of Christ, Route 2, Box 236, Leaksville, N. C.

(Signatures of fourteen men, the male membership of the congregation.)