Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 4, 1961
NUMBER 1, PAGE 3,14c

G. K. Wallace And His Straw Men

Robert C. Welch, Nacogdoches, Texas

The Gospel Advocate has devoted an entire issue to the promotion of The Herald of Truth (March 23, 1961). Brother G. K. Wallace was honored with the front page spread. As is common with him it is mostly blow, and little argument. But since this is the characteristic feature of The Herald of Truth, perhaps they could not have found a better man to represent them. As he sets up his straw men and with a sentence scatters them, one can almost see him shake his mane down over one eye and vocalize like the animal which he uses as the text of his article. (See Gen. 16:12)

He informs us in the title that The Herald of Truth is not "anti," and does the same thing in the second sentence. Then in the very next sentence he says that it "exposes error and unrighteousness." He is both honest and intelligent. If you do not believe it, just ask him. Hence, he surely would not contradict himself in that short space of writing. There is only one other explanation; namely, The Herald of Truth exposes error and unrighteousness but is not against ("anti") such. Surely, he would say that The Herald of Truth is anti-digressive. Or would he?

He also avers in the title that it is not digressive. If that be so, we wonder about his having to resort to exactly the same quibbles which were used by the digressives. And it is on this tack that he hangs his first straw man. He says, '.'It is not 'digressive' to preach the gospel over the radio." No one has claimed that it is digressive to preach by radio. No one of us has claimed that is digressive for Highland church to preach by radio. That is not the issue. It is nothing but a mere straw man. Rut, it is easier to deal with men of straw than with truth and those who uphold it. The real issue is whether or not churches may contribute Herald of Truth either directly or through the Highland church office of The Herald of Truth. The righteousness of this practice is the very thing which a K. Wallace has hot proved. He does not even try to prove that it is scriptural for one church to send to, or through, another for doing a phase of work to which they are equally obligated by the Scriptures.

He sets up the straw man of our objection being on the grounds that it is the wrong method or means of doing the divine command to preach. That is precisely the dodge which was taken by the missionary society of the last century. And if the argument made were legitimate it would admit the missionary society. The missionary society argued that the churches were only having fellowship in doing that which was commanded. What is wrong with the argument? The society is not a means or method; it is a body which utilizes means or methods. It is a body, not a method, which is unauthorized in the Scriptures. The Herald of Truth is not a means or method of preaching the gospel. It uses the means or methods; it produces preaching by way of radio or television — It is an Organization for appropriating the funds of churches, which is unauthorized in the Scriptures.

Then our learned brother compares the Herald of Truth with literature, song books, and the baptistry. One can almost see Pendleton rising up over there from his cold tomb and shouting a warm amen. Or, would he be accusing Wallace of plagiarizing his missionary society arguments? At least Hunt and Barber are looking on with interest as G. K. cuts out their speeches in debates with him and appropriates them to his own pet projects. Once again, he cannot tell the difference between these means and methods and an organization which utilizes means and methods.

His next straw man is set up this way; "A church has to join the missionary society and no church has joined The Herald of Truth. A church does not join the missionary society by sending a contribution." Now, is that not a fine how do you do? His argument proves too much, even for him at this stage of his wandering and straying. If it has any purpose at all it would prove that it is not wrong for a church to make a contribution to the missionary society, Lust so it does not join the society. Now come on, all you schools and colleges who are wanting the support from the churches, this is your argument. You should make Wallace your little David. Of course, he may outstrip you and join the Philistines. He has already run way past Hunt and Barber, who have better reasoning than he against the missionary society. Apparently, G. K. thinks that with churches it is better to have taxation without representation than with representation. His objection to the missionary society is that the congregations are represented in the convention. And his approval of the Herald of Truth is on the basis, that the churches are not thus represented.

He loudly shouts that the churches who contribute have not lost their autonomy. Instead, he says, they are exercising it. In like manner, brother Wallace, no church has to join the missionary society, they exercise their autonomy by choosing to send delegates. This last makes as much sense as your observation. Neither is correct. Both are outside the "purview" of autonomy.

He compares it to the "modern Sunday school" and individual communion sets. Surely he is not here referring to the independent intercongregational Sunday Schools. But if he is comparing it to the arrangement of each congregation of its people into several classes for study, he needs to give some more details to make the comparison. If on the same order as the Herald of Truth, the elders of one congregation can call the people of several congregations together for this Sunday school and then solicit contributions from a number of congregations for carrying on this program of work. That is not congregational, that is inter-congregational; and in like manner is the Herald of Truth organization inter-congregational.

The claim is made that "The only organization connected with Herald of Truth is the church which Jesus Christ built." Now, brother, in the "purview' of that statement and the — other one made about joining the missionary society, let us consider something else. Would it be in harmony with the Scriptures for the missionary society to be placed under the directorship of the elders of Highland church and no other churches be invited to send delegates or join it but merely make contributions to it? In all sincerity, he is either prejudiced against the missionary society without knowing why he objects to it, or he would accept a missionary society under the conditions stated above.

There is a "deadly and undeniable parallel" between the Herald of Truth and missionary societies. They all know it. Otherwise, they would not feel the need of constant denial, and would not be resorting to the same old threadbare arguments used by the missionary societies in defense of this modern one.