Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 20, 1961

Personal Endorsements

D. N. Kinsey, Lake Jackson, Texas

Truly, this day and time could be called the "Endorsement Age." Hardly do our television sets play for more than fifteen minutes without the appearance of some celebrity giving support to some cause or product. By their personal endorsement, great athletes help to sell millions of dollars worth of cereals, razor blades, beer, cigarettes, etc. And, sadly enough to say, to many citizens of the U. S. this is all that is needed to cause them to buy the product.

The great Madison Avenue advertising agencies who are responsible for most commercials that we see realize the importance many individuals place on the imitation of celebrities. No longer do they appeal to the wisdom of the individual to choose a product based on its true merit. And the less merit a product has the greater number of endorsements are needed to sell it.

On the eighteenth of April a letter was received by the church in Clute, Texas, requesting support for the Herald of Truth. No scripture was given in support of the project. The following paragraph was taken directly from the letter:

"This is to give our personal endorsement to a fabulous concept of gospel teaching, a concept in keeping with the exciting electronic age in which we live."

This was followed by the personal signatures of eleven' "great personages" in the brotherhood. These brethren have taken a lesson from this "exciting electronic age" and realize that some people want to follow men rather than scriptural principles. 'Tis a sad day indeed when project-promoting brethren can appeal successfully to the ego than to a respect for the word of God.