Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 6, 1961
NUMBER 47, PAGE 2,7a

A Lecture On Freemasonry

Irvin Himmel, St. Louis, Missouri

The "Lodge of Virtue, 177, Manchester," (England) was the scene of a most interesting lectureship in the year 1852. Twelve different men, highly respected Masons, were scheduled to present a series of lectures on Freemasonry. These addresses were to be delivered monthly, and each lecturer had his month and topic assigned.

An announcement of the proposed lectures gave the following as their objects: "To diffuse a taste for Masonic Literature, Art, and Science — to assist the studious enquirer into the History and Philosophy of the Order — to impart to noviciates a knowledge of its Ceremonies and Lectures — to divest it of the worldly prejudice, of being merely convivial in its character and tendency — to give an Exposition of its System of Benevolence, and of its numerous Charitable Institutions — and to promote the Advancement of Freemasonry in general."

A few years ago I came across an old book which appears to be a bound volume of some of these "Masonic Lectures" plus other material on Masonry. The volume includes a copy of "The Masonic Review," published in Cincinnati, July, 1850. The lectures included were published at different times and by various persons and printed by "Bro. James Payne" and "Bro. James Collins," both of Manchester.

The second lecture of the series is extraordinarily interesting. It was presented February 17, 1852, by "Bro. the Rev. Moses Margoliouth, B.A., Chaplain of the Lodge of Virtue." It was published in both London and Manchester, and was offered for sale at one shilling. The lecture is entitled, "Genuine Freemasonry Indissolubly Connected With Revelation." Space forbids reproducing the address in its entirety, but the following quotations will give the gist of the material.

....I shall proceed, therefore, to prove, for the especial benefit of the brotherhood, that 'Masonry is' not only 'a beautiful system of morality,' but also a peculiar system of revealed religion, 'veiled in allegory, and illustrated by symbols. "

"....The fundamental principle of genuine Freemasonry is a separation from darkness, for there must be no communion between light and darkness, hence our brethren have always maintained a most jealous seclusion from a world that lieth in darkness, and adhered to a divine command by not communicating the mysteries of the order indiscriminately to all. For the divine behest is:..'Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.' It shall presently be made apparent that the 'dogs' spoken of are none other than the 'cowans and intruders to Masonry'...."

"Freemasonry, then, is a system which began to be organized immediately after the ruin and disorganization of the beautiful structure of the Great Architect of the universe — viz., our globe, as well as the dismemberment of the noblest of God's creatures, man — for the purpose of building up that which was shattered, broken, and dislocated, because of transgression...."

"We admit, however, that the development of that principle was, and still is, a system of progression. Its mysteries were communicated by degrees, to 'few and far between.' Adam had but a dim and feeble intimation of the development of that principle; he was nevertheless instructed to look forward to one, though through a long vista of ages, who shall 'build up the waste places.'...."


"The principles of Masonry were, therefore, most fully communicated to the last antediluvian patriarch, Noah. The ark which he was commanded to build may, therefore, be styled the first regular lodge. No cowan, no evil worker was admitted into it. Nay, the Mason and his family were even laughed to scorn for no less than one hundred and twenty years, while preparing for themselves a lodge, where they might be sheltered from the coming calamity....The children of Light, the seed of the woman, were all safe; but all the children of darkness, the seed of the serpent, perished everlastingly. The ark, whilst tossed on the merciless waves of the troubled mighty waters, was typical of a lodge or the church of God, buffeted by the assaults of the wicked. The lodge was also complete for the time being: Noah W. M., Shem and Japheth, the wardens; the raven and the dove, the deacons. There was no necessity either for an inner guard or an outer guard; for neither were brethren expected nor cowans and intruders feared...."

"To Abraham the mysteries of Freemasonry were communicated in a more clear light than to any of his predecessors, and the promise that in his seed should all the families of the earth be blessed, was one of the most truly Masonic revelations ever made. The promise had respect to a time when all families, of every hue and clime, shall recognize in each other a brother and a good and worthy Mason."

"The hostility of the Egyptians towards the descendants of Jacob....had almost extinguished every spark of Masonry amongst the children of LIGHT. The operative Masonry in which they were so much engaged sapped the vitality of speculative or spiritual Masonry almost to the very core. The Great Architect of the Universe never slumbers nor sleeps, watching over His people...."

"The Tabernacle, and its furniture, which may be said to have been the second grand lodge ever held, must have taught the children of LIGHT a very important lesson.

"Another argument for the INDISSOLUBLE CONNECTION BETWEEN GENUINE MASONRY AND REVELATION is drawn from the circumstance that the rise and fall of Masonry synchronize with the health and decline of the Church of God...."

"After the death of Solomon, Masonry rose and fell according to the religious constitution of the nation of Israel; but it was never wholly extinguished, for the Great Architect of the Universe never intermitted His vigilant care, but continued watching over the commonweal of the great fabric."


"I consider the third degree, with its concomitant ceremonies, as the consummation of our mysteries, relating to the present dispensation. It forms a graphic description of the method by which this ruined world of ours was to be rebuilt — viz., by the Great Architect of the Universe himself being manifested in the flesh."

....If our system be indeed so closely connected with Revelation, what manner of men should not the professing brethren be! We have not been introduced into the Lodge nolens Volens; on the contrary, we declared that we came, of our own free will and according, to solicit to be admitted into the mysteries of our order, for the purpose of learning our duty towards our God and our neighbor more perfectly...."

"So mote it be."