Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 13, 1961
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J. M. Kennedy, 118 E. Main St., Peru, Indiana, March 8, 1961: "I have resigned my work here effective the first of June of this year. The church here will be in need of a full-time preacher at that time. The preacher's residence is in the apartment above the auditorium and has two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and bath. The weekly salary is $70.00 with all utilities furnished. The average Sunday morning attendance is about 85 although attendance in the nineties and hundreds are not unusual. The location is on U. S. 24 and is about three blocks from downtown Peru. This is a place where much good can be done, and we hope that any preacher desiring to move to another place will give us earnest consideration. The congregation is at peace within itself. There are several brethren capable of leading the singing and of preaching when the need arises. It has been a genuine pleasure to work with such brethren."

C. D. Plum, 217 S. 1st Ave., Paden City, W. Va., March 29, 1961: "Two more good men appointed as elders to serve with the three good ones we already have. Also, another baptism."

A Call Comes Ringing

Bill Echols, East Orange, New Jersey The words of a favorite old song are very true at this hour. "A call comes ringing o'er the restless wave...." The call comes from Docking, England where a group of U. S. Air Force Personnel are meeting. Not only are these brethren meeting for worship, but their teaching efforts have resulted in other servicemen being baptized. These brethren are desirous of persuading a preacher to move to England, not only to help in the work among the Americans, but also to reach the English population of the area.

The brethren have made considerable progress toward providing for a preacher. The travel expenses of any preacher and his family desiring to move to England will be provided as well as a guarantee of return expenses. In addition, they can supply a necessary portion of his household goods. Expenses as rent, utilities, etc., will be provided by the brethren there. The operating expenses such as renting a meeting hall, materials, etc., will be provided by the church there. All that is needed is a willing man with his personal support, depending upon his own affairs, an American would need at least one hundred dollars a week to live decently.

These brethren have been seeking a man for several months, but as of the middle of February have had no success. Here is a ready-made opportunity to evangelize a needy area of the world. The population of England is about 45 million people with only approximately 800 members of the Lord's church. There is not a church within a hundred miles of Docking that is not composed of military personnel. As Docking is a small town, the brethren would like to move to nearby Kingslynn if a preacher will move there to work with them. Kingslynn is a city of about thirty thousand in the northeastern part of England near the North Sea.

Is there not among the vast number of readers of this page, at least one man who will answer this call? If so, please write me: Bill Echols, 169 Main St. East Orange, N. J. and/or James Darnell, Box 112 605th COMMRON, APO 22 N. Y., N. Y, (Regular Air Mail).

We Want The Brethren To Know

Bill McMurry, Atoka, Okla.

We, the Christians who worship at the Melba Avenue church of Christ, want the brethren to know that we are standing on the Rock upon which the church of our Lord is founded. (Matt. 16:18) We are standing on the sure foundation that the Bible is inspired of God (2 Tim. 3: 15-17) and that it contains all that is necessary for life and godliness. (2 Pet. 1:3) We are striving to give a Scriptural answer to every man who desires such for our faith and practice, as God commanded that we should do. 1 Pet. 3:15) We are not interested in the schemes of men, for we believe the Word of the Lord is all sufficient. It is for this reason that we preach nothing but Christ and Him crucified. (1 Cor. 2:2) We have no desire to speak, except as the oracles of God direct. (1 Pet. 4:11)

We want the brethren to know that we oppose the use of the Lord's money for any use not authorized in the Bible. We are ready at any time to discuss what we believe and why we believe it. We will not engage in mere quibbles, and we are, being Christians, not interested in cheap personalities and accusations against men, It is the Lord we serve, not men. It is the Lord of whom we will speak, not men.

Our desire is to promote nothing but Christ and to preach nothing but the gospel which is God's power to save. (Rom. 1:16; 1 Cor. 15:1-2) We desire to reason together with all who will come (Isa. 1:18) and if there be those who do not come, we desire to go to them with the truth. (Matt. 28:18-19)

We invite all spiritual minded Christians to join with us in our worship to God anytime you are in Atoka. We worship the God of the Bible, in the church of the Bible, in the pattern of the Bible. Come, and see.

The 1961 Florida Christian College Lectures

L. E. Sloan, Palmetto, Florida It was my privilege to attend the FCC lectureship the week of March 5-10. The Theme this year was "Ancient Faith and Modern Thought." It was a genuine treat to hear the "Faith once for all delivered," and the "church of our Lord" exalted above the institutions of men.

A spirit of love and devotion prevailed throughout. Each speaker seemed to sense the seriousness of the occasion and this seemed to stimulate the speeches.

A thing significant about it all was the distinction made between the College and the church. One was impressed with the fact that President James R. Cope and those associated with him constantly emphasized the fact that Florida Christian College is a human institution and sustains no relation to the church and does not in any way try to connect the college with the church. It is the only institution of its kind that we know of anywhere that does not accept contributions from churches.

Florida Christian College, although a human institution, has some of the most devoted officials to be found anywhere. The policy of FCC and the quality of the men in charge make it an institution that all Christians can be proud of. The wonderful truths that we listened to during the 1961 lectureship attest to this fact. It is certainly gratifying to know, in times when the trend is toward connecting the college and the church, that officials of FCC still maintain a scriptural policy of no connection between the two. May their kind increase.

Ira B. Sandusky, 24930 Lakme, Wilmington, California, March 3rd, 1961: "Have been working here since June 1960 and we have had some 24 added to the work locally, however have lost almost that number by moving because of their work changing. We are sending support direct to brother James M. Lynch at Yuba City, California, and to brother Charles F. House, Tecate, California. Brother House is working with the Mexican congregation of Tecate, San Louis and Sonoyta, preaching and doing personal work with them. He began full time work with these congregations Dec. 1st and in that time they have been able to see some good growth in that they have baptized at least three adults and are studying with several more who are very much interested. Brother Pete Wilson will be with us in a gospel meeting in May 1961 and brother Roy Cogdill in Nov. 1961."