Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 30, 1960


Correction M. Norvel Young

In the 1960 Yearbook of the Britannica news of activities of members of the Church was carried again. This information included a paragraph on increased contributions and church building programs. It told readers of the Yearbook that 175 Christian families in 34 countries were being supported by churches of Christ in the U. S. The Britannica carried a paragraph about 7,000 students in 16 colleges operated by members of the church. In this connection an error occurred and the article states that these students were enrolled in 16 colleges "operated by the church," rather than putting it correctly colleges "operated by members of the church." We regret this inaccuracy but appreciate the fact that the Britannica does give space for certain news items which they deem significant. They do not have space for all that we supply them, but each year they choose to include certain items which the editors consider as supplemental to the information in the Britannica set.

Other Encyclopedias carried annual supplements which do not include information on activities of members of the church. When you find an encyclopedia or a supplement does not carry such information, please write to the editor of that encyclopedia and ask him to include such material the next opportunity.

James M. Lynch, Route 1 Box 34c. Yuba City, California, May 5, 1960: "I began work with the church in Marysville, California on May 1. This congregation had its beginning about one year ago and until now have had no one to work full time with them. We are presently meeting in the Veterans Memorial Bldg. at 9th & Est. When you are in this area come and worship with us. My support is being provided by the church in San Bernardino and Wilmington, California.

We regret having to leave the small group that meets in Paonia Colo. We enjoyed almost five years of pleasant association with them. They are sound in the Faith and zealous for the truth. I know of no place where a congregation that has support for preaching the Gospel could spend it more wisely than in the Paonia area. If someone is interested contact Richard O. Emmons Box 566, Paonia, Colo.

M. A. Mansur, 721 W. Oklahoma, Vinita, Oklahoma; May 18, 1960: "Another soul was baptized into Christ last Sunday, making a total of 32 responses to the gospel during the past ten months; for which we thank the Lord.

We desire your prayers that the Church may continue to grow spiritually and numerically. When traveling stop and worship with the Lord and the Saints meeting at 350 South Scraper, here in Vinita."

W. Curtis Porter, P. O. Box 195, Monette, Arkansas, May 20, 1960: "I was able to get half way through my meeting with the Spring & Blaine congregation in St. Louis, Mo. My blood became so low that I became exhausted and had to be put into hospital in St. Louis. There I received four more transfusions of blood. This makes eight transfusions I had within 30 days. Something within my body seems to be destroying blood, beside the fact that my bone marrow has slowed down in production. So far I have had no final report from the doctors in California, but something will have to be done for me pretty soon.

Bro. Irvin Himmel, minister of the church in Ferguson, stepped into my place and continued the meeting throughout the time scheduled. I greatly appreciate his help in this matter. Preachers for the Spring & Blaine congregation are Grover Stevens and Ferrell Jenkins. They are doing a good work there.

Charles H. Crider, 1211 Dunn St., Leaksville, North Carolina: "At the "Carolina Lectures" held at South Main St. church in Winston-Salem, N. C. Brother Olan Hicks, who preaches at High Point, N. S. stated he would debate me on the following proposition:

"It is in harmony with the scriptures for churches of Christ to build and maintain organizations, SEPARATE AND APART from the church, through which the church may accomplish caring for the needy".

Brother Hicks wrote out this proposition and agreed to affirm and I agreed to deny. Half of the debate to be held at High Point and the other half at Leaksville.

The church at High Point declined to have half of the debate at High Point because, say they, of their shaky condition. Brother Hicks says he still wants to debate. Therefore, if Brother Hicks can find a church to support him and have half of the debate at their building or agree on a neutral place the debate will get underway.