Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 13, 1961

J. G. Savage, Lewisville, Texas, June 22: James W. Adams of Oklahoma City closed a 10-day gospel meeting, his third such effort in the past four years, with the church which meets in Lewisville and, as always, he "shunned not to declare all the counsel of God." His humility and sincerity of purpose and his love for and devotion to truth characterized his every sermon and endeared him to all who heard him. Aside from the fact that the local body was edified and builded up in the most holy faith, we rejoice in the visible results of the meeting which saw three precious souls baptized into Christ and two members of the body who recently moved into our city confessed their unfaithfulness and placed membership. Brother Lee Sergent of Bellevue, Texas, moved to Lewisville early this month, replacing brother Victor H. Sellers who was the local preacher for the past three years before moving to Rogers, Arkansas, in May to preach for the church there. We are looking forward to a pleasant and profitable work together with brother Sergent. Brother Stanley J. Lovett of Beaumont is scheduled to do the preaching in our spring meeting in 1962. When traveling Interstate Highway 35-E through our city on Sunday or Wednesday, we invite you to worship with us.

Weldon E. Warnock, P. O. Box 401, Lawrenceburg, Tenn., June 21: First St. closed a good meeting with Homer Hailey doing the preaching. One baptized and one restored. The membership worked hard to make the meeting a success. Several churches in the county and surrounding area were represented at almost every service. Brother Hailey's lessons were well received. He is to return. When passing through worship with us.

Willis B. Logan, Jr., Steens, Mississippi: At the Lone Oak church nine have been baptized and ten restored in past weeks. Billy Wheeler of Cottondale, Alabama, and myself are preaching for this, the oldest church in Mississippi. Robert C. Welch, Nacogdoches, Texas, will be with us in a meeting August 13-20. I am also preaching one Sunday each month at the Mount Olive church near Fayette, Alabama. C. C. Nichols, one of the elders, has a Sunday morning radio program at 7:30 A. M. out of Fayette. Oliver Murray will preach in a meeting with these brethren in July.

Bill Dudley, 1006 No. Main, Las Vegas, Nev., June 12: Faithful preaching by brother Bob West of Long Beach led to two baptisms at North Las Vegas yesterday. With help from ministers like brother West the church will continue to grow in this desert oasis. He will open a Gospel meeting here on June 19. Remember us when passing this way, and let us know of your relatives and friends at nearby Nellis AFB and at Lake Mead Marine Corps Base. Sometimes it is slow going, but nevertheless the faith is being planted in this "hard ground."

Carl Vernon, 219 Jennings, San Antonio 25, Texas: I preached in a meeting recently at Franklin and Juniper in Borger, Texas. Brother Kenneth R. Hoyle is the very capable evangelist who works with these good people. These brethren are true to the Book in all endeavors, and are having no part with institutionalism and liberalism. Three were baptized and three reclaimed during this meeting. My next meeting is to be with brother Robert L. Craig and the Bridge City brethren.