Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 2, 1961

I Was Sick And Ye Visited Me

Wayne B. Fancher, Grenada, Miss.

Jesus commissioned his disciples to go teach all nations. (Matt. 28:19) The disciples were only to teach those things the Lord had commanded. The command was "go, teach" and "how to go" is left to the wisdom of men.

James by inspiration of the Holy Spirit writes, "Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world." (James 1:27) The command is to "visit the fatherless." James does not state "how" this is to be done; therefore, the "how" is left for human wisdom to decide.

Our Lord said one of the prerequisites for entering into the eternal kingdom of heaven is that the sick must be visited. (Matt. 25:36) As in the command to "go, teach," and also the command to "visit" the fatherless, the Lord did not state "how" the sick are to be visited. This "how" is left to human judgment. To visit the sick is a command which we cannot overlook and still be pleasing to the Lord.

Please give consideration to the following plan, brethren, for I believe it will fulfill our obligation to "visit the sick:"

I am in the "visiting the sick" business. I earn my livelihood in the drug business. I have a drug store wherein drugs are prepared and dispensed on the prescriptions of physicians. I and my store are licensed and have complied fully with the laws of the state of Mississippi, under the provisions of House Bill No. 155, Section 8, Acts of the Mississippi Legislature, 1934. The store permit is No. 700B. My registered pharmacist's license is No. D-2797m and is dated August 23. 1960.

I have been a member of the Lord's church for some 18 years. Those who know me will endorse me as one who loves the Lord and his church, and one who is striving according to my ability and opportunity for its growth and well-being.

My plan is very simple, and quite in harmony with other projects now in operation in the brotherhood: Churches will send me part of their contribution each month (preferably the contribution from the first Lord's day in each month, since the fifth Sunday's contributions have already been spoken for by brethren who are in the "visiting the fatherless" business). I will use the funds thus received to pay for drugs and medicines for those who are unable to purchase such because of lack of funds on their part. This is certainly a "good work," brethren, and we all know that Galatians 6:10 teaches us to "do good" unto all men.

The need is desperate! Thousands, yea millions are suffering today because of lack of drugs and medicine. Many will die; even little children and infants, because of the lack of medicine. If my brethren respond to this plea as they should, then I shall be able to expand operations of my "visiting the sick" business, and perhaps can even build a-hospital to care for the destitute. At present my drug store is called the "Grenada Drug Company," but if the fine congregations over the land respond to this plea, and my dream becomes a reality, then I will change the name of the store so "Church of Christ Drug Store," or perhaps "Grenada 'Christian' Drug Company." And if the response is as generous to my "visit the sick" appeal as it has been generally to the appeals made by these brethren who are "visiting the fatherless, I can build one of the finest hospitals in the nation. The Catholic hospitals will "visit the sick" if we don't! Brethren, can you let this widen opportunity go by?

Picture a poor, destitute, penniless soul, racked with pain and disease. He cannot buy drugs and medicines that would make him physically whole. Surely, there is no one so heartless and cold and indifferent as to turn a deaf ear to our plea for help in "visiting the sick."

The church is on the march, brethren and there is work to do. Let us all join in this great effort to "visit the sick." Remember the Lord, just said do it and did not say "how," And I am sure my drug store is as good a method as could be found.


Wayne B. Fancher Grenada, Mississippi

(Editor's note: We were touched by this urgent appeal from our brother; but, personally, we are dubious of any plea like this without some sponsoring eldership to endorse it! Is there not some fine "on the march" eldership who will get behind this worthy "visiting the sick" project, and put it over. Just think of all the wonderful publicity this would bring the church.)