Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 3, 1961
NUMBER 13, PAGE 8-9,14a

News And Views

Charles A. Holt, 4662 University Dr., Wichita Falls, Texas

David Robbins has moved to Appleton, Wisconsin, from Winfield, Kansas.... George Pennock is now laboring with the church in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. He formerly lived in Waukesha, Wisconsin....Glenn L. Shaver is now with the new congregation in Denton, Texas. Osby Weaver, of Dallas, helped in getting this new work underway. They seem to be off to a good start and the prospects look good for a fine work there. With the coming of Shaver, they should be able to build a solid church in that city. When in that area be sure to visit with them. They are meeting regularly in the Woman's Club Building.... Let me take a little space to again advertise the radio program of the Floral Heights church here in Wichita Falls, Texas. It is heard over KWFT, 620 on the dial, each Sunday morning from 8-8:30. This is one of the most powerful radio stations in North Texas and it really reaches out. It can be heard for hundreds of miles in nearly all directions. If you live within range of the station, and it does not conflict with some more local program, be sure to listen and also tell others about it. The program NOW costs us $85 per time and to justify that we need to build the largest listening audience possible....A CHOICE PROVERB: "A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion." (Proverbs 18:2 RSV)....From the bulletin of the Canoga Park, California church, I lift the following statements: "Even though Cardinal Spellman has had much to say about private schools not being included in Federal support, he recently led a drive for $25,000,000 for new Catholic high schools in New York which was over-subscribed by $15,000,000"...."An Albuquerque, N. M. church is being sued by residents because the church sponsored baseball team, playing on church property, has become a hazard to residents living nearby." ...."Of Sidney, Australia's two million population, only I in 10 attend any church services on a summer Sunday; hence, an organization (Open Air Campaigners) goes to the beaches and preaches to the bathers"....This practice of going to the beaches to preach may open up a new field for some of our "pioneering," promoting churches. Why not a "Beach Minister," sorta like the "Hospital Minister," which we are hearing so much about in recent times? Then there could be a "Lake Minister" to "minister" to all the fishermen; and a "Golf Minister" to "minister" to all the Sunday golfers; and on we could (and likely some will) go with this sort of folly. At all these places these "ministers" could provide the Lord's Supper (maybe in a capsule), have some kind of brief devotion (maybe it could be transcribed on a pocket recorder so that the "benefits" thereof could be enjoyed without the bathers, fisherman or golfers even have to interrupt their activities!) and thus "save" all the brethren and sisters who have resorted thither! No doubt ACC, Harding, DLC, or Pepperdine — places of "incubation" for our modern "ministers," could feature special courses in their curriculum for those desiring to specialize in these fields. No doubt these schools would soon be having "Workshops" for such "ministers" like they are now having "Workshops" for church secretaries, teachers, and others. Who knows, some enterprising church may decide to sponsor a "Retreat" for this class of "ministers," sotto like the "Minister's Retreat" which is to be held near Altus, Oklahoma....The Sinton Review, monthly publication of the church in Sinton, Texas, is now being printed and it has been enlarged. Maurice Barnett is the able editor. It is a neat paper, and is sent free to all who request it. Address: P. O. Box 715.

More Church Support For Gospel Press

In recent weeks, the denial of church support for the Gospel Press has been affirmed by several people from different sections of the country. Because these few brethren have opposed church support to such human organization, they seem very reluctant to recognize the fact that such is a reality. The trouble is that they must either oppose such a practice and thereby incur the wrath of the promoting brethren (which they fear as a plague), or else they must acknowledge that they were wrong in formerly opposing such, and "admit" that they have changed!

The fact that the Gospel Press has both received and solicited funds from churches can not be successfully denied — and this organization is only getting started along this line. Recently a letter came into my hands which confirms these facts AGAIN. The letter, on GP stationery, over the signature of Alan Bryan, president of the thing, was addressed to the elders of one of the churches in the St. Louis area. I shall now quote from this letter enough to demonstrate this point.

"The Gospel Press has made plans, provided sufficient help can be obtained, to place an ad in AMERICAN WEEKLY....The ad, itself, will cost $11,200 but will mean a great deal to the cause of Christ not only there in St. Louis but throughout the United States

"Will you discuss this proposal at the next business meeting held there in the congregation? In order to accomplish this task necessary to raise the $11,200, we are asking that each congregation located in the area immediately served by AMERICAN WEEKLY to take up at least one special collection for this work sometime within the next 60 to 90 days, if at all possible.

"Please consider this appeal as most urgent. If we can get the cooperation of each congregation and place this ad as soon as possible, it would mean a great deal to the work of the church there ...."

The gall of the promoters of such organizations never ceases to amaze me. For one small ad in the paper they are willing to pay the tremendous sum of $11,200, and they boldly assert that this one little ad will "mean a great deal to the cause of Christ." HOW brethren can be ready and easy prey for such promotions is an enigma.

Surely anyone can read this letter from the president of the GP and recognize this request for church funds in support of the GP and her projects. The GP handles all the details and makes all the decisions relative to these ads; so surely no THINKING person could be deceived into believing that this is but an example of churches buying space in a magazine and not an example of churches supporting this human organization. Yes, the GP both receives and solicits funds from churches, and let none be deceived into thinking otherwise. They should just own up to it.

I Marvel

I have before me on the editor's desk a little pamphlet announcing in bold type "THE GREAT PREACHER SERIES." Interested in great preachers, I opened the page expecting to find the announcement telling more of some of the giants of the past or perhaps the apostles, but behold there were the pictures of seven preachers of today. Under the picture of each of these great preachers was a small paragraph telling why he was a great preacher. Here are all of the reasons given. Some were television and radio speakers, others were listed as world travelers, orators, editors, brilliant scholars, lecturers, presidents and vice presidents, lectureship directors and prominent evangelists. To be sure all of these in their rightful place are wonderful recommendations, but one is strangely missing. The one that is not there is the DEBATER. Not one of the men who are carrying the fight for the institutional brethren was named. Not a one of those who in the heat of the day are serving as the "hatchet men" of the "New Frontiers" was given.

I marvel that these men cannot see "the handwriting on the wall." There will be no place for their talents in the new order of things. The brethren will no longer believe in debating or contending for the truth. All seven of the ones named are on the sweeter side and can show no scars of battle. There are no dents in their armor and no wounds in their bodies. They have made a career out of preaching to the church and for it. The only opposition they encounter is from sound brethren who are opposed to their selling the blood bought church into the hands of the denominations. They are not willing to meet this opposition face to face.

No, in the new order there will be no place for those who want to contend for the faith and the very ones who are carrying the load for these great preachers today will not be welcomed in their pulpits tomorrow. I cannot help but marvel. — Searching The Scriptures, June, 1961, James P. Miller.

Creating Hostility

Neighbors may live in the same community for years and enjoy each other's company and companionship with the kindest feelings, and this condition be pleasant for all concerned. But, suppose either of these neighbors forget they are two separate units of society — two separate families, each with their own responsibilities and duties to perform, and the husbands forget the "other woman" belongs to his neighbor — what do you think will happen to their peaceable relationship? Such disregard for the rights of the other would create hostility for sure. Friendship would be destroyed; bitterness would follow. All this because they forgot to maintain their separateness and independence.

Churches and worthy private enterprises among brethren can and should exist in the same communities, each assuming their own private and individual responsibilities. A spirit of friendliness should exist. But, suppose either the church or the private enterprise forgets that the other is a separate unit or organization, and the line of separation is ignored, one imposes upon the other, what will be the result? Hostility is created! Friendship and peace becomes impossible.

Hostility is presently being created between the churches and private enterprises operated among brethren, such as colleges, orphan homes, homes for the aged, by the breaking down of the wall of separation between the church and human institutions. If brethren would only remember that the church belongs to Christ, and that private enterprises belong to men, much of the present hostilities would cease. But as long as some insist on imposing the human upon the divine, hostility will continue. Brethren, after all is said and done, all of these private enterprises are purely human institutions and never will be anything else. Stop forcing attentions of the human upon the divine and friendship can be restored. "Let the church be the church, and let the college be the college," (C. R. Nichol) and all will be well. — (Oaks Gowen, Bulletin, Bradenton, Florida. (Emphasis mine, Holt)

Please Consider These Facts

When visiting out of town, there are some things we all need to keep in mind. First, there is more to the matter of worshipping God than just attending somewhere! Consideration must be given to where or with whom we worship. One must meet with a church which teaches, practices and stands for the truth! To knowingly attend where such is not the case is to be guilty of compromise. To attend some liberal church, which we know is not teaching and practicing the truth, is but little better than attending a denomination or not attending at all! This is a matter that deserves some serious consideration. When we are to be away on vacation or on the road, we should acquaint ourselves with the facts relative to churches and make arrangements to be where we can worship with a faithful group of saints. If we can attend one or two services with a liberal church, then why not four times? If four times, why not permanently?

Second, sometimes faithful members are careless and thoughtless about their service when away from home or on a vacation. For example, if they are at home they will attend ALL the services during the week; but if they are away they skip the Bible study period on Sunday morning and just drop in for worship, mainly to "get the Lord's Supper." They do not attend worship on Sunday evening or Wednesday evening. After all they are away from home, visiting relatives, or on a vacation, so just dropping in someplace for the worship service on Sunday morning is all they deem to be necessary. If just "dropping in" for this so-called one essential service is sufficient when away from home or on vacation, then why is it not enough at home? Actually, a goodly number think this one service is all that is required or necessary, seeing it is the only one they attend at home or even away from home! At least, they are consistent, even if they are consistently wrong! Such reasoning as exemplified in this frequent practice is wrong and shows a failure on the part of such people to fully realize their duty. There is no vacation from God or our service to Him. We must be faithful at home and also when away from home. Usually the best course is for us to plan to be at home and in our place for every service, if we can do so. — Floral Heights Reminder, Wichita Falls, Texas.

Quotes — Signs Of The Times

All the following paragraphs are taken from the bulletin of the church in Montebello, California. Wright Randolph, the preacher, is the editor of the bulletin and writer of these paragraphs. Indeed they do portray the direction so many churches are going. Read them carefully.

From Central (L. A.) Bulletin:

"EVERYONE: Be sure to make your arrangements and come to the fellowship period after worship this evening. Everyone is welcome. Please don't forget to bring sandwiches."

Of course not! How could you have "fellowship" without sandwiches? There was a time when Central could — but not now!

From the Hollywood Visitor:

....After lunch, all painters are invited to the 'church pool' .... for a swim, volley ball, etc., and hamburgers later."

We find no fault with "lunch," with "painters," or with the "swim:" but we are concerned with this "church pool" idea. I wonder where the church gets authority for any "pool" other than a baptistry? And I am quite sure the baptistry was not where they were to swim. I suppose if the church is authorized to furnish all sorts of entertainment they could, by the same authority furnish a "church pool." We continue to be amazed at the presumption of brethren! Authority???

From the Hollywood Visitor:

ATTENTION, ALL JUNIORS AND SENIORS!!! You have a date Friday, May 26, at 8:00 p.m. at the Statler-Hilton Hotel. All Juniors and Seniors will be Kings and Queens for the evening called 'The Stairway to Dreams.' The menu planned as well as the entertainment is appropriate for royalty."

A dozen or more congregations have banded themselves together in an all-out effort to provide proper entertainment for our youth. This effort is to off-set the conventional "PROM DANCE" held by most schools every year. While we oppose such dances I am afraid, in this instance, the "cure" is as bad as the "disease." In the first place, where does the church get authority for planning entertainment for any one? It is not the business of the church to provide entertainment. This belongs to the home. In the next place just what kind of entertainment is planned? What is the quality? The entertainers are headed by PAT BOONE! And how much does PAT like of being a full-fledged man-of-the-world? Even now he is beginning his tenure at the COCOANUT GROVE — one of the "hottest" night clubs in all Hollywood! We sorely question the quality of Pat's influence upon our youth.